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Image Embedded votes, notes and nuclear blackmail redux - stone reporting
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Published: 7 years ago

votes, notes and nuclear blackmail redux - stone reporting

Nov 4 2014


Your vote will not matter, the secret government will simply force whoever is voted in to be their puppet, or visit the grassy knoll.

Vote all you want, the secret government will not change.

Flashback: Demon spider / Nuclear Blackmail report

Here is the real election issue, and probable reason for America's puppet government

Will Congress bow to Nuclear Blackmail?

Jim Stone, Sep 6 2013 UPDATED Nov 4 2014



A spectacular video covering this topic is Here

Many of my readers have seen my article Nuclear Blackmail, which outlines the mysterious disappearance of helium 3 and the resulting inability of America to detect nuclear weapons moving into the nation through the ports, and also to track them around the country. Because helium 3 is a byproduct of the nuclear weapons industry, there is no reason at all for the lack of it in America, yet this is precisely what has happened - America ran out of it and because nuclear weapons detectors, which look for neutrionos actually consume helium 3 and need to be replenished, they are all now offline and America cannot protect its ports.

The reason for the lack of this isotope of helium can only be by pure intent, with people in key places making sure it somehow vanishes. THAT is how defeated America now is. And I do not believe it happened by accident, the article Nuclear Blackmail pretty much says it all.


Now the big question

Is our Federal government being blackmailed with a nuclear threat from Israel to attack Syria and do Israel's bidding in every other way? Consider this - Never in the history of this nation has the government lacked the support of the people so strongly with any other topic. Even Faux News is reporting that support for the war is hovering around 15 percent, with 85 percent of the people against it. The real number? 91 percent of the American populace is against this war. And if you have a number that high, you can bet that the top 30 to 40 percent are rabidly opposed to this war.


If America really is still a democratic republic, numbers like these are a death sentence to those in office which begs the question: Why are elected leaders never doing the will of the people now?

There is no way the Israeli lobby or any zionist front could ever convince the elected leaders of a nation to act against numbers this strong. I believe that there is a very high probability that the American government is behaving belligerently against the will of the people because it has been placed under threat.

Nuclear Blackmail outlines how Brazil, Germany, Japan, and America have been placed under threat after getting security contracts with the same Mossad front that destroyed Fukushima. The destruction of Fukushima and Japan tsunami was Israeli follow up of a nuclear blackmail threat which a was accomplished by getting gun type nuclear weapons into Fukushima which were poorly disguised as stereoscopic cameras, and nuclear weapons placed in the Japan trench.


Magna BSP's Owl clearly explains how reactor 4 exploded without a core at all while the fuel pool remained intact, which makes reactor 4 Fukushima's building 7


But it's not just nuke cameras that are the issue when it comes to Israel, and it is not just Magna BSP

Sweden is also now under the threat of nuclear blackmail, with it's largest nuclear facility rigged to explode if they do not live up to Israeli threats and it did not even take a nuke camera to accomplish it.

But wait, there is more

With the absense of helium 3 around the world, many nations can no longer protect their ports so a nuclear threat can be brought into any nation now, EXCEPT ISRAEL AND PERHAPS RUSSIA AND CHINA, disguised as any object. And what objects won't ever be tampered with? What objects will be put in place and left there untouched for years? What objects are there around the world that are placed in safe locations that are highly prominent and smack dab in the middle of large government oriented cities, that will never be demolished and take enormous public approval to have moved or removed?


ANSWER: Works of art. You can't have a butt ugly Magna BSP owl put just anywhere but you SURE can have a butt ugly spider.

And the body is not even that of a spider, it looks perfectly shaped to house an implosion nuke. I am not saying these spiders which are popping up everywhere have nukes in them, but I will say they would make prime candidates. First of all, it's an ugly object of dread anyway. Second of all, these are placed in the most prime locations for nuclear weapons to go off. And thirdly, I can't think of any city that would actually want to have an image like this in a highly prominent location, who cares if the artist was famous, these spiders in fact do not really belong anywhere.

"The Mother spider?" Yeah right. Why not instead use a nice looking argiope orb weaver, or something else, even a black widow? Try to identify any spider body parts on that thing other than the legs, it's not even a spider. It is not something made out of respect for anything it is supposed to represent, it is instead a horrendous image of dread and that would work perfect for the psychological aspect of having it be something that could destroy the city around it.

After retrieving these images off the web, I typed "mother spider nuke" into Google, and the entire topic went dead. I do not know if my computers are rigged to trigger Google or what, but I could no longer get pictures, anything related to Burgeois, the locations they were placed, I could get NADA, google totally went blind on the topic of this spider. HMMMMMM. Interesting indeed, and fortunately I had looked into these spiders fairly well before typing that. A smoking gun? Maybe, maybe not, but the main point is that works of art would be prime for concealing a nuclear threat right out in the open, in front of the public.

I wanted to make sure this spider could house a nuke before I mentioned this, and managed to get my hands on a photo shot with a really good SLR. This allowed me to process the photo to bring out the shadow detail and see if you could see up inside the spider through the egg sack. Answer? you can't, it is all sealed off and therefore you could hide a nuke inside.

Once again, I have received no information about these spiders with regard to nukes, I am only saying that their locations, appearances and relative newness are highly suspicious from a perspective of nuclear blackmail and that with the absense of helium 3 and Israel having no moral compass whatsoever, as well as an inability to launch ballistic nukes due to their political location, getting nukes into works of art would be absolutely prime.

I can only hope that bringing up the topic of Nuclear Blackmail will cause Israel to BACK OFF if this is the case. After all, if Americans really are in a position to oust their government via fair elections that are not rigged via totally un accountable electronic voting machines, (which is in doubt but worth mentioning the possibility of), and those same Americans oppose the war 91 - 9, ANY support of this war on Syria amounts to political suicide and makes the prospect of nuclear blackmail all the more probable.


Mini ice age?

It is too early in my opinion to call it a mini ice age, but it is at least definitely colder and snowier than it has ever been in some areas so I will at least call it the death of the global warming mammoth.


South Eastern America is seeing its earliest and deepest snow falls in over 100 years, whilst temperature records have also been broken. The cold spell is drawing predictions of a new mini ice age between at least 2015 and 2035, or possibly for the rest of this century. Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Georgia all saw unexpected snow, in some places up to a foot deep.

The Climatology Office in South Carolina has confirmed that Concord, South Carolina has broken a 125 year record for the earliest snow seen. The office also said that South Carolina has already doubled its annual expected snowfall, over a month and a half before any snow is expected.


They are purging key U.S. military people

Assuming an enemy is in charge of America is pretty easy to do, considering the way things are going. That makes me strongly suspicious of any high ranking military firings, and the recent firing of two high ranking nuclear arsenal commanders does not bode well with me.

As anyone who knows what is going on knows that Obama wants only military commanders who will fire on American citizens and I have long believed that when America gets attacked by nuclear weapons, those weapons will be sent from America's own arsenal. If Obama wants military commanders who will kill Americans, and he has now taken the purge of those who will not to those who control the nuclear weapons it is a serious cause for concern.


A good one to preceed the next post:

Drug makers want immunity from prosecution for damage caused by defective Ebola vaccines

From one of my favorites, According to the World Health Organization (WHO), millions of doses of Ebola vaccine should be ready and available next year. Efficacy trials for two different Ebola vaccines are slated to begin in December. As reported by The Verge:1

"The WHO says that there are no plans to begin a mass vaccination program until at least June 2015, and then only if the growth of the epidemic justifies it."

The vaccine industry has a number of hurdles to conquer before they will stand to make a fortune from an Ebola vaccine however.

For starters, vaccine manufacturers are demanding indemnity against lawsuits that may arise from the use of a fast-tracked Ebola vaccine,2 similar to the indemnity claimed by the United Nations (UN), whose peacekeepers stand accused of causing the cholera outbreak in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the small country.

A lawyer for the US Justice Department recently called for the case to be dismissed, saying the UN is "absolutely immune" to claims of wrongdoing.3 This is the kind of "immunity" vaccine makers want as well, but indemnity might not be quite as easy to get as initially thought in this case.

Read more here

Netanyahoo quote not redacted

There is absolutely no solid evidence out there that Netanyahoo's lunatic ravings and psychiatrist suicide are not real. This is a gray area, and there is some indication that cleanup crews did all they could to muddy the water with this one, and permanently gray it. At any rate, it sure fits. If you do not know what I am talking about, just read yesterday's post, it's a good one.


Israeli company has lots of "Ebola Vaccine" ready to go

From Jewsnews Israeli drug companies, such as Teva, are pretty good at producing imitation drugs quickly. Teva was truly disruptive to big pharma companies, since they often feared blockbuster drugs going off patent as Teva was ready and waiting with a quality generic imitation. It’s not so surprising that what is bad for big pharma is good for the patient and the consumer, and now an Israeli biotech company named Protalix is ready to replenish supplies of the experimental Ebola vaccine, ZMapp.

The disease has already claimed the lives of 3,944, predominantly in Africa, but in the U.S., there has been one casualty and another one infected. The World Health Organization hoped to have a vaccine by November, but even if ZMapp can be available by the target date, supplies will be insufficient to meet requirements. However, the Times of Israel reports that Protalix can step in and produce as much ZMapp as is needed…


How could Protalix suddenly have enough Zmapp for everyone? It is controversial to say the least:

From At the plenary session of this year’s conference on Plant-Based Vaccines, Antibodies, and Pharmaceuticals, in Verona, Italy, all eyes were on Israeli company Protalix Biotherapeutics. In May 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Protalix’s plant-cell-expressed enzyme replacement therapy Elelyso (taliglucerase alfa) for type 1 Gaucher’s disease, which is an orphan disease. Protalix’s approval was another step towards market acceptance and commercial viability for transgenic plant-based drugs and an inflection point in a field that has struggled with regulatory issues and public fears of transgenic plants corrupting the food supply.

“We are the first ever to have a recombinant plant organism approved by the FDA,  says David Aviezer, Ph.D., Protalix president and CEO. “We are the pioneers in the field. On one hand, we are using plant cells. We are not using recombinant plants. There is a real difference between what we are doing and what was being attempted in the 90s. 

My comment: That sounds good, but with the source being Israel, well, what would one think?


I left the following in the comments I (which were dripping with love of Israel save the world goodness) but the holonet will probably vanish it:

Israel is the world's number one producer of ethnic bioweapons designed to trigger plagues without affecting the genotypes most Jews have. They also have a goal of reducing world population to a sustainable level of 500 million. Those two things do not bode well for ANY Israeli "vaccine" which would allow administration of a plague via a well controlled delivery vector, especially when this particular "Ebola" outbreak is dubious, exhibiting absolutely no symptoms of real Ebola and resembling poisonings instead.

Nov 3 2014


Ebola's Real Reason:

"The Jews are on the verge of annihilation at the hands of the racist goyim and the only way to save the day is to carry out one final massacre" - Benjamin Netanyahoo


The above statement, as reported by Michael K. Smith is true, and it says a lot. This was stated by Benjamin Netanyahoo's psychiatrist in 2010, in a diary that was found after Netanyahoo's psychiatrist "committed suicide" because Netanyahoo was such a crazy psychopath it ruined the psychiatrists life. This little reported story (for obvious reasons,) is not a hoax despite what clean up teams are saying now. This is being reported as satire in some locations, but the author, who wrote the greatest story never told claims it is sourced to insider contacts, and never rescinded it. Therefore I am calling it real.

If you were curious about why Israel put so much effort into creating race specific bioweapons, Netanyahoo's insanity is a very plausible reason. And though there are a few people out there making guesses calling his statement a hoax, an extensive search on the topic revealed nothing solid that would confirm that.

And now for the main report -

For starters, I would like to go over the obvious fakery happening in the ziopress with the Ebola crisis, fakery which is happening to trick the "racist goyim" into getting a tainted shot. This "Ebola" outbreak has yet to produce ONE INDIVIDUAL with classic hemorrhagic symptoms that Ebola causes in ALL people who get it. In all cases when people survive a true case of Ebola, the disease is so devastating that they take months to even get up and walk again. If that be the case, I'd like an explanation for the following two photos:


How did cute little NINA go ALL THE WAY through Ebola to perfect in 12 DAYS? Sure looks downtrodden with a usually fatal illness in the hospital! Doctor awful happy to hug her!.


I'll tell you how "Ebola" could have been fatal for that girl - if someone shot her for lying. She will no doubt get her privileged place in the New World Order for fronting that scam!

And why is this scam being fronted? Here is the reason: "The Jews are on the verge of annihilation at the hands of the racist goyim and the only way to save the day is to carry out one final massacre". And that massacre is obviously going to be delivered via a tainted vaccine in the name of a totally phony "Ebola" outbreak. There is no doubt Netanyahoo has no intentions of endangering Jewish lives with a real outbreak running loose in the wild, which is precisely why, as Nana Kwame reported "The only people getting sick with "Ebola" are those who have received injections and treatments from the Red Cross". And with the Red Cross being a Rothschild front, that sure fits

Let's take a look at what was likely in those shots - experimental Israeli ethnic bioweapons developed under the orders of Netanyahoo - this is serious business folks.

I have on several occasions reported on how bacteriophages have been selected to be re-engineered to be used in ethnic bioweapons. And though the T4 phage was later proven to me to have been first observed in 1940, it is still disturbing to see that ALL these modified bacteriophages have a star of david shape. To the left here is a new discovery, a bacteriophage virus that originally attacked only algea which now, when found in the blood of people (how could it possibly get there) causes a loss of intelligence and triggers passive, non aggressive behavior (which would be just perfect for a psychotically paranoid Netanyahoo.) Below is the most revealing part of the abstract, published October 27 of 2014:

Bacteriophages are preferable for "race specific bioweapons" because in their natural place, they are very selective in what they attack

Bacteriophages are so selective that a phage that attacks (for example) Salmonella typhimurium will not attack Salmonella typhi because salmonella typhi does not have the exact precise protein sequences needed for it to hook up with. With normal viruses, (the ones that attack people) the selectivity is nowhere near as precise, and something that infects birds will also infect us.

By using the extreme selectivity bacteriophages are capable of, Netanyahoo and his drones have produced biological weapons that know if you are black, white, blonde haired, brown eyed, blue eyed, whatever, and will only attack precisely what they have been designed to attack. And if this is not the case, HOW THE HECK do we now have a new type of phage, which once only attacked algae now attacking people and making them passive and stupid?

If this is being put into the broader population via a tainted vaccine administered under strict controls, it will explain how people are now coming down with this new brain destroying illness. Phages are also preferable for vaccine administered bioweapons because absent being shot directly into the blood stream they have far greater difficulty infecting people than viruses and bacteria that traditionally have attacked people. Perhaps this is what is in that Gardasil shot?

So in addition to attacking all people and other species, it is now possible to use phages as a weapon that only kills Arabs, Blacks, whites, Chinese, etc, and will not hit the greater Jewish population simply because unless designed to, it cannot get into people via any means other than direct injection because in nature phages are not designed to get through the body's natural barriers to infection.


Now onto the Ebola scam, and why it is being fronted

Netanyahoo's lunatic ravings about killing off the Goy from a high position in a technically capable country like Israel lends strong creedence to the Deagle forecast which states that America will have a 78 percent population reduction by 2025. If Netanyahoo is able to carry out his insanity via a tainted "Ebola" vaccine, that may very well come true. And they tried it before, before the psychiatrist "killed himself" when Baxter shipped a knowingly tainted batch of flu vaccine to Europe, enough to kill most of Europe off if the Czech company Biotest had not caught it:

In Feb 2009, Baxter, a major manufacturer of vaccines, sent the seasonal flu shot to 18 different countries with live unattenuated H5N1 bird flu. When the Czech company Biotest was assigned to test the vaccine on live animals for the Czech government, they realized something was wrong when the test animals died. The alarm went out to all others who had received it, fortunately before it was administered. Upon follow up examination of the vaccine the live virus was revealed, had no one caught Baxter's tainted batch, we would now be in the midst of a pandemic with massive numbers of dead.

Baxter was not prosecuted or punished in any way for this, even though their operational BSL3 (bio safety level 3) protocol would have stopped such contamination from being possible. The safety protocol, combined with the potency and volume of the virus in the shots clearly shows that the contamination was intentional, and that indeed an attempt to kill millions was stopped simply because ONE country paid attention to what it was getting."

This tainted batch confirms that an attempt to "massacre the Goy" has already been made, which makes Netanyahoo's lunatic ravings all the more spooky and probably not satire


The psychological warfare aspect of it all

A lot is being done to front the Ebola scam and give it legs, so much so that yet another "Ebola nurse" Kaci Hickox who worked for the CDC was trained in psychological warfare in 2012 before being deployed in Africa to "work Ebola". So why would the CDC want a nurse trained in psychological warfare? perhaps because she had to, as part of her job, work to convince the victim population that despite there being no symptoms of classic "Ebola" it really was "Ebola" and not some other illness, or perhaps even just formaldehyde poisoned water or formaldehyde laced "vaccines" that were killing people.

Early on, Africans were insisting that this was not Ebola, and that something else was causing these illnesses. Who finally succeeded in shutting them up? Perhaps a girl who was trained to be good at shutting people up while fronting as a nurse. She knows it is fake, which is why she is refusing quarantine.


Now back to that Netanyahoo quote - I have tried to confirm this a hoax, but aside from people guessing and saying it has to be a hoax, there is no solid evidence out there that it is. It was not originally published as satire and was never rescinded or clarified later by the writer. Given the writer's prominence, if it was fake one would think he would have said so after it created such an uproar. Certainly in the greater context of things, it is truly plausible Netanyahoo really is that nuts.

A few closing throw ins, in case you never saw them -

The original Eric Duncan from Liberia really did work for the Peace Corps. He really did get called back within three days of the Texas Ebola story being hatched. Shills hopped on this one, stating vehimently that Peace Corps Eric Duncan was a white guy. But photographs later surfaced with Eric Duncan as a black man attending a Peace Corps dinner, with colors themed after the Ebola psy op, and one question forever remained unanswered by the shills - HOW can TWO Eric Duncans arrive to America via plane FROM LIBERIA within the same three day time frame? It's not like even a thousand people make that trip, how was there such a coincidence? The shillage is weak, and probabilities low. Our Illustrious Ebola Eric is a more than probable Ebola hoax as fake as Nurse Nina. She never had Ebola, simply because Eric Duncan did not have it either.


Shills totally hopped on Nana Kwame, hatching lame story after lame story about him being a failed musician from Chicago, a street punk from LA, etc and when it all boiled out, they full circled to OOPS, he really is in Ghana but he does not own the One Plus One spot. Weak. The bottom line is that Nana Kwame's story is 100 percent legit and as stated, and the shills bit it big time with this one

Another interesting point with all of this is the girl who clearly stated on camera and in context that the man they were reporting as Doctor Spencer was not Doctor Spencer when they showed her a picture, another total bust.

And if you have not seen this youtube video - Cnn's redacted and censored "Inside Liberia's Ebola Crisis" where obvious actors fake Ebola, it is a must watch, the kid at 1:00 is precious.

Bottom line? They are scamming Ebola. Israel has created some really wicked bioweapons, and Netanyahoo is likely to be crazy enough to make it all go. Only a fool would go along with the Ebola plan, it is as fake as fruit loops and the real question is: WHY are they so desperate? Ebola scares people like no other illness out there, yet they still pulled a fraud so poor only a fool would get a shot. And when one considers Netanyahoo's mental state, which even if the statement above ends up being satire, cannot be a whole lot better anyway there is serious cause for alarm.

The following appeared in Haaretz (Israeli newspaper.) Coming Monday - Netenyahoo's confirmed insanity, Ebola, and culling the herd.


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