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Cystitis cured by SSKI in 4 days - big THANK YOU to this forum
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Published: 7 years ago

Cystitis cured by SSKI in 4 days - big THANK YOU to this forum

This article is my "thank you" to this forum.

I started to read curezone few months ago; at the same time I started to take Lugol's.

This summer my lovely girlfriend got painful cystitis during our trip through Hungary because of severe weather conditions (this summer in eastern Europe was cold and rainy). We were far away from civilization when it started so we had no access to pharmacies or hospitals. Though I never read about effectiveness of Lugol's for cystitis but I knew Iodine will help us. So when we arrived back to Budapest I asked for Lugol's in every pharmacy but no one had it. But we were against taking Antibiotics . When we arrived back home 1 week later - my girlfriend was urinating every 10 minutes, suffering from constant pain. We were scared. I started giving her Lugol's, dosage = 100mg of Iodine every day. To my surprise it didn't help. We were scared even more.

Then I remembered that there's another form of Iodine which is SSKI - which many people on curezone take daily and I still don't know what's so good they find in it.

I started to google about SSKI more and found a great article which says that SSKI is great as urinary antiseptic:


Another aspect of the research by the Mayo Clinic group that I find especially valuable is their table of measurements of iodine in the urine for 3 days after taking the dose. For example, a one gram dose by mouth led to a peak urine concentration of 1.6 mg per 100 ml after 2 hours. A 5 gram dose led to peak urine concentration of 5.6 mg per 100 ml and a 20 gram dose yielded 8.4 mg after 2 hours. We know that it takes only a 1 to 20,000 dilution, i.e.. 5 mg per 100 ml, to kill most bacteria within a minute and a 10 fold weaker solution is still lethal, though it takes longer, about 15 minutes. Thus a one gram dose of Iodide lingers in the urine at 0.5 mg per 100 ml after 24 hours. A 5 gram dose peaks at 5.6 mg per 100 ml in 2 hours and remains at 2.3 mg per 100 ml at 24 hours. This supports the use of Iodide as an effective Antibiotic in urinary tract infections.

From this article I realized that Lugol's dosage wasn't enough to reach antiseptic concentration in bladder, but it's dangerous to take higher dose of Lugol's so we need SSKI which have only KI and which can be taken in much higher amounts.

I jumped to my car and drove to local chemical supply store to buy pure Potassium Iodide. When I was back home I made SSKI and gave it to my honey. I was giving her 1ml of SSKI (1g of KI) every 2 hours, reaching a dose of 5g/day. Up to that moment she was suffering 2 weeks already and it was the last hope for us - so we weren't afraid of such high dose. When she started to pee after first dose she said it was extremely painful and burning. I said to her it's OK because it's KI burning her irritated urethra. Same thing the next day. But on the 3rd day we have seen big improvement! Today is day 4 and she is totally free of symptoms. I can't believe that, we are so happy.

I want to say big THANK YOU to this forum and to all people who answering questions and giving precious information to each other. And I will never travel without a bottle of SSKI from now :)

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