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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cured
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Published: 7 years ago

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cured

An interesting story I found on the web forum about curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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Posted 13 January 2006 - 09:19 AM

Hi All,
I feel I should share my Liver Flush experience.

Please make your own interpretation of this information but personally I have been amazed (positively) by the results. I will try to be as brief as possible but include the critical facts.


-I am 44, male, English, white, fit, healthy, 180 lbs, living in Switzerland and university Science educated.Medical history:-Since being wrongly fully diagnosed with cancer and a heart condition when I was 26, I have not been to see a doctor in 18 years. I classify doctors similarly to garage mechanics. Once you have to go to see them you have already lost!


-I would not say I have had any major symptoms but have been experiencing negative changes in my body's digestive capabilities during the last 10 - 15 years which were initially mild but gradually increasing in severity.

These included (most recently and thus most severely):
-Unpredictable diarrhoea, clay coloured stools, very frequent stomach pains /cramps, runners trots (diarrhoea when jogging), about once a year occurrences of fever, acute kidney area pain and severe diarrhoea lasting about 3-4 days.

Possible causes:

-Over the years I have considered, irritable bowel syndrome, various food allergies , lactase deficiency, parasites, hepatitis and finally gallstones. During recent years I was however unable to definitively identify why my digestive system was so problematic. No really incapacitating symptoms but very sensitive / weak. The slightest excesses of fats, spices, alcohol, stress (eg sales presentation, etc…) would send me rushing to the toilet with stomach pains and diarrhoea.

Finally I just resigned myself that this was just normal ageing and controlled the situation with Imodium. The final straw came after a half marathon this autumn. (I typically used Imodium to stabilise my stomach for a run). A few days after the race I had WHITE stools "WHITE!! And then the kidney area pains started, fever and diarrhoea for a couple of days. Also recently I had had a couple of tiny twinges under my right lower ribs which whilst I could not say they qualified as "pain"ť they were definitely unusual.Putting these facts all together I decided I may have a gallstone problem with the fever etc being perhaps a gallstone blockage related infection, eg pancreatitis etc……Searching the internet I discovered the liver and gallbladder flush/purge.

Putting various recipes together I have now used the following process three times.

- Lots of fresh apple juice (1 -2 litres / day for 5 – 7 days), only prior to first flush.
- Low fat food the morning of flush- Stop eating at 12 noon
- 2 tablespoons Epsom Salts in water at 19.00
- 1 more tablespoon Epsom Salts at 20.00- 20.30, 2 large helpings of high fat (high quality / yummy ice cream, vanilla and chocolate)
- 21.00, 2/3 pint olive oil + 2/3 pint fresh lemon juice .

Premixed is slightly easier to swallow, but still YUCKY !

22.00, go to bed lying on right side with right knee high towards shoulder.

- Next morning, 1 more tablespoon of Epsom Salts to get things moving

All bowel movements after the olive oil drink were caught with a food sieve and washed through with cold water from my shower head.

My reactions:

-By the time I go to bed the Epsom salts will have sent me to the toilet a couple of times and I am empty of food.I have slept reasonably well each of the 3 times I have done this and each consecutive one has been less difficult than before.

The first time I did have heart palpitations and very strangely felt profoundly sad (?) during the night for no reason I could identify.Results:-(I have photos of all my results)1st time:

- INCREDIBLE ! The first morning toilet trip brought what I thought were peas!! Peas ?? But I had not been eating peas!! Then more peas…..bigger peas…..cripes!!!!

These are the stones …..

I couldn’t believe it. Dark green gelatinous gallstones.

In total about 100 grams. A cupful! Largest about 1cm diameter!!!!!!2nd time 3 weeks later:- Didn't feel so bad after the olive oil. Similar results.

About 80 grams of Gallstones of which half were a gooey brown colour and didn't float in water like the pure green ones.

I believe this to be the liver sludge.

3rd time 3 weeks later:

- Again felt much more comfortable during the process. About 10-20 grams of CLEAN soft green Gallstones up to 6 mm in size. I believe these to be perhaps the young stones from within the liver.

How did I feel afterwards:
-This is the remarkable thing.

The very next day after the first flush I just couldn't believe the difference.

I woke up with so much more energy. Just felt so much more positive.

Extraordinary difference.

My friends commented on it immediately.

I just feel so much better. I can eat anything I want. Even big fatty meals just before bedtime and I wake up fine. I used to be really sleepy / dozy in the mornings after a big late meal. I have a much higher tolerance for alcohol and spicy foods. I can get away with eating and drinking anything. The way I remember I could at university.

And incredibly.
My stools are now a dark brown colour as they should be, not a pale clay colour which had been the case for years.

I suspect my biliary system had been blocked up for a long time.I plan to do a fourth flush in January and then 1 per year thereafter.


I have now read many medical journals concerning gallbladder issues and am horrified that this is NEVER mentioned as a potential treatment for problems or even as a preventative measure for people without apparent symptoms.

I have friends who are doctors and one who is a liver transplant surgeon. None of them have ever heard of this process. Some are fascinated and plan to try it themselves in the New Year.

If, by principle, I had not been so against going to a doctor then I may well have taken my slight but long term symptoms for a consultation and may well have ended up having my gallbladder removed as I would not have been sufficiently informed to know better.

I do not wish to position myself higher than a professionally qualified doctor and you should all make your own decisions. I write this so that you may hopefully benefit from my story as I most certainly have from other people who published their experiences.

I am not a particularly emotional individual but this is one of the two medical related topics which I feel passionate about. The other is against smoking but that's another story ;-)

I will continue to discuss this topic with my doctor friends and will be fascinated to hear their comments and results. I would love somebody to take this as a PhD topic and do some professional research.

But who would sponsor such research?

Not the medical or Parma industry that's for sure when 750,000 people per year in the US are having their gallbladders removed at a cost of 10,000 USD a time.

That's almost a 10 Billion USD industry.

Strange how none of the professional groups are promoting this alternate process ;-)
we wouldn't want to change that now would we?

Best wishes to you all !!!!
..all comments and feedback welcome!!!!

PS Maybe the Olive-Oil industry would sponsor some research ;-) ????

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