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Re: Borax plus Iodine plus Niacinamide is working
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Borax plus Iodine plus Niacinamide is working

this is similar to bill's (slowsmile) protocol minus the digestive enzymes (anti-biofilm protocol). i'm including it here for reference even though it's a bit long to read:

The Anti-Candida Protocol
Updated: November 20, 2013

The strategy that I use against candida incorporates the following essential protocols:

Anti-Candida and Anti-Pathogen Protocols
Anti-Biofilm Protocols
Essential Detox Protocols (including removal of candida mycotoxins)
Liver Support Protocols
Vitamin and Mineral Support (Immune System Support)
The Health Defence Diet
This strategy addresses and prevents the candida continually returning by directly and more effectively attacking its unique pathogenic behaviours. For instance very few ant-candida protocols actually attack and remove candida biofilms or even accept that candida has two entirely different dimorphic living forms which allows candida to spread through the body -- into the blood, tissues and organs -- and not just to infect locally such as in the intestines, uterus or skin. The above strategy address and counteracts all these peculiar and unique candida behaviours;.

For a quick visual outline of the activity of all the nutrients that are used in this protocol -- see this link.

Anti-Candida Protocol

Remedies that Directly Attack Candida(Mandatory)
I must stress here -- to avoid any confusion -- that not all of the attack remedies below need to be used. These are just options for you. Furthermore, if recommendations are needed for clarity's sake -- I have also personally found that using Ted's Alkalizing Remedies, Lugol's Iodine and Borax in combination to be very useful at curing candida problems. But if these nutrients are hard to get -- just use another combination from below of your own choice.

* Take Ted's Lime/Lemon baking soda water alkalizing remedy at least 2 times a day as recommended. I used mainly the ACV, lemon or lime as well as just the sodium bicarb with water alkalizing remedies which also act to kill candida. These alkalizing remedies create the worst possible environment for the candida while simultaneously creating a healthy body terrain. Also take the Baking Soda with water remedy on it's own throughout the day and one hour before bed - this will help you get a good nights sleep. If you have problems with this remedy, then use Ted's Carbicarb remedy -- this is more balanced and incorporates potassium to balance any sodium issues. Potassium citrate can be taken to more directly aid intracellular alkalization. See this link for the alkalizing remedies:

* Supplementing with at least 50 mgs to 100 mgs of 5% Lugols Iodine per day ‚€“or 8 to 16 drops a day(or as much as you can stand without problems) in split doses taken four times a day(not at mealtimes) in a glass of water. Iodine will also help to balance your hormones because it supports the thyroid and is also able to remove dangerous halogens like fluorine and bromine from your body. Lugol's Iodine also chelates heavy metals like aluminium, cadmium, lead and mercury from your body and this is very beneficial. LI also kills 90% -- 95% of all known pathogens ‚€“ including candida. You can also use Kelp as the iodine source ‚€“ but this does not really give sufficiently high amounts of iodine/iodide needed to kill the candida in my opinion.
Iodine Research

* Drink 1/4 teaspoon for men (1/8 pn for women) of Sodium Tetraborate or Borax in a litre of water throughout the day. Take this protocol for 5 days on then rest for 2 days. So, 5 days on, 2 days off with the Borax. Borax is the ultimate anti-fungal, also good for bones and helps to balance the hormones as well as chelates and removes fluoride from the body. Borax affects your male hormones or androgens in a v1agra-like manner, which is why you must rest for 2 days -- to avoid gland over-stimulation.

* Sodium Molybdate or Molybdenum. Take at least 900 mcg Molybdenum a day. Sodium Molybdate kills candida and also removes the debilitating candida alcohol and aldehyde mycotoxin poisons from the body via the aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme pathway(which needs molybdenum) in the body -- this will help to remove symptoms like nausea, flu-like symptoms, aches and pains, brain fog and lethargy problems. Ted recommends supplementing between 10 mg and 25 mgs sodium molybdate a day taken for only two weeks to quickly kill off the candida -- but I've found Sodium Molybdate or Molybdenum difficult to purchase in amounts greater than 900 mcgs(the highest allowed RDA dosage).

* Methylene Blue(MB). You can buy this at any aquatics or fish supply store. It is used to get rid of fungal and bacterial infections on fish. Also used throughout the last century as a successful anti-malarial. Taking MB on its own will turn your urine green and the whites of your eyes blue, but if you take at least 1000 mgs Vitamin C with the MB, these side-effects will not occur. Dosage: 4 - 6 drops of a 0. 1% solution of MB in a full glass of water once or twice a day. Do not take MB after 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon - it gives you a lot of energy so you will not be able to sleep, MB is a deep acting anti-fungal that is able to penetrate the blood/brain and blood/bone barriers of the body. MB is also a marvelous mitochondrial super anti-oxidant for your brain -- gives you lots of energy.

* Pau D'Arco(Tabebuia impetiganosa). This is a very effective herb against candida with a solid and useful reputation as an effective anti-fungal. This is best taken as a tea or capsule(1000 mgs twice a day). See this link:

Anti-Biofilm Protocols
From the research, candida quickly forms biofilms in the gut and the body. These biofilms are made of protein fibrin lattices that surround the candida like cages and affords considerable protection for candida against both the body's immune system and anti-fungals. Candida biofilms initially start as weak micro-slime cages but, over time as they harden and become more dense, they become stronger and much more difficult to remove. So if you have been infected with candida for years, then there is a much greater chance that mature, hardened biofilms would have had the chance to form in your body. The two protocols described below will help to remove all forms of biofilms -- even mature, hardened biofilms -- quickly.

The Turpentine/Kerosene Protocol
For the purposes of this description and for convenience, I will just be using the word Turpentine to describe this protocol. Turpentine(the distilled gum sap of pine) has particular surfactant properties that helps to destroy and remove biofilms rapidly. Turpentine also kills candida quickly because of its iso-pinene and terpenoid content. By removing the biofilms in such a manner, the candida is thus totally exposed with nowhere to hide.

There are many ways to supplement turpentine, but I usually take one teaspoon of Turpentine with either one teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses or with one teaspoon of raw organic honey. You should supplement turpentine once a day. Don't take this protocol for more than a month without at least one week's break from the protocol.You can take this protocol with meals or outside mealtimes. I also advise that you should initially slowly work up to the one teaspoon dose of turpentine with drop dosages on the principle of 'start small and go slow'. If you initially take too high a dose of turpentine then you may get laxative effects. Also be warned that supplementing turpentine in this manner will most likely give Herx or die-off effects and healing crisis symptoms. For more details on dosage, frequency, toxicity, safety, brands and usage of this turpentine/kerosene protocol -- see this link.
The Candida Cleaner -- Dr Jennifer Daniels
The Health-Giving Properties of Turpentine
Turpentine Usage -- EarthClinic

The Protease Enzyme Protocol
This protocol uses Nattokinase or Lumbrokinase to directly digest and dissolve the protein fibrin biofilm cages. This protocol should be taken outside mealtimes. Because of the large release of heavy metals incorporated in the candida biofilms it is also imperative that you should also take other heavy metal detox protocols (such as chlorella, sodium thiosulfate etc) at the same time as using the protease enzyme protocols. As a cheaper alternative, bromelain and papain could also be used in the same way to dissolve and dispel biofilms.

You should supplement these protein digesting enzymes(as nattokinase, lumbrokinase, bromelain or papain) at least four times a day at the advised dosages to remove the candida biofilms in your gut.

it has also been my own experience that using the turpentine protocol in particular has resulted in faster healing times to a candida cure with no continual return of candida problems.

Body Detox(Mandatory)
Detox and remove heavy metals from your body. To get rid of these problems just drink green tea 2 or 3 times a day and eat Cilantro 3 times a week in salads. You can also use Sodium Thiosulphate to get rid of heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide and chlorine. ST will get rid of heavy metals over time. Use 6-10 drops of 10% ST solution in a full glass of water daily. Heavy metals create an ideal acidic environment for candida as well as for nanobacteria. See lin

Chlorella ‚€“ Also for detoxing heavy metals and for mineral support.

Using Lugol's Iodine in the protocols is also the best way to detox fluoride and bromide from the body and will also help to remove heavy metals like aluminium, lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic from the body.

Additional Support with Vitamin and Mineral Supplements(Optional)
* Vitamin C - Taken in the more alkaline form of Sodium Ascorbate -- at least 1000 mgs three times a day. Vit C is an anti-oxidant and also chelates heavy metals from the body as well.

* Magnesium -- Taken as Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate. Dosage: 250 mgs twice a day. Magnesium Oil(40% water 60% magnesium chloride) cab also be used transdermally. Magnesium is involved in over 300 major enzyme and coenzyme body processes and also gets rid of any staph or strep bacteria quite well. Magnesium Chloride is the best form of magnesium to take in my opinion.

* Take at least 2 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) per day with meals to help constipation and intestinal issues. VCO contains mainly medium chain saturated acids, very protective for the intestines, liver and blood. Contains lauric acid, caproic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid -- these act as anti-microbials helping to destroy the candida as well as protecting the intestines from any further external microbial invasion. I don't use vegetable oils anymore, I cook only with VCO now.

* Zinc gluconate or zinc acetate ‚€“ Helps to support the immune system. 25mgs ‚€“ 50mgs taken for one week, then take this dose once a week thereafter.

* Natural Sea Salt or Fulvic/Humic Acid. Both of these will act in the same way as absorption synergists as well as helping to create a healthy intestine and help to supply other important and much needed micro-minerals to your body. See these links:
Seasalt .html"> Seasalt .html

* Selenium ‚€“ 200 mcg twice a day at mealtimes. Selenium helps remove mercury and strongly supports the liver and thyroid. There is no need to take this dose if you are also already taking the recommended liver support(which includes selenium).

* Vitamin B3 ‚€“ as niacin or niacinamide. Dosage: 500 mgs twice a day. Be aware of the "niacin flush" effect if you take the niacin form. Niacin is anti-candida and supports the liver, digestion and is relaxing for the body.

Take B50 Complex three times a week ‚€“ this is beneficial for digestion and will also help fight candida. It also acts synergistically when higher dose B3 is also supplemented.

Liver and Kidney Support(Optional)
* Take herb supplements like Chanca Piedra, Milk Thistle or Dandylion because the candida die-off will create a big strain on both your immune system and the liver/kidneys which will have to clear the dead candida debris and toxins from your blood. Think of this as taking out the candida trash. This die-off will give you flu-like or liverish symptoms and perhaps some diarrhea. You will probably feel worse before you feel better. Accept this and work your way through it as these healing crisis symptoms should disappear once your body gains control again. If you have actual liver damage then taking Milk Thistle(1000 mgs twice a day at lunch and dinner) in combination with Alpha Lipoic Acid(300 mgs twice a day at lunch and dinner) and Selenium(200 micrograms twice a day at lunch and dinner) will help to support the liver and kidneys. See this research here ‚€“

Candida Protocol Guidelines
At the barest minimum, candida sufferers should essentially use the following strategies in their protocols:

* Stop taking Antibiotics . Antibiotics will kill all the beneficial bacteria in the gut and helps to create acid intestines and dysbiosis via a condition called the Antibiotic Syndrome. This is highly beneficial to the spread and virulence of candida.

* Always use the Anti-Candida Diet.

* Always use the alkalizing remedies.

* Use at least three of the main candida-attack remedies within your protocol. Lugol's Iodine, Borax and Alkalizing are my own unquestioned favourites for killing candida.

* Use vitamins, minerals and herbs in their most natural organic forms wherever possible. Avoid ‚€œchemically standardized‚€Ě herbs. Use the purer powder forms or powder capsules, not hard tablets.

* If any particular nutrient in the protocol is causing problems, then either reduce the dose or pulse the full dose once every three days or stop supplementing that nutrient if an allergic reaction is confirmed.

* Always use protocols that remove and detox heavy metals, halogens (fluoride, bromide, chorine) and other toxic chemical poisons or mycotoxins from the body. Poisons drag down the body's immune system, they acidify the body and create the perfect environment for candida.

* It is also strongly advised that all the vitamin and mineral support nutrients are also taken in their proper orthomlecular amounts as advised. These nutrients help to address other metabolic problems -- such as low immune system, over-stressed liver or low thyroid -- that may also contribute to and exacerbate candida problems.

* Liver and kidney anti-oxidant support is also strongly advised in all cases where there is a heavy or severe die-off or detox effect, which tends to stress the liver and kidneys thus causing nausea and flu-like symptoms.

* The Anti-Candida Diet is a no-brainer when you ask yourself, ‚€œHow did I get candida in the first place?‚€Ě

* It is also strongly advised that all the vitamin and mineral support nutrients be taken in their proper orthomolecular dosages as stated above. These nutrients, at their correct dosages, help to address and heal other metabolic issues that may also contribute to and exacerbate candida problems. I also tend, whenever possible, to buy the pure powder forms of vitamins and minerals because these forms are pure and contain no fillers, additives or caking agents.

* If progress and healing or recovery is slow while using these protocols then you should additionally take one of the stronger Anti-Biofilm Protocols -- either the Turpentine/Kerosene Protocol or the Protease Enzyme Protocol as described below.

Understanding Detox or Die-off Reactions(The Jarisch-Herxheimer Effect)
It has been my own experience that people will always get an initial die-off reaction when moving onto an anti-candida protocol such as this one. A die-off or a detox reaction is due to either large amounts of candida debris or mycotoxins and/or heavy metals or halogens being released into the blood which will cause particular stress on the immune system, liver and kidneys. So liver/kidney and immune support may well be necessary to help reduce or alleviate the die-off/detox symptoms(which is included in the protocol). A reduction in anti-candida dosages may also be required for a while to make the die-off or detox bearable for the user during the healing crisis as well. When people are infected with systemic candida and attempt a cure ‚€“ they should always expect an initial period of time during which they may feel considerably worse due to these die-off and detox reactions. This die-off reaction is actually a good sign and proves that the protocol is working against the candida. This die-off or Herx reaction will vary from person to person and its duration will completely depend on the extent of the candida infection and will also depend on the current health state of each individual at the time. This detox or Herx reaction is completely normal and is medically recognized and will last until the candida debris and poisons are reduced and removed from the body and will also depend on when the immune system once more is able to dominate and control the body's health again.

Essential Anti-Candida Diet(Mandatory)

1. NO SUGAR. No means NONE -- no ifs or buts!! Candida, viruses, bacteria and all pathogens all feed off sugar, which promotes their rapid growth and spread. When too much Sugar is eaten constantly everyday, this habit also works to greatly lower the immune system's capability to fight disease. Cancers grow in the presence of fructose found it fruits and to survive they need glucose.

2. Greatly reduced Carbohydrate intake. The Western diet is effectively an energy dense but nutrient deficient diet in terms of minerals and vitamins. Therefore for sugar-loving diseases like cancer and candida, carbohydrates are banned because they so easily convert to Sugar in the body. If you can, eat carbohydrates that have a low glycaemic index, which are digested and absorbed slowly in the body and which do not cause high Sugar spikes in the body which tends to brings down the immune system and feed the invading pathogens as well. Also beware that Glycemic Index doesn't measure the type of sugar so is not a perfect measure or guide to go by.

3. No junk food allowed. Contains way too much refined salt, MSG, vegetable oils and other additives. All bad.

4. No vegetable oils in the diet. Vegetable oil oxidizes fairly quickly on the shelf from sunlight and very rapidly at high heat because they are polyunsaturated (weak chemical bonds) fats. Most RBD vegetable oils nowadays are also now made from an unnatural chemical process. As far back as 1962, Dr Denham Harman, a Nobel Prize winner who discovered the anti-oxidant nature of vitamins, proved and concluded in his famous experiments feeding mice vegetable oils with their food, that chemically processed vegetable oils or polyunsaturated oils significantly contribute to causing cancer. So, better to use a saturated fat like virgin coconut oil(VCO) or even grass-fed lard for cooking -- saturated fats are more stable oils that do not oxidize easily and are also good for you. Many vegetarian websites quote The Okinawan Diet as their reason for just vegetables being good for you -- which is inaccurate. If you read the book, The Okinawan Diet -- which carefully defines this diet through their research -- the Okinawans generally used pork offal and pork fat in all their healthy cooking -- and, in their pre-WW2 diet they never used whole grain bread, olive oil, soy milk, apples, and yogurt as many articles suggest. When I had systemic candida and started taking coconut oil, my bad constipation and bloating issues disappeared in about two weeks and my bowels became regular again. VCO is very healthy for your body and intestines. I only ever cook with VCO now and VCO has actually helped me to lose weight. Since the 1960s, baby-foods have been using only coconut oil in their cooked products and those in hospital with intestinal trauma are usually always fed with food cooked in coconut oil now. VCO helps to protect the intestines and the body and is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The reason for avoiding vegetable oils is because most contain hydrogenated fats or trans fatty acids and these should instead be replaced and supplemented in the form of Omega 3 fish oil or hemp oil which is not chemically processed or heated.

5. No soda pop. Apart from containing sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) fructose and aspartame, sweet soda drinks also contain carbonic and phosphoric acids as well as halogens like fluorides in their mix -- all of which only works to greatly acidify your body. HFCS also contains mercury and also contains poisonous chemicals like glutaraldehyde -- which is normally used as a poisonous industrial cleaner.

6. No Sweeteners allowed -- no aspartame, sucralose or saccharine. These are excitotoxins (aspartame) which helps to destroy your CNS. In our bodies, Aspartame metabolizes to formaldehyde and methanol which is also a poison. In the old days people used stills to make their own illicit distilled alcoholic beverages and if they were not careful in their process methanol would form. It is also well known that wood alcohol or methanol is poisonous and that as little as 10 ml would be enough to cause permanent blindness in humans. Aspartame is also acidifying. Sucralose is chlorinated hydrocarbons and, in tests, it causes shrunken thymus, enlarged kidneys, abortion, low fetal weights, as these areas are all sensitive to chlorine compounds in hydrocarbon forms. Saccharine, even a moderate dose, can increase significant incidence of tumors in people with cancer.

7. Eat chicken, fish and meat in small amounts. Proteins -- meats -- eaten in excessive quantities are acidifying and, as we get older, our body has difficulty digesting them. It should preferably be partially cooked to ease the breaking down of proteins.

8. No baking products like bread, cakes, pastries, etc. In the 70s the FDA, in their wisdom, allowed the use of bromide and bromates in bread-making instead of iodine. Bromine weakens the immune system and encourages acid body. Wheat also contains alloxan, a poison which can help to destroy the pancreas and cause diabetes over time. Wheat also contains gluten.

9. In your diet, include using a handful of raw, chopped coriander leaf or cilantro in a salad three times a week and drink green tea 2-3 times a day. Maintaining this regimen for a month will remove most heavy metals successfully from your body.

10. No canned products in the diet. Bisphenol A -- or BPA -- is contained in all plastic linings of canned products and is very bad for you. It acts as a psuedo-estrogen -- a female hormone -- and upsets hormone balance, therefore weakening the immune system.

11. No Calcium which means no dairy products -- no milk, no cheese, no yoghurt etc. Avoid all calcium fortified foods. Excess calcium encourages acidity throughout the body and particularly in the tissue cells where it tends to cause myalgia pain. In 1970 the recommended calcium to magnesium ratio was 4:1. Then it became 2:1 in the 1990s. I'm guessing that, probably in another 10 years, these same RDA experts will recommend a calcium to magnesium ratio of 1:1. Ted recommends taking no Calcium supplementation in your diet because western foods are all over-fortified with calcium now. Calcium causes acidity inside the cells when taken in excess and when magnesium is lacking in the diet. Magnesium regulates Calcium in the body.

12. No Fruits. In general most fruits contain citric acid and sugar -- especially the citrus fruits. In a healthy body that can cope with the acid and sugars from fruits it is fine to eat fruits in moderation. But if you are ill with an acid-loving and sugar-loving disease like candida or cancer then any acid or sugar food like fruits will actually promote spread because eating fruits uses up your alkaline body bicarbonates during digestion. This further weakens the immune system, increases blood acidity and helps diseases like cancer to dominate the body. You can eat fruit extracts that don't contain fructose, such as red wine extract, grape seed extract, etc.

13. No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) allowed for the same reasons as aspartame. The antidote to Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (Natrium Glutamat) is taurine amino acid which is mainly found in fish. See this link on MSG.

14. Avoid Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods. The most common Genetically-Modified-Organisms food is actually wheat. But there is also soy GMO. All soy products which are made from a chemical process -- including soy sauce, tofu etc. Are not allowed. But any soy products made from a natural and organic fermentation process are allowed. If you buy soya products like soya milk, make sure it is organic and contains soya flour. But if it contains soya protein then it has been made from a chemical process and also might be Genetically-Modified-Organisms (especially in the US).

15. Avoid distilled water and tap-water. Distilled water is "dead water" -- it completely lacks any important body minerals that natural spring-water contains. If you drink distilled water, this will actually act to pull important minerals out of your body during digestion. Tap-water nowadays -- due to water shortages -- is now re-cycled and chemically processed from sewage (especially in cities) and stored in reservoirs that are fed with water tables polluted with agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, so goodness knows what evil goodies tap-water contains. Enough said I think. Drink fresh mineral or spring water or create your own mineral water instead. You should always drink 1 -- 2 glasses of water at mealtimes. This helps digestion and will improve your urine conductivity reading, provided your body minerals are in balance.

16. Use Sea Salt rather than refined table salt for all your cooking and eating needs. Sea Salt contains many beneficial natural minerals, is alkaline, and also aids nutrient absorption and acts like a protective anti-biotic in the body which helps to protect the intestines and liver. Sea salt is also far more alkaline than refined table salt which is normally acid.

17. Try and avoid all (chemically) processed food if you can. Try and eat foods that are made from natural processes without excess heating or use of chemicals. Read food labels carefully before you buy.

18. Whenever you eat your meals, it is always best to eat bigger meals at breakfast and lunch. Your evening dinner should be small and eaten early at about 5:00 pm because shortly after this time, your body goes into another mode. This mode slows down digestion, making it inefficient, which actually impairs digestion, such that large amounts of food can end up sitting and stagnating in your intestines for anything up to twelve12 hours. This encourages and results in acidity, pathogen growth and poisons being absorbed into the body from the intestines. So, better as a habit, to eat a much smaller quantity of food at dinner in the evening to ensure healthy and complete digestion of food before sleep.

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