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Am I one step closer to healing leaky gut?
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Published: 7 years ago

Am I one step closer to healing leaky gut?

I am a 26 years old male. I've had leaky gut syndrome from loads of Antibiotics I took after two surgeries I had 1.5 years ago and 8 months ago. I also had two surgeries when I was a child, so I've had 4 surgeries with general anesthesia/ Antibiotics in total.

Some symptoms I had initially are cold feet, adrenal fatigue, hair loss, increased sensitivity/allergic reaction to certain food, eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis , and pityriasis rosea. I had no idea Antibiotics would bring such a havoc to my body.

Because of leaky gut, I thought I had candida overgrowth. I searched web for a solution and started taking coconut oil, probiotics, a little bit of fermented food, and L-glutamine. At first, I took probiotics that was not soil based, which had minimal (maybe 0) effect on my body.

About 4 weeks ago (1st week of Nov.), I started taking Prescript Assist and lots of organic sauerkraut. When I started this protocol initially, I felt miserable. I had constant stomach discomfort, headache, dizziness, and drowsiness. I couldn't focus at all. This went on for at least a week or so. Also, my hair loss accelerated in this time period. I was losing about 40 strands of hair per day before taking PA, but after I started new regimen, I lost at least 100+ strands daily. Adrenal fatigue worsened even though I was not playing with yourself, spanking the monkey the entire time (supposedly help with AF).

I pressed on and kept taking PA and more fermented food (non-spicy kimchi, aka white kimchi). I also bought another probiotics that had loads of L. and B. strains. Additionally, I started taking 2000 iu of vitamin D. By end of week 2 (before 3rd week of Nov.), I was not experiencing any more die off symptoms. PA did not give me the initial discomfort I experienced previously. However, I still had no energy and felt depressed quite often. Also, my hair loss was just as bad as week 1.

Starting week 3 (3rd week of Nov.) I added 4mg of vitamin C, upped PA to 2 pills, and upped vitamin D dosage to 5000 iu. I was off work and enjoyed homemade food from my parents. Unfortunately, AF did not subside and I felt tired most of the time. One good thing was that I got a blood test done for my vitamin D, ferritin, and vitamin B12 levels. The result was as expected, which I am going to share below.

In end of week 4, I received my blood test result from the lab. As expected, my vitamin B12 and ferritin levels were normal, but vitamin D level was low (22.4 ng/mL). Because I was supplementing with vitamin D for at least 3 weeks, that implied that my starting point was even lower! So I started taking 10,000 iu of vitamin D about 3 days ago. I also added vitamin K2 and diatomaceous earth to my protocol.

It's been only 3 days since I started taking vitamin K and D together. The result is fabulous. I am feeling wide awake for the first time after two recent surgeries. I am still taking 2 capsules of PA along with 1 capsule of Pro-15 probiotic. I get no discomfort from PA. Other symptoms that have subsided are cold feet, sensitivity to cold, and minor slow down of hair loss. Maybe these are the signals that show I am almost done with die off. I really hope that is the case.

One thing that worries me is that I get some kind of minor burning sensation in my throat, which I believe is GERD. Perhaps this is due to vitamin K because I had a similar reaction when I took vitamin K a while ago. GERD does not happen all the time, but I will keep my eyes on vit K.

I am getting additional blood test done at the end of this week to understand last bits of the puzzle. Any feedback, comment, or questions are welcome.


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