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Mom and 2 kids need help--feel like we're infested with worms
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Published: 9 years ago

Mom and 2 kids need help--feel like we're infested with worms

I need some advice. I need help for me and my 2 young children who I think we all have parasitic worms and I am getting no help from the medical community and we are all getting sicker, not better.

First, some background:
I started having some episodes of itching after I ate several months ago. Last year I was found to have systemic candida, leaky gut, and some unknown parasite infection (metaetrix and genova diagnostics). I went through treatment for 6 months and felt much better. Labs were still abnormal, but more due to malapsorption, and the candida and parasite infection were suppossed to be cleared up. The itching seemed to start after I tried to re-introduce some foods (soy and raw Sugar and honey). I assumed it was candida again and went back on the no Sugar and continued with the Elimination Diet (no sugar, no gluten, dairy, soy, or processed foods). I did probiotica, fish oil, vitamins, supplements, essential oils. I continued to have yeast overgrowth and the itching. I took parafree for awhile and started a Colon Cleanse and it seemed to get under control.

I have twin almost 5 year olds. My daughter has had chronic constipation since she was 18 months. I had finally gotten it under control in March after switching to a naturopath. I changed her diet to gluten free dairy free and no Sugar or processed foods and added homeopathic magnesium to her diet. We got her down to 1/2 capful of miralax maintenance to keep it soft. Prior to this, it took 4 full capfuls to get her to poop and frequent clean outs. An xray showed it was totally impacted and there was no space in her colon. After 3 clean outs, her bowel was still not empty, but she was going. We made those changes and it was a night and day difference unless she had gluten or dairy, then she would get constipated again. But I could get her to go by increasing the Miralax and doing a clean out if needed. But then suddenly she started getting constipated for no reason, not due to changes in diet, just because. She would get blocked and I would have to do an enema to get her to go. This was happening every week. The doctors were not concerned and just said to go up on miralax.

My son never really had issues with bathroom. But he started to look a little sickly, and was getting very tired, and pale with circles under his eyes. Then at the dentist they said he had 2 severe cavities and had worn the enamel off his teeth from grinding. (I never heard him grind, he sucks his thumb, but he would bite on everything, esp his shirt). The dentist had to put him on a very potent dose of Antibiotic due to an abscess.

So I decided to do a good Colon Cleanse for all of us. I knew I was having issues bc of the itching, and thought it would help my daughter with the poop stuff to get clean, and my son to clean him out after the anti-biotic. The only Colon Cleanse I could find for kids was Para-gone. I decided to try para-gone as well since I had done the colon cleanse previously and I wanted to make sure there was nothing else in my system.

We were 2 weeks into the cleanse and we all had stuff moving in the toilet that looked like Tapeworm segments. Then we got a Zyto Scan done and all 3 of us scanned for what indicated parasitic worms. I started finding what looked like the "cysts" all over the house, in the bathroom, stuck to the walls, around their bed. I cleaned and cleaned. I called the pediatrician and took in a stool sample and some of the "cysts". She called me back and said that it looked like nothing and she was not concerned. The next weekend, she started crying that she was in pain (very unlike her). I also started to have this sensation of things in my nose, and i was finding what i thought were hard clear worms in my nose. I also was finding this white rice like stuff in my mouth that I would just spit out (I think i must have inhaled stuff when cleaning, because this happened again later). I went to the doctor with her, and the doctor basically told me i was having delusions. He did order ova/ parasite test which was negative. We kept going with cleanse and their stool finally seemed clean. But mine wasnt. then i started to have more itching that intensified and I started finding this white ball stuff all over me. what seemed like were pimples popping up all over had this hard white stuff that would sometimes pop out. I had added essential oils to my shampoo and soap. After I would get out, I would have this burning sensation and sharp pinprick sensation, then a white ball would show up or a red mark in my skin that either looked like a red blood blister, a pimple, or a papercut. but the balls were falling more and more. And the itching that I used to have only after I ate which used to me only around my waist/stomach area was now happening more often and was now itching my legs, arms, upper back, and feet. Then the sensation became more of a crawling sensation literally walking up and down my body from head to toe. I started to have swelling in my joints. I would feel pain and suddenly my hands would tighten and swell, and then a few minutes later the swelling would go away. then it progressed to feeling like there was movement swimming in my body in addition to crawling. It moved to my face, which is what threw me over the edge. I feel my eyes feel like they are swelling, and my mouth twitches. I have the sensation of crawling under my eye lids and its horrible. I have been crying constantly because of how awful I feel. I have spider like red marks all over my body and at my eye lids. I swear it looks like there is a worm on my eye lid and at my scalp but my ex-husband said it is just my veins. But my kids are sick now to, and they are getting that spider vein like rash. and my daughter cant go to the bathroom again. I went to urgent care today and they said that it was just a "feeling" and was not real, (i acknowledged that it might not really be something under my skin but i think there is something wrong for me to be feeling this way). I left with a prescription for ativan.

I had finished the 2nd round of paragone the other day, but needed to start something else because of how terrible i felt. I decided to try a coffee enema tonight and I passed what seems to be a variety of things. I thought i saw tapeworm/tapeworm segments and some other things.

Can someone please tell me what this might be (tapeworm, round worm, hookworm?), if you have experienced this and what you did? Can a worm really move in my bloodstream like this? I am at a loss and I dont know what else to do.

I also feel like my chest gets tight, my heart skips a beat. My face now has lines all in it. Like scars or total loss of elasticity. (I previously had perfect, beautiful skin.).

Please help. Thank you.


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