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I think I have had adrenal fatigue for about 4 years, does this sound right? Thyroid issues too. 23 year old man.
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Published: 7 years ago

I think I have had adrenal fatigue for about 4 years, does this sound right? Thyroid issues too. 23 year old man.

Hi, new to this site.

I've been unwell for the past 4 years maybe even more but I really noticed a massive decrease in my ability to function properly around 4 years ago when starting a new job.

Symptoms - After reading up about adrenal fatigue these symptoms seem to fit; If you don't want to read all the details just read the first bit in capitals

1. Constant fatigue and lack of energy - everything even brushing my teeth seems like a challenge.

2. Intolerance to stress - Everything seems stressful, the smallest argument or mildly stressful task will make me feel like I have " crashed" I get a feeling of an adrenaline rush, go red in the face, sometimes get itchy all over and feel very anxious followed by a state of even less energy.

3. Bad anxiety - in general about everything and also social anxiety. I feel anxiety being out in public, like something bad is going to happen. I feel like I want to get out of there and go home. After a while I adjust a bit but it is very bad. Having a conversation with someone - even someone I know produces anxiety.

4. Depression - I don't enjoy things I used to, I feel like I need alcohol, sex etc.. to feel good (but often avoid these things now.) I feel apathetic and num to pleasure, I feel as though I can only feel negative emotions. I occasionally feel really depressed and hopeless and like I want everything to end.

5. Reliance on stimulants - sugar, caffeine etc..
I often need about 4 teaspoons of coffee a day to function enough to do basic things. I have slowly quit before but feel more depressed, have less energy and feel indescribably bad sometimes.

6. Loss of libido - I'm a 23 year old guy.

8. Digestive problems - similar to IBS, constipation, gas/bloating, stomach pains.

9. Muscle and joint aches and pains - for no reason. Can get worse if I do too much exercise and I have slow recovery.

10. Loss of confidence and loss of self esteem - Has been gradually broken down after years of feeling like this

11. Symptoms of OCD - about health and appearance, far too self-concious and worry about everything

12. Widespread pain- similar to mild fibromyalgia - random pains and increased pain sensitivity. Get worse the worse I sleep.

13. Greatly increased sensitivity to cold and heat -
especially to the cold.

14. Inability to relax, focus or concentrate

15. Poor memory and brain fog. Greatly reduced cognitive function, slow thinking

16. Look very tired, droopy eyes, dark circles, look a bit puffy in the face

17. Prostatitis symptoms and increased urination frequency - always had some prostate issues though - most likely chronic tension prostatitis - but made worse by stress

18. Bizarre symptoms such as;
- feeling ithcy randomly
- difficulty and discomfort when swallowing food and water
- Heart palpitations, chest pains
- energy crashes after big meals and feeling faint
- carpal tunnel and nerve pains

19. Sleep issues - difficulty getting to sleep, sometimes wake up during night - more frequent when stressed.

20. Feeling unrefreshed after sleep

21. Feel like death if I get less then 6 hours sleep - all symtpoms get worse - especially lack of energy and fibroymalgia.

I could probably drag the list on but that covers the bulk of symptoms I have been experiencing over the past 4 years - some of them longer such as fatigue and anxiety.

A couple of things;

1. I have had a blood test and there was nothing unusual except somewhat elevated white blood cells

2.I got told I had hypothyroidism - my tsh was 6 at it's worse
I wasn't tested for t3. t4 etc..

However - I have been taking thyroxine for a while, my tsh is now around 2 if not lower now and I have felt no improvement.

I have done three tests for adrenal fatigue;

1. Sergent's Adrenal White Line - the white line turned red almost straight away - although I have heard this is only present in 40% of people with adrenal fatigue

2. Iris Contraction Test - my pupils stayed contracted a little bit and then kept dilating and contracting repeatedly

3.Postural Hypotension. This is the one that really confuses me. I feel dizzy and light headed when standing up but when measuring with a blood pressure monitor on the upper arm at home, I find that my blood pressure usually elevates by 10-15 systolic. My blood pressure in general seems random being as high as 140/70 on occasions and as low as 105/57 at other times.

I wonder if caffeine has any impact on this? As it causes your adrenal glands to work harder.


On a couple of occasions I have managed to get really good quality sleep ( when less stressed) - 10 hours or more - very early at night - 9pm onwards and when I've managed to do this for a week or so consistently and cut out caffeine, I feel almost back to normal - lots more energy, litte anxiety, euphoria etc.. However I know I am still not 100%.

This leads to me to think sleep deprivation is the problem as I know the adrenals take a long time to recover back to this sort of level.

However I really feel as though adrenal fatigue describes me perfectly and I know that sleep helps repair the adrenal glands and reduce stress - but it is very difficult to get good quality sleep with adrenal fatigue.

I also know that adrenal fatigue can cause secondary hypothryoidism which is what I believe is going on.

I would really appreciate any input, thanks.

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