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Re: Mom and 2 kids need help--feel like we're infested with worms
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Mom and 2 kids need help--feel like we're infested with worms

OK thank you :) I have no pets, but my ex has bearded dragons. I have asked him to please get them checked but he refused. I found a place online that you can send worms or stool for your pets and they will test it, I contacted them to see if they can help me to identify what is coming off my skin (and my kids) and out of my nose. If it is coming from the lizards, I want to know. I am not as worried about the other things I am finding, but these ones on my skin are so painful that it literally burns. I did look on that forum and read about Strongyloides. The things I am finding now strongly resembles that and looks like some of the pictures.

I live in southeast virginia by the beach. We have mosquitos and a lot of flies. I have killed all the bugs in the house using DE. I am planning on flea bombing the house just to make sure I got everything. We use all natural for the most part for soaps, etc. I recently started using either distilled or reverse osmosis water as I started to be concerned with the water quality. There are no filters in the house. I rent, and I dont know what the renters may or may not have done before me. I moved her in march.

I did think that some of this was due to mold that was in the air conditioner. My kids got a respiratory infection after using it. My son developed uticaria (hives) for no reason except for the heat and it several days then just stopped. It was only after going from air conditioning to heat. My daughter developed it for 1 day very mildly. Again, dont know if that had to do with mold in the AC unit, I did have someone check to make sure the mold was not toxic and it was not. We got rid of the unit and went to a dehumidifier. They seemed to get better. There is nothing else I can think of around here, but I am open to ideas. We do live by the beach, so my kids and I would go swimming in the bay quite frequently. We belonged to the YMCA for swimming, but did not go often, but I know that can be a source of contamination as well.

I agree that there are likely 2 different things I am dealing with. After completing the first part of the cleanse I felt pretty good. Then most of the GI symptoms went away, then these ones came out with a vengeance.

Under the skin now I can actually see the tracks being made, so I am thinking it might not be environmental. I did get checked for lice, and I asked the Dr about scabies, but they said no for both.

I am just so scared for my kids. In general, I am not panicing (I have my moments). But for the most part, I really dont feel well. The burning sensation, the crawling under the skin is awful. Doing Enemas really is the only thing that gives me relief. But I cant do that with my kids. It is traumatizing when I have to do it to my daughter to get her to poop. Getting either of them to take medications is not fun either.

In general, my kids have been very healthy. Common cold/respiratory. Each have only been on Antibiotic once (her) and twice (him) ever. We use a lot of supplements to boost immunity but that was not really until last year when I got sick. My immune system was shot then, but its better now. Part of me wonders if this is residual for the parasite infection I had last year but I had no symptoms that I knew of. (outward, mine were all internal/GI related). And I didnt have anything funky, just sick. But I felt 100% awesome when I was done treatment. so I dont know.

I will go back and look through their threads, thank you.

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