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Re: Right Treatment Plan??? Conflicting Adivce...
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Right Treatment Plan??? Conflicting Adivce...


1. I had wired and anxious feelings at times, and debilitating fatigue at other times in my recovery. The worst fatigue was after major crashes. After a while I learned I could minimize the impact of crashes by taking DHEA & pregnenolone.

2. I hear that your exciteness / high-cortisol / high adrenaline states are very strong and persistent. They only respond briefly to supplements. It could take months to settle down in an optimal scenario. You may have to take a long term path of reformatting your entire life. Taking supplements alone is rarely enough for people who have dug themselves into a mess with years of stress & toxic living.

How much effort are you currently putting into a regular yoga & meditation practice?

How adrenally optimized and healthy is your current diet?

These are 2 core pillars of recovery. Supplements are another pillar. Few are successful without all 3 pillars solidly in place.

3.) My supplement regime was very complex - the supplements and doses constantly changed at different points in my recovery.

I will say that in the first several months I focused on vitamins. I slowly worked up to 7.6 grams of vitamin C in both liposomal AND mixed ascorbates (calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate). You may need a different amount. You find out how much you need by taking 500mg a week more until you either feel "wired" or get loose stools. Then go down below that level. Every person is individual a different amount. Vitamin C increased energy, resilience, dexoted body and increased adrenal function.

I also took up to 1200mg of pantethine and 1200mg of pantheonic acid PER DAY, in divided doses. Started off small and worked up over months. This increased stress tolerance.

Also key was doing daily YOGA, MEDITATION and eating as perfect a DIET as possible. Pills alone are not enough for recovery.

4.) After several months to 1 year on vitamins - I had significantly improved and stabilized - started working part time. Then I started taking Ashwaghanda extract and sipping licorce tea to help me get through the workday. Ashwaghanda is calming but it's a mild GABA agonist, like Xanax. Coming of it abruptly caused a few days of anxiety. Licorice tea can be made and slowly sipped for more endurance. I always drank it in the morning as I found it somewhat energizing, not a night sleeping thing.

A good "all round" adaptogen is Paradise Herbs Holy Basil w/ ashwaghanda, licorce, ginger, etc.

5.) Seriphos is not very "strong." It may take several tablets to calm your over active adrenaline /cortisol secretions down. It helped somewhat and was nice but was not super-critical in my recovery

Again, I had success by relying on vitamins more and herbs less... although both were helpful in my recovery.

If you rely on herbs it's easy to fall into a trap where you can't function without them or they cause crashes. Best to use them semi-regularly (5 days on, 2 days off... or 4 weeks on.. 1 week off, etc), at least for me.


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