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Re: SIDE EFFECT WITH ANTRONEX taken for Histamine that I believe to be a factor with many other health concerns
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: SIDE EFFECT WITH ANTRONEX taken for Histamine that I believe to be a factor with many other health concerns

Thank you Dr. Jeff!

I had been reading good things about Antronex and had noticed you had mentioned it before too. A Metabolic Nutritionist suggested Antronex to me and he also suggested I supplement Sunflower Lecithin for Choline but I've not started on that yet. Trying to decide between Blue Mountain Organics product (which is not organic but Nutritionist recommended it) and Lekithos brand. Lekithos is interesting to me since I study Bible Doctrine in the context of Greek and original languages - I digress. Anyway, Lekithos is Greek for "egg yolk". Don't know why I can't just eat more egg yolks - I crave them like crazy. Anyway all that has to do with my 23AndMe gene testing results and work with some gene defects Methylation etc. I am consulting with the Metabolic Nutritionist for those but I have seen Candida forums discussing Methylation and gene issues a lot too. So it might be an issue as to why some folks with Candida do not heal well or as quickly as others.

The Nutritionist got back with me a little bit ago and said to take Antronex apart from my thyroid medication. Said, besides that, it usually works quickly to remove phlegm and mucous and histamine.
Anecdotal reports indicate it can pull certain hormones out. In which case, you may want to take with licorice and ashwagandha, or take apart from another hormone.

I do take WP Thyroid for my Hypothyroidism and I am pretty sure the only other hormone I've taken is Melatonin. I have taken Melatonin mcg doses to large doses for 19 years.
I just stopped taking the mcg time released dose of the Melatonin last week due to Melatonin or perhaps the time released or some other filler causing my eyes to be very dry and irritated. The product I was taking lists (microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, aqueous film coating (purified water, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, glycerin), stearic acid, vegetable stearate, croscarmellose sodium, silica).

I have no idea how many hormones or toxins I might detox. No mercury in my mouth now but recently Nutritionist told me that mercury might still be in my body and be an issue.

Anyway after I got that answer back from him regarding my panic over Antronex. I feel better since I took some licorice both DGL and tincture of straight Licorice but cannot take ashwagandha due to nightshade sensitivity.

All I know about Histamines is that I realized my diet has been full of High Histamine foods. I only have mild seasonal allergies. I started looking at Histamine intolerance after I ate two Histamine liberators Papaya and Pineapple in a morning smoothie last month and had one of the worst Yeast infections I've ever had. Thinking that Histamines may be responsible for my abdominal issues I went about to lower my Histamine levels.

The last thing I want is to block my body's defensive immune response and cause me to be more vulnerable to toxins in my tissues.

Last year I 'discovered' what I believe to be candida overgrowth when as I was having rashes I noticed that anti-fungal foods cause them to flair.

I have most likely had a candida overgrowth for many years. Until I cleaned up my diet I craved cabs and ate a lot of sugar.

Candida may be a cause for my Hypothyroidism too. I've been Hypothyroid since 2005. I was tested not to have Hashimoto's as the cause. I was seeing a conventional Endocrinologist back then and over the years I asked for urine and blood Iodine tests and both showed low iodine- Endo Doctor did not suggest anything for that. Guess that is not in their wheelhouse. They are afraid of iodine supplementation and so am I- I know it is controversial in allopathic circles and even holistically it needs to be handled carefully.

I do think I have high Inflammation. My CR-P has been high except for a time when I was vegetarian/vegan. Just after that time I took Premier products called HCL and HCL Activator at the same time I was taking Dr. Schulze Cayenne in 2010 and I think it gave me an ulcer at least after of a year of suffering with that (an upper right quadrant pain), an ulcer protocol I did for 6 months cured my pain for two years.

I was taking Biotin then to for my hair so maybe something I was doing helped candida overgrowth.

Everything is a mystery to me but I do know that within the body everything is related.


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