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It's All In Your Head
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Published: 7 years ago
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It's All In Your Head

Hearing a blatantly irresponsible statement such as, "...the cause. It is subconscious and conscious emotional distress." MAKES ME PUKE!!!

A long-time very close middle aged female friend suffered for decades from PTSD. Yes, she had a troubling childhood, was a victim of a violent crime as a teen and was essentially disabled with PTSD, etc.

For decades she admirably sought counselors, doctors, spiritual directors, attended support groups, etc. She was quite fortunate to have the financial resources to do that and also live a lifestyle that most would consider very low stress. However she made only modest progress with the PTSD.

After being in the yahoo heavy metal detox groups for months for my lead toxicity problem I kept seeing reports from members, especially females, with my friend's symptom cluster. I kept hearing about the importance of adrenal support but I was clueless about its importance or role.

She dug up an old hair test from when her health was at its worst--#368 at this site with 1000+ hair tests and symptoms lists from the detox groups.

According to the theory by PhD chemist, author and detox consultant, Andrew Cutler, the test suggested that mercury as well as adrenal insufficiency were involved. An early version of the theory is in this discussion with a noted autism doctor.

Her mood related symptom cluster was surprisingly similar to the description in Cutler's book Amalgam Illness.

So she started on a list of supplements that Cutler suggests for people who have her symptoms due to mercury. In addition to a basic set of antioxidants, magnesium, etc she added:

GABA (also the related amino acid glutamine) was amazing. It kicks in within an hour.

Pregnenolone, the grandmother of the steroid adrenal cortex hormones, was also amazing in a matter of a day or so.

She was able to think more clearly in stressful situations. She would rarely melt down. Her tendency to zone-out and "disassociate" in very stressful situations flat-out disappeared! It was amazing.

To make the history more disgusting, for over ten years she had been going to an HMO endocrinologist for thyroid medication with modest benefit. Endocrinologists are the doctors for adrenals, yet he did nothing for her list of damn hypo adrenal symptoms as long as her arm!!!

I got her to a functional medicine doctor for hormone balancing. Sure enough her 4x saliva cortisol test reported low cortisol almost all of the day. Her blood pregnenolone was borderline low even though she had been taking 20mg per day.

The doctor added additional pregnenolone which kicked in nicely, also very low dose hydrocortisone and related supplements. Some hormone creams were also added--progesterone, testosterone and and later estrogen.

She is almost a different person.

She still has a counselor, uses meditation/prayer/spiritual practices, goes to support groups weekly and reads related books. She finds all of these to be helpful. I'm not at all discouraging anyone from using these! However she also had some combination of physiological problems causing or contributing to her symptoms.

If a person has tried reasonable attempts to self regulate mood with little success, maybe your body has some type of chemistry problem whereby it cannot make normal levels of needed chemicals--hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. Maybe your liver and detox system are not able to get rid of normal body toxins and external toxins at a normal rate. Maybe your brain is not regulating hormones properly.

At some point doesn't it make sense to consider these possible problems?!

The great pioneer in mercury free dentistry, Dr Hal Huggins, has a fairly well known book in alternative medicine circles entitled, Its All in Your Head. He once wrote a somewhat humorous article on this topic as it relates to chronic fatigue.

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