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Re: DRAMATIC Onset of Symptoms
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: DRAMATIC Onset of Symptoms

"I did not take any supplements that night. The only one I did take back then was a GNC MegaMan Multi."

== That contains 25mg of Alpha lipoic acid--ALA. You really should learn about it. It is a highly touted antioxidant and very well regarded for those with diabetes; however, it is a very powerful chelator of mercury (Hg)! Many doctors are not aware of that.

== ALA has two SH/thiol groups, a form of sulfur that is like a mercury magnet. Notice that DHLA has two of them to better grab Hg.

== In contrast cysteine ( NAC) has only one SH group and so cannot hold on tightly. It will just move Hg around and make it more likely that Hg from parts of the body that are not very vulnerable to it will find organs that are quite vulnerable--brain, thyroid, adrenals, liver, etc.

== the blood brain barrier (bbb) protects the brain from the most common form of Hg in the body, inorganic Hg. However ALA can move inorganic Hg across the bbb. However in a person that still has silver Amalgam fillings (50% mercury) ALA in saliva will pull Hg from Amalgam and make it more likely to be absorbed. Those who still have exposure to Hg have it in the blood. ALA does not hold onto Hg extremely tightly. It is more likely to find some of that Hg and move it into the brain. The mice in this study that received Hg and ALA ended up excreting more Hg than control mice but they also ended up with *more* Hg in the brain and organs! Andrew Cutler, PhD Chemistry, author and detox consultant explains more here.

"I just checked my amalgams, they look perfectly fine (no chunks missing)."

== that just reduces the surface area but there is still plenty of surface are for ALA to use to kick up Hg.

As far as detox phases and all that (stuff I am very ignorant in) what do you think about the Methylated B6-Folate-B12 and NAC the doc has me on?

== The Bs are excellent, especially for some people. Hg fouls up a methylation related enzyme, methionine synthase, and so by taking more Bs your body has a better chance to make more normal amounts of the very important chemical SAMe, etc.

== Some people do well with NAC and others are sensitive to it. I don't have time to get into it but it is commonly discussed in the Yahoo detox groups.

== When I was at your stage of the process I was looking for the safest effective detox method. I ended up choosing Cutler's protocol over Haley's new OSR that was still available at the time. Early on I decided to avoid IV. I've done well with the most serious of my problems and many minor ones too. Life isn't perfect but it is better and my future does not have the big clouds over it from the more serious problems.

== If you use ALA *after* your blood stream has been cleared of Hg, LA will more likely go into the brain without Hg attached, find some there and bring it out. Cutler addresses the basics in this 30min audio interview--#96

== You might check out the recovery story of this scientist

== I followed the case of this guy and his wife in a detox group. This is a fairly common experience in the detox groups.

== There are lots of reports from people who used ALA while Amalgam was still present or shortly after and had a major setback. A close female friend is one. She had to go on hydrocortisone--HC because she was emotionally melting down. Her intellect was messed up. She was a mess for a while. Thankfully I noticed the ALA in a new formulation of her multi. After a year or so of Cutler detox she was close to being back to where she started although she is still on low dose HC.

This is what I have in my notes from detox group members who reported setbacks from ALA.

Inappropriate use of ALA. Sometimes it takes a while for the effects of inappropriate use of chelators to be obvious to adults, let alone autistic kids. These are some examples from adults, some of whom actually had gains in some areas initially but then realized damage was being done, usually to the brain as Hg levels likely increased.
-300 mg ALA, 2x/day. "...improvements in peripheral neuropathy ...then developed worse neurological symptoms…”
-ALA 300mg. Teen in psych hospital w/ suicidal thoughts. Cutler comments on how the inappropriate use might be causing or contributing to the problem.
-300mg ALA 2x/day, while I still had amalgams....from really-sick-but-functioning to completely disabled, in just 6 months
- 20mg ALA in the weeks after amalgam removal. "...has given me the worst severe burning brain for 2 days straight, along with extreme burning muscle pain and weakness all over."
- 100 mg ALA in a multivitamin for 10 days. "...caused me to feel anxious, weak, fatigue. My head is held captive
to these heavy metals. I want my own brain back so I can think and function..."
- ALA 600 mg 3x a day + NAC 1200mg x 2 a day. "... have severe ringing in my ears, brain fog, funny taste in mouth , headaches, blurred vision, memory problems and having difficulty functioning...stopped 8 days ago ...but it did not go away-- also head aches..."
-R-Lipoate w/ hidden amalgam //
...I took close to 200 different powerful herbs, and nutraceuticals including R-lipoate. It was at the end of that 5 month period, that I begin to get severe jaw pain around the rotten tooth ( the one that I did not know had an Amalgam in it). It was around this time that I essentially had chronic fatigue and anterograde amnesia set in. It was a profound, rapid, failure of my health, I went from ...going to college full time, to just being debilitated.
-200mg in B Complex w/ amalgam present. "I had daily headaches.... I had the weirdest tingling sensation in my face going EXACTLY from the tooth ... up into my cheekbone."

== While I cannot be certain this is what is happening to you, it is consistent with what I've heard from quite a few people. Even after years of detox myself, I'm still fairly sensitive to ALA. Some people are more sensitive to it than others.

== Good luck in your search for leads.

== Joe

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