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Progress So Far, 50mg/day
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Published: 7 years ago

Progress So Far, 50mg/day

Hi! I wanted to share my progress, and also ask for any advice from the incredible members of this forum.

Exactly 28 days ago I started Iodine treatment, after having one of the most painful periods of my life. I googled 'what causes painful periods' and Iodine deficiency was most prominent, and eventually led me to this forum and other sites. I had a bottle of kelp tablets (225mcg Iodine each tablet) and immediately started stuffing myself with them, I took eight tablets in about 6 hours (1.8mg).

Then I experienced terrible die-off symptoms that evening, my stomach became incredibly bloated and painful, I was nauseous and throwing up, and had a terrible headache. I drank a large glass of water with 1/2tsp of himalayan salt and was eventually able to fall asleep, though still in pain.

The next day, I went to Whole Foods and bought the only liquid edible iodine they had, which was potassium Iodide from kelp, at 800mcg per drop. In the meantime I ordered Lugol's from amazon. So I calculated the number of drops needed for 50mg, and have been drinking that everyday since 27 days ago. I felt MUCH better on the higher dosage. After four days of this, I lost 8lbs of what I'm assuming was water weight.

I have also been reading as much as possible about iodine treatment during this past month, and have found information that it can help with asthma. I have had severe asthma since 3 years old, and have taken corticosteroids for my entire life. I read Grizz's and Trapper's stories/recommendations and any others I could find, and I was very scared of trying the high dosages of 800mg. Then I found information on pima syrup, which doctors used to treat cough/lung problems with, and that would be 350-600mg potassium Iodide every 6-8 hours.

So I ordered 'nuke pills' from amazon (sorry, Trapper, that I didn't order from you yet) which is 130mg potassium Iodide per tablet and a week ago I crushed five tablets into a big glass of water, so 650mg. It was the first night in my life I didn't need to take my inhaler (I have tried to go one day on, one day off with my inhalers but always have a tightness in my breathing at night on the off nights). I did the same the next day, 650mg in a glass of water. Then I resumed 50mg Lugols each day since then. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I haven't used my inhaler once since then, and haven't needed to!!!!!! I tell myself to calm down, it's only been a week.

I read about Grizz and Trappers use of Colloidal Silver , but I haven't tried it yet - is that the final step to curing asthma?

Since starting iodine, my period has arrived exactly 28 days later (usually it would start sooner) and it has been pain free and light until today. I had some mild cramping, but then I decided to have a glass of an additional 20mg Lugol's and after 30 minutes all the pain subsided.

Together with the 50mg Lugol's (which seems to work best for me about an hour after breakfast, is this wrong?) I take between 200-400mcg selenium, chelated magnesium, omega 3 krill, a multivitamin with the Bs, and 5000iu of vitamin D (I also go outside for an hour when the sun is brightest). In the evening I drink a glass of water with about 3000mg vitamin C before bed. Once every few days I drink a glass of water with 1/2ts of himalayan salt.

I am finding that I sleep more deeply, whereas I used to wake up 3-4 times a night to pee. I am losing noticeably less hair than I used to, literally fistfuls in the shower before, now around 5-10 strands! I always wondered if that was normal to lose that much hair.

One thing I was hoping for, which hasn't happened yet, is an improvement in my skin. I have mild adult acne/pityrosporum folliculitis on my face, chest, and back and have had these problems since my teens. It seems to have lessened, but after doing the super 650mg dose my skin on my face went berserk a day or two later (calmed down now). Grizz mentioned breakouts on his chest after doing 800mg, I think.

So far, the iodine treatment has been too good to be true, and I have many other symptoms of poor thyroid function that seem to be getting better: don't feel cold all the time (but getting hot/cold flashes), more positive outlook, decreasing hirsutism, nasal passages decongested (my giant nasal polyp is about half the size), don't crave as much Sugar as before. Strangely, I have started craving ice cream which is something I've never did before?

I also forgot to mention that the first two weeks after starting 50mg Lugol's, I was experiencing a lot of brain fog and sluggishness. From what I read, that is normal if you have been iodine deficient for a very long time, is this correct? I am wondering if I should jump up to 100mg per day because I haven't experienced the 'clearing of the skies' yet, and though I do have more energy, it's still cloudy if that makes any sense.

Aside from this, I limit my carb intake, rarely ever eat gluten, eat no junk food/sodas, and get most of my Sugar from fruits. I do eat dairy, but only as a little cream in my coffee, 2 cups in the morning and maybe cheese or yoghurt. I tried cutting out dairy for two months but it made no difference in my skin or asthma.

Is having silver Amalgams in your teeth very serious? I have quite a few, and should these be removed?

Sorry if this is very long, but I wanted to share my progress. Thank you for providing this forum, it has been an incredible resource, and I don't think I would have made it even this far if it wasn't for everything and everyone here. I will continue to update and I have really high hopes! and thanks for reading too!

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