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Re: do i smell? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: do i smell? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!

Hey, this is actually the first time I'm posting on a blog, but I have the same exact problem as you and I just felt like it would be good to share some info.

First of all what you're experiencing is EXACTLY what is happening to myself. I would make sure I use antibacterial body wash in the shower, use deodorant, check my clothing to see if it was fresh and still within the time I get to school (one hour), I would see people rub their nose or sniff when I'm around them. One clear thing I noticed is that when I raise my underarm it would be more common. Im not sure if this is the case for you, but its clear to me that my odor seems to be coming from my underarms. Try to find out if the source of the odor is from your underarms or not. I did use an antiperspirant for my underarms but it actually mad me smell WORSE in the long run. I feel like it even may be the cause of this whole thing so I suggest not to fall for antiperspirant ads. It has aluminum in it, which Im assuming is the cause of this. I went through many deodorants and unfortunately have not found any to be successful.

One time, while I was using an all natural deodorant (Jungle-Man Deodorant) it was working for a good 3 months, but the tables turned on me. I was with a group of friends and one of my friends said I smelled really bad! It was pretty embarrassing and I had anxiety the entire time we were hanging out. So I realized that even natural deodorants weren't helping me out. Based on your post and what I am going through its safe to say that you do in fact smell. I have tried all external sources of smells(cologne,deodorant,shampoo, hair spray) to try and prevent it but it just doesn't seem to be working. I've even heard a co-worker mutter under his breath "omg, it smells like SHIT!" right behind me. It was at a party and yes the anxiety kicked in and of course people were constantly rubbing their noses. I left the party shortly after. I also suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) so it gets worse with that. I am definitely not looking forward to the summer months and I actually never have for the longest time. I know what you're going through so just know that there is someone else out there who suffers with you.

I am currently I'm trying a diet to work more on the inside of my body and see if that works. It is mostly a high veggie and fruit diet with the addition of chlorophyll pills and Odor Cleanse pills by Yerba Prima (it is a mushroom extract pill). Im also trying to drink lots of green tea, and black tea with lots of lemon and lime. Citrus supposedly helps alot. (sidenote: I did try lemon/lime for my underarms and it didnt work, but maybe it will for you)So like I said before, Im going for the internal approach.

One more thing I want to mention since Im talking about more internal problems is TMAU. You can look it up on google, but its basically a rare "disease" that makes you smell fishy. Not sure if this is the case for me since it is pretty rare, but I have looked into everything Body Odor related since this has literally ruined my life. There's also some random articles I found about high sulfur consumption which causes a rotten egg smell when eaten. Off the top of my head I can think of one food that contains high sulfur which is broccoli! Yea what a bummer, since its really healthy for you, but I made a switch to spinach and kale. For meats I stick with tilapia and chicken breast.

Anyways, sorry for the rant, but it just feels good to talk (type) about it and let all this out. I never really mentioned this to anyone. Good luck! Please let me know if there are any solutions that worked for you.

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