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PICS: Black Tea & Ginger Solution for Eye/Sinus Parasites
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Published: 7 years ago

PICS: Black Tea & Ginger Solution for Eye/Sinus Parasites

I’m convinced there are parasites in my sinuses and behind my eyeball. Does anyone know what kind these are????


I’ve been dealing with an eye issue for the past 3? years.  I thought it was simple allergies at first but when no medications helped I started seeking specialists. I’ve gone to numerous eye and ENT doctors, and in the end all my tests results come back normal. No problems that they can see. So they all end up referring me back to an allergist.

 Basically, my left inner eyelid swells and there is constant stringy discharge that constantly comes out. It’s not really painful, but after the years it’s really bothersome and honestly I just want my eye to look normal again.  Often times, there is a dull ache in my left sinus and it was closed – I couldn’t breathe out of it so save my life. The eyeball felt constant pressure to the point I would wake up with headaches and it would trigger a migraine. It’s only in one eye and it can swell pretty bad (the pic below was on a good day.) I always felt like I had “something in my eyes and nose.” The feeling of fullness and swelling would never go away.  The “allergies” stayed no matter what medication I tried, what time of year so I tried other things:  I changed my make-up . . . changed household cleaners . . . . .moved to a different city . . . .changed apartments. NOTHING worked!! . . . . .The doctors said it was allergies. Over the years, I stopped believing that because it was only a localized area of problems and no medications/solutions helped. I was convinced it was not allergies and started reading more about natural health solutions. With time I learned about parasites and began detoxes and cleanses to clear them out of my system. I became convinced I had some sort of bugger in my eye.

I learned about the power of black tea and ginger for killing parasites. I made my own mix at home, put in my eye and nose and lo and behold!!! ALL KINDS of weird crap started coming out of my eye . . .There’s definitely parasites in there. Here’s a few pics, good examples of what is coming out of my eye when I blow my nose.


Here’s how I did it:

Boil black tea in distilled water

Pour into a small container/vial (I bought a 99 cents travel vial the store)

Cut 5-6 small pieces of ginger (shave off outer skin)

Pour black tea and small pieces of ginger into container

Once it cools, with an eyedropper, put 2-3 drops in eye.

Because my problems were in my sinus as well, I put 4-5 drops in my nose. Then I bent over holding my left nostril down so that the mix would be forced into my sinus cavity. (If you stay standing up, it just goes down your throat and never hits the little buggers).  I did this in the morning and at night.


Being honest, my eyelid still swells. I think I need a more thorough cleanse like Humanworm to be really effective. But a WHOLE LOT of crap comes out every day so I know it’s effective . . .Plus my eye almost down to it’s normal size. The best part of all – I don’t have anymore “allergy symptoms”!!! No pressure in sinus cavity, no headaches. No feeling of something in my nose and eyes. Before, I couldn’t breathe out of my left nostril for almost 2 years. Now it’s free and clear.

Does anyone know what these parasites could be??? I would really appreciate any input. Hopefully this mixture helps someone else out conquer these little unwanted pains in ass. 


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