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Desperate! Pancreas? Liver? Gallbladder? Pale stools plus Not eating ( plus /-) since 1 week!

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Eva6 Views: 4,972
Published: 7 years ago

Desperate! Pancreas? Liver? Gallbladder? Pale stools plus Not eating ( plus /-) since 1 week!

Hello everyone, my first time posting, long time reader. I've been ill for about 4 years (CFS, Endometriosis which is much better now, Fibro, Ankylosing Spondylitis etc)
I'm in desperate need for help and already 3 ER doctors let me down and DH is out of town (we live in a foreign country all by ourselves, so that means I'm all alone).
While being on holidays at my moms, I experienced a sudden onset of nausea and spent the whole night and the following day throwing up. Never had diarhea (spelling?! Sorry) but sonce the nausea, which is exactly a week now I have pale stools. I know this is related to pancreas and or gallbladder and or liver.
I have the feeling something is stuck in my small intestine. Food does go down the stomach, but then it feels as if it gets stuck. I have been oayed ever since and not able to eat anything other than 1 piece of spelt toast a day with some grassfed butter. (Trying not to cut the fat to keep the bole flowing, if not blocked already).
I habe no pain in the gallbladder area nor pain radiating to my back. But pain around my navel where I'm always bloated.
First time ER they gave me IV, didn't do much. Only thinh that makes me feel better is not eating, but today I'm also getting extremely weak and tired. The nausea is still here and I don't understand the bloating.
From the bloodtests it showed slightly increased WB, and low lymphocytes. Second time ER, normal WB and normal lymphocytes but high monocytes. Also had a slightly elevated CRP (10)
They sent me home with meds for the nausea.
They didn't help me at all. What's wrong with me? Why can't I eat all of a sudden? Why are my stools pale if my pancreas/gallbladder don't hurt? I live a very healthy life and eat auto immune paleo every day. Everything well balanced and organic and grassfed. (I don't overdo fats like some paleo folks)
Docs said its a virus or bacteria. But then why didn't I have diarhea? (Sorry!) And why am I still feeling like the first day a week ago?
Oh, I am doing a twice a day Grapefruit-Seed-Extract and Oregano Oil protocol in case it is a bacteria. Also taking Lomatium in case it's a virus.
And forgot to mention I did take Fo Ti in the morning of that day it all happened in the evening.
Does anybody know what's wrong with me?
Thank you for listening and thank you for those who are willing to try and answer.

Love to all


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