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Existing Liver Cirrhosis and starting Iodine brutal headaches.
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Published: 9 years ago

Existing Liver Cirrhosis and starting Iodine brutal headaches.

First off I have read a lot on this forum and all over the web and want to say thanks for everyone putting out all their information.

I recently decided that I needed to begin an Iodine regiment. I have hepatitis induced liver cirrhosis that was diagnosed back in 2008 right at stage 3 to stage 4. I currently take Baraclude (antiviral) to control my hepatitis infection. I became proactive in my health two years ago when I discovered the miracles of large dosing of Vitamin D3 (50,000iu daily for two years two months at 100k). In two years I have completely turned my labs around and my liver enzymes are SPOT ON! In fact my labs are phenomenal. My doctor of course called me an idiot and will not acknowledge that D3 did anything to improve my liver.

Anyway sorry for the detour I just wanted to give a little background. My reason for wanting to try the Iodine was after reading The Iodine Crisis. I have the absolute worse brain fog, long term incurable depression,unbelievable lack of concentration and memory, fatigue, inability to lose weight easily. Yada Yada Yada the list goes on. I always just assumed these were all side effects of the liver cirrhosis until I read that book. So I ordered the hakalalabs lugo tabs at 50mg and figured I would try the high dose start to blast through the toxicity symptoms.

The first week was pretty good taking 50mg a day. I have all the co-sups and the salt. I felt energy and I seemed to be in a better mood although that could have just been placebo. However week two turned out not good. I have the WORST frontal headaches, Ive ripped my friends new aholes for small things, and generally I am not feeling well. I have salt loaded and even took days off. Then I even tried taking some nascent iodine I had ordered before I knew what I was ordering which I took a small dose of. My headaches are still here. I can break them with 600 mg of ibuprofen and get some relief but they come back with a vengeance.

Im pretty sure this is all detox but I am a little worried I wont be able to do this. The first week has me sold that i need iodine but I cant take the effects. I have symptoms of hypothyroid (cold, low body temp, fatigue, hard to lose weight) and when they tested me last month I was in the very low normal range along with my testosterone levels. Doctors say Im fine Im in normal range but I think their full of it. I figure that because my liver is damaged is the reason the detox is so severe for me because it just can't keep up.

So I just wondered if anyone out there on the forum has detoxed with iodine with cirrhosis. I'm very in touch with my liver, when something goes wrong it yells loudly. I have only had mild pain in my liver for one day and it went away so I am not really scared that I am damaging it. If I drink a lot (which I dont do much at all) it promptly puts me in my place with a few days of pain.

My other question is, would it be stupid to blast through this? Instead of the 50 take 100mg? Sometimes these headaches make me feel like my brain will explode. I did not take any iodine today and after lunch the headache started just like every other day only not as bad today. Thursday this week will be 3 weeks of dosing. Sorry if this is a little cluttered. Head is hurting and hard to look at the computer screen and concentrate. Any help or advice from you guys will be more than appreciated..

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