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Re: Help! Anyone with symptoms like me?!?!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Help! Anyone with symptoms like me?!?!

Thank you so much for replying Joe!!

I had two adrenal episodes. I will focus on the second one...

I don't think I ever really healed from my first implosion but I was functional. I was able to ride my bike but I noticed I didn't recover as well as my peers. If I rode hard one day then the next my legs were fatigued and I wasn't able to keep up on a group ride. Then second half of my monthly cycle, I also noticed that I became more breathy on rides despite being in good shape. It felt like oxygen debt and my legs around this time started to feel more tired. I also sweated more.

Then a month before my second implosion, my muscles really started to hurt. Not sore as in a hard work out but they hurt inside the muscle. I started feeling cold all the time, especially my feet. I was tired, I would come home from work and crash for about two hours wake up, go to bed and sleep another nine hours. Them the muscle weakness got worse, I couldn't even walk across the room b/c of extreme muscle weakness and pain as if I had two cement blocks tied to my feet.

At this time, my face also became discolored. I had melasma all over my face. My mother said it looked like I was wearing a mask.

And then one night I went from being exhausted and tired to not being able to sleep. Initially it started out as wired and tired but soon progressed to wired,

It took me awhile to figure out about the adrenenline conversion. But with that must come some cortisol surges which is prob why I test high cortisol at night. I literally wake up at 4am when cortisol should be at its lowest.

I tried cortisol lowering supplements but they had paradoxical effect, it's like my body senses you are trying to lower cortisol surges and rebels by giving you more cortisol.

I decided to play the doctor's game and take klonopin. If I really do have issues with anxiety then wouldn't this cure me. Won't I be able to fall asleep and stay asleep? Ride my bike, no problem withiout my body going into shock. Klonopin helps me get 6 hours of sleep but wonder if I am getting addicted even after only one week. Last night I tried to half my dosage and had very bad case of restless leg. Yesterday I rode my bike super easy for ten minutes. When I got off the bike, I felt super hyper. Technically klonopin was still in my system.

I have just started taking pregnenolone and adrenal cortex. Slight improvement as in I no longer want to jump out of my skin if someone comes to talk to me, but being outside or in unfamiliar place is still troublesome to me b/c I Get that agitated feeling but maybe this will settle overtime.

So you see, I had a lot of stuff going on for me physically that makes the diagnosis of manic depressive a little hard to swallow. All the time that my body was tanking..,my mood was good.

I will try magnesium and melotonin tonight and try to cut back on klonopin. While it has been helpful to get me to sleep, I think of it more as a bandaid rather than a cure.

Thank you for replying and let me know if you have any more insight into what supplements would be helpful.

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