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Make a list of all ages you used
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Published: 7 years ago
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Make a list of all ages you used

Here is my suggestion.

Make a list of all ages you used Antibiotics .
Ask your parents to help you, they may remember it better.

Also, it is interesting to know if your mother used often Antibiotics , or if she used hormonal contraception prior to being pregnant with you.

Considering your history of Endometriosis, odds are you have used some hormonal contraception.
If yes, place that on that list.

You can do it this way:

Year 2001 used Antibiotics for 10 days, or 3 times 10 days
Year 2007 Started hormonal contraception and used it for 2 years


Then, make a second list with years and your different symptoms.

Compare those 2 lists, and see how use of one medication causes a new problem for which you take some new medication causing the third problem.

Here is my opinion.

hypothyroidism, Endometriosis, gastritis, anemia, Anxiety, stress, peeling lips, damaged skin, etc

all of those problems have common causes.

Common causes are:

Damage to intestinal microbiota and damage to liver, kidneys and adrenal glands.

On the long run that have caused endocrine disorders, digestive disorders, mental disorders.

Level of hormones inside our body is not only regulated by the glands, it is also regulated by the proper function of our liver and our intestines.

Do you know what liver does with natural steroidal hormones?

Liver converts it into cholesterol acids, and flushes it out in the form of bile.

If liver decreases the bile production due to some damage, it may cause total mess, endocrine mess, mess in reproductive organs, mess in intestines, etc.

Damage to intestinal and oral microbiota and damage to liver and kidneys are usually caused by

- poor dietary choices ( preservatives , processed foods, foods loaded with additives, fast food etc )
- mother who used antibiotics many times in her life prior to being pregnant with you
- mother who used hormonal contraception prior to being pregnant with you
- mother who used other medications or was exposed to any toxins
- your own use of antibiotics
- your own use of hormonal contraception
- your own use of some other medications
- viral infections caused by low immunity

To fix your problems, you will have to turn your life upside down.

If not your whole life, at least your diet and your lifestyle.

List of foods you should eliminate from your diet 100% or at least 98%:

- Sugar as additive
- alcoholic beverages
- vine vinegar
- food additives
- processed foods and drinks
- foods with any additives

Learn about Rotation-Elimination Diet .
Try juice fasting.

Of drinks, clean water (filtered water if clean is not available from the tap ) and some occasional tea would be the main drinks, or vegetable juices, freshly juiced.

Of food, most of it should be made in your own kitchen from scratch. No ready made salads, dressings, salsa, or anything else coming from jar, can, tube, package.

How do I know it is all curable?

I have seen it again and again.
I have seen it with people around me.

Your list of symptoms is almost identical to the list of symptoms my wife had at the time we met.

I told her, I would be able to be with her only if she is healthy.
I had no interest in dating someone who needs a doctor.

She accepted the challenge cause she was sick and tired of being sick.

The first thing she did was stop hormonal contraception and clean up her diet. No sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods, everything was made at home.

Most symptoms disappeared on its own after a few months.

It took months to clean out synthetic hormones from her body.

Her body shape changed. She was good-looking before, but after synthetic hormones left her body, she lost 5 kg and became significantly more hot than before.

No more Endometriosis, no more anxiety, depression, no more digestive disturbances, stomach cramps, painful menstruations, no more irregular menstrual cycle, no more excessive bleeding during menstruation, no more strange body shape caused by synthetic hormones. etc.

She was worried she would have never be able to have children due to bad case of Endometriosis, and due to using hormonal contraception for many years.

Fast forward 7 years, and she now have 2 healthy girls, no sign of Endo, menstrual problems or any past problems.

It is always your choice! You are digging your grave with your teeth!

You can make it happen, or you can stay sick.


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