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You Criticize those who Disagree with you
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Published: 10 years ago
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You Criticize those who Disagree with you


"Yes, I do criticize snake oil salesmen, especially the one's who don't disclaim that they use steriods. You find those kind of people acceptable?"

Have no evidence that they are snake oil salesmen, they are actually helping people.  YOU have no evidence that Mark Scisson uses steroids.  Again more criticism without any PROOF.  More of the typical Natway.

"Tell me, why is it mostly the Paleo orientated people who are the one's selling tons of supplements and not the people who advocate a low-fat/plant-based diet? That doesn't bode well for your diet."

There are suppliments sold from EVERY type of field in regards to diet.  Its not mostly paleo... if anything its mostly vegan suppliments.  Go to your local healthfood store and what do you see... herbs, plants, oils, tinctures.  Do you see meat suppliments, the answer is NEVER!  Where do you get this information from?  Do you just think something and then put it out as fact... your opinion is not FACT!  Again more of the the same from Natway.

"I showed you evidence about the ex-vegans here all under-ate, including Paleo-queen Denise Minger. Don't blame me because you are so biased towards your Paleo diet that you refuse to accept the evidence, even when Ms. Minger said on her own blog that "I was not eating nearly enough".

It wasn't AT ALL evidence.  Do I need to post the dialogue between myself and yourself to show the non evidence that you claim as evidence.  I have no problem doing that.  She had MALNOURISHMENT which was discovered by REAL DOCTORS.  Which was resolved when she went PALEO.  But again, more of the same from Natway.

"Remember in your PM's to me where you basically said I have cult-like behavior, concepts are difficult for me to grasp, the credibility of my character is in question, and told me enough lies? Do those fall into the criticize and insult as frequently as possible category?"

What I am doing is not generating insults, what I am doing is calling a spade a spade.  See the problem is you do all the things I am saying, and then I expose it. Then you claim to be the victim when I expose you, and its all by your own hand.

The reason I say you have a cult like behavior is because when Denise Minger and others left veganism for paleo, and got well.  You attacked them.  Thats what cults do, they attack the people that leave.  

See I actually look forward to speaking with someone who doesn't agree with paleo and has excellent reasons as to why... and can proove it.  Not so I can debate them, but so that I can learn from them.  But with you there is nothing to learn.




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