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Cabbage Rejuvelac enema for colon cleanse and gut flora restoration
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Published: 7 years ago

Cabbage Rejuvelac enema for colon cleanse and gut flora restoration

Well I started doing enemas for my candida problem. One of the most frustrating things about the condition is that you can't see infection. When I had it bad I would look at my poop in the toilet and see if there was any yeast and sometimes I would see little threads of it floating. I would ALWAYS look at my stools after each BM. If it looked clean I figured I was nearly cured. I was wrong.

I discovered Cabbage Rejuvelac awhile back and have been drinking about 10 oz. per day as a source of Lactobacteria and Bifida bacteria (good gut flora microbes). Tastes like sauerkraut juice but not quite that sour. When I read all the posts about good results with enemas I decided to try it myself. I figured the best time to do an enema was after a poop. I didn't want to squirt enema up my rear end if there's a blockage like turds in there. So that's what I did. I keep the rejuvelac refrigerated so I poured about 4 oz. of it in a cup and got another cup and poured 4 oz. of distilled or purified water (not tap water) in it. I microwaved the water for 45 seconds on high. The water is warm and I pour it into the cold rejuvelac so that the mixture is lukewarm. I suck up the solution into my 8 oz. enema bulb. Stick the injector nozzle up the anus. Go Slow! May have to wiggle and twist around while pushing slow to get it all the way up there. Bend down on the floor (large towel is useful here) and get on hand and knees (your other hand is still holding the enema bulb firmly in the rear end). Now jack your ass high in the air. Slowly squeeze the bulb and you will feel the solution entering. Now hold it in as long as reasonable 15-20 minutes is good. My experience is that I can hold it better if I squeeze only half the solution. With experience I have worked myself up to a full enema. If you feel like you have to evacuate then jump on the toilet and do so. Rejuvelac is cheap.

When I did evacuate I was shocked at what I saw. Lots of yeast. Some were long string things, some were flat patches looking like skin. Some were pure white, some were straw colored. I saw the enemy up-close. Now was time for my Nystatin enema. I found I could only retain this enema if I used only 6 oz. of water (lukewarm). I did the nystatin enema and had die-off. When I had my next BM I could see the dead yeast on the turds. Looked yellow (nystatin colored) but wasn't as whispy and feathery like live yeast.

I also do a rejuvelac retention enema at night 1 hour before bed to replenish good gut microflora. Of course retention enema means you hold it in indefinitely. If you want to know how to make Cabbage Rejuvelac I made a post about it here:


Notes on making rejuvelac:

Ferment the mixture for 4-7 days. It will not ferment in 24 hours if you use starter from the previous batch in spite of what it says in the recipe. It can start to go bad if left fermenting over 7-10 days so strain the liquid and refrigerate after 4-7 days. The liquid looks like lemonade, has a cabbage smell, and tastes like mild sauerkraut. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth or any CLEAN thin material. I find that polyester jogging shirts are perfect.

When i drink it, I drink it straight. I also mix in a teaspoonful of chlorella. When I do an enema I mix it half-strength with distilled water. Never microwave the rejuvelac, only the water before mixing with rejuvelac. The reason I use half-strength for enema is that I had a hard time holding full-strength rejuvelac because is is too harsh on delicate colon membranes and it made me evacuate.

Using both Nystatin and Rejuvelac enemas has made a HUGE difference in my condition. I honestly forgot I could feel this good. I know that even after i get over this dysbiosis I will still need to stay on the diet. Cell mediated immunity takes time to return to normal. Dvjorge made some good posts about this awhile back:




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