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Yes you are lying still
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Published: 10 years ago
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Yes you are lying still


First off... let me congratulate you on your first decent rebuttal.  

"And the Kenyan runners are not eating a lot of animal protein or their protein ratio would be a lot higher than 10.1%. The bulk of their diet is corn, rice, and plain ol refined White Sugar . Any of that stuff Paleo?!"

Very good, however it still doesn't take away from the fact that they are eating lots of meat and milk during the week.  So its not paleo, and its not vegan.  But since it clearly has meat and dairy, it becomes an omnivore diet, which means it leans more towards Paleo.  Also Paleo doesn't mean the bulk of the diet comes from animal protein, paleo means to eat like our ancestors did.  Sometimes they ate lots of meat, sometimes they ate lots of fruit, sometimes they ate lots of veggies.  The point isn't the percentage of meat they ate, but the fact they ate it.  A person is only a vegan as long as they don't eat animal proteins in their diet, once they do... they become a vegetarian or meat eater.

"Sigh. Let me set you straight. 80-10-10 is a macronutrient ratio, just like 40-30-30 that's promoted by the Zone diet. Just because one vegan, Doug Graham, calls his particular raw diet "80-10-10" doesn't mean the definition of 80-10-10 has changed to exclusively mean a raw vegan diet, just like eating a 40-30-30 ratio doesn't necessarily mean you're following the Zone diet as you can eat that ratio as a vegan."

Look its quite very clear that 801010 is not just "macronutrient ratio", when it is sourced from raw veganism.  When you say 801010, you are implying veganism... PERIOD!!!   You made a good point for high endurance athletes winning by eating lots of carbs, but you also implied they were eating vegan by calling it 801010 which they aren't.  You keep saying 801010 is winning, but its not.  801010 is NOT! winning.  If you said "High Carb low fat Omnivore" is winning then I would buy your argument.  But again you like distort the facts.

Doug Graham even says it himself about the term:

"'80-10-10' is a caloro-nutrient ratio. It's about consuming more than 80% of your calories from carbs and less than 10% of your calories from protein and fat. '80-10-10' may not be strictly, closed-in and defined in such a way that only the 'elite' can follow it."

It doesn't matter what Doug Graham says about it.  801010 is associated with raw food veganism.  Do a google search of 801010 and see if you find on the first page anything saying that 801010 is omnivore.  

"So I'm not lying. You're just making yourself look like a fool with your ignorance and what seems like a deep hatred of some sorts towards vegans. "

Yes you are still lying, you just wont admit it.  Its not my hating vegans that is going on here.  When I keep on exposing that 801010 is vegan, its not me attacking vegans.  Its me exposing all your lies and the flaws in your arguements.  Then when I do this you say that I am attacking vegans, and play the victim.  This is a liberal tactic these days, IE: if you insult the president or his policies you are clearly a racist. I have lots of vegan buddhist friends, never have I attacked any of them.  The only thing I keep on doing is blowing apart your arguements and exposing you, and it upsets you.

But here is the thing Natway... your not clever, you think you are.. but your not.  You think everyone doesn't see through your attempts to snow ball people, but they do.


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