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My Experience with body odor
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Published: 8 years ago

My Experience with body odor

My experience
I have been a lurker here for close to a year. Thank you to all who share their experiences so that others might benefit and or be encouraged to keep searching. Hope is such an important thing in any difficult circumstance. I hardly know where to start. Like most people here I was came here looking for help after hearing those humiliating comments about “what’s that smell?... smells like s…t in here, smells like booty, fungus, garbage, musty, dirty shoes… you name it. How mortifying and crushing. My initial response was to try cleaning myself even more than usual. Practically walking around with bathing supplies and running off at midday to clean myself up. Wipes, deo, powder you name it I carried it. I bought every type antibacterial soap I could find, tried harsh antiperspirants …everything… till one day I realized whatever this smell was (I couldn't smell it) had nothing to do with my hygiene practices. I was stumped. I then went online seeking answers. I began testing supplements, starting with Nullo, Chlorofresh… the comments continued. As most of you can well imagine it’s been a long walk. I do not know if I am completely out of the woods yet but judging from peoples reactions and looking at some of the changes I’ve noticed on myself, I believe there has been some significant improvement. My ears are still sharply tuned to certain key words and I still watch peoples expressions like a hawk but here’s what seemed to have helped me.
One day last March after hearing more of those comments I was crushed to the point of despair. I cried and was so low I took the day off work.
I came upon this page on the web:
go to the post titled “Try this” by Paul. It seemed so simple, but having reached a point where I had no idea where else to turn I tried it ( Coconut oil …Extra Virgin) and it seems to have reduced the comments, and I have noticed significant changes in me.

Since the post is long I will post more later.


Try this

Posted by Paul on 3 Jul 2012 at 5:24 am

I found this out by complete accident. Virgin Coconut oil. I had an accident in where my leg was broken in several places. Because of the full leg cast I don't take showers every day (however I am at home, so I don't offend everyone). Not wanting to gain weight while being mostly sedentary, I looked into healthier cooking alternatives and found coconut oil helps burn fat, among other healthier things... like anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Anyway, a side effect (MOST suprising!!!) from using on average of about 3 tbls of virgin coconut oil in my diet (thats the ONLY change I made) is that my chronic BO went completely away!

I was shocked, as I had NO idea just that one change would change how I smelled.

In less than one week I was stinky free. I did a bit more research into virgin coconut oil (nobody said anything about the stuff curing BO by the way) and it has some VERY impressive anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties...

the stuff can (in vitro) kill HIV and Herpes virus, while being gentle enough to be used in premature babies formulas (Coconut oil contains hi dosages of Lauric acid- found in large quantities in human breast milk).

At first, I was apprehinsive because it contains Saturated fats- but on further study the fats are mostly Medium Chain Triglicerides that are much easier to digest, stabilize blood Sugar levels and raise HDL levels (the GOOD cholesterol). Anyway- the only logical explanation I can come up with is that the stuff has made some sort of impact on my personal 'BO' chemistry.
Due to its anti-bacterial properties? Perhaps.
I just know my BO is gone, and GOOD riddance!

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