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Re: Existing Liver Cirrhosis and starting Iodine brutal headaches.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Existing Liver Cirrhosis and starting Iodine brutal headaches.

That is something really serious that you're having to deal with. I wish you strength.

Iodine is very good for your whole body. So I would recommend it to anyone, also to people with serious afflictions.

You have to take into account that the Iodine is going to detox your body. This is of course a good thing, but does put stress on your kidneys and liver. Since you have liver cirrhosis, this can be risky.

Sinus stress and dripping and bad moods are (in my experience) all bromide toxicity. When I used only Sea Salt to help with this, my potassium got very low (fatigue, muscle weakness and heart palpitations). So now I'm using KCl (potassium chloride) instead. 4-5 gram of KCl daily (1/2 tsp is about 4 gram). There is enough sodium in my diet to balance them out. You need al LOT, along with lots of water to flush the bromide out. You could also use MgCl, because it is the Cl that you need.

And no, I wouldn't lower my Iodine below 100 mg daily. SSKI gives less detox than Lugols (or Iodoral) by the way, in my experience. So maybe in the beginning just SSKI until the worst of the detox is over. I wouldn't go lower because it would only prolong your suffering AND make it worse! Low dosages of Iodine get the bad stuff moving in your body yet don't supply enough to really deal with it or have any benefits.

If I was in your situation I would also put a LOT of effort in detoxing (as I am doing by the way):
- glutathione (the oral stuff is not supposed to help, but it helps me greatly. Also, you can empty the contents of a capsule under your tongue and let it be absorbed through the membranes. There is also a sublingual tablet, haven't tried that yet though)
- I make my own, what I call, oxygen mix. It has in it:
o NAC (1/4 tsp)
o Creatine (1/4 tsp)
o Citrulin (1/4 tsp)
o ALCAR (1/4 tsp)
o TMG (1/5 tsp)
I mix it into one powder so I can simply take about 1 tsp daily (or more often if I have a bad day). When you take it, it feels as if it cleans your head and body and makes pains go away. Great detox help.

- a very good liver aid is a liver detox product from Now Foods, I take that every day.
- make sure your bowel movements are coming along smoothly. If they're too thick, vitamin C or magnesium to bowel tolerance can help. This is extremely important. The liver dumps toxins into the gallbladder which dumps it into the colon. If these aren't emptied out often enough, things accumulate and could even be re-absorbed. I always feel better after a bowel movement.
- B6 as p5p is very important for detox
- folate (not folic acid) and B12 (methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin) also very important
- my detox became a whole lot easier when I started the fat soluble vitamins (A as retinol, E, D3 and K2 MK7). I take 25.000 IU vit A and 30.000 IU vit D3 and 500 mcg K2 MK7 with vit E daily. They help the liver.
- Make sure you're getting enough protein (with fat and vit A). Proteins are very important for detox.
- Take chlorella to help absorb the toxins in your colon. Take it away from other supplements, otherwise they might be rendered useless (? I'm not sure if this is so, anyone can comment on this?).

I suppose you've already cleaned up your diet. But if not, put some serious attention to that. It helps greatly with detox. Don't think "low fat" or "low protein" though. Stay away from unsaturated fats, they put a big strain on the body. Basically no plant oils except coconut oil, palm oil or olive oil (it has unsaturated fats, but it also contains substances to deal with them). All animal fats are OK. This will leave the glutathione available to do other stuff than fixing the fats. Unsaturated fats cause inflammation (as does too much sugar).

To help digestion you can take 1 tblsp of raw ACV in a big glass of luke warm water. It helps the stomach digest your food. It also helps to trigger the release of enzymes and bile.

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