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Re: Pinguecula --let's talk about it!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Pinguecula --let's talk about it!

Hi GoAwayPterygium,

Please know I'm not a naturopath or a doctor, but it's been my understanding in research that pinguecula and pterygium are separate conditions. I've been trying to understand whether pinguecula is caused by irritation, or by liver weakness, or maybe by a mix of both. A recent response from user healthybliss tells me pinguecula could be liver-linked: //

I do believe anything can be healed with nutrition, even pinguecula and pterygium. It may take longer than we want, as the holistic approach usually does. But if you're treating the root source of something versus topically (creams, ointments, surgeries), you're going to get closer to nipping it in the bud. Not to say there's not a time or place for Western medicine or surgery. I can't say I'm jumping at the idea of surgery because I've read the horror stories for pinguecula surgeries and recurrence (as well as pterygium), but in terms of Western medicine I do use Retaine eye drops because the homeopathic ones don't seem to work for moisturizing and redness.

The approach I'm taking at the moment with the pinguecula to hopefully help my body dissolve it is eating a clean anti-inflammatory diet. For some this means vegan, for some it's more of a mediterranean or low-glycemic paleo-esque type thing. I'm taking whole food supplements such as lots of vitamin c, omega 3's, liver herbs (milk thistle) and curcumin. Staying hydrated, sleeping well, avoiding alcohol entirely (this my sound extreme for some), sleeping with an eye mask and humidifier and no ceiling fan to dry the eyes, and avoiding excessive caffeine and salt (all though salt is not completely avoided, you need some). I find this helps avoid "inflammation episodes" where the stupid thing stays red for a week, not sure if it's a similar experience the case of pterygium.

I have read a little on pterygium and apple cider vinegar. I have also read about castor oil. I would approach that with caution because I've read about eye infections, but I also wouldn't take a store employee's advice for scripture. Especially when they're not experiencing what you're experiencing. It can be frustrating getting advice from someone who hasn't done the same research as you have. The ACV and castor oil sounded promising and maybe even worth a try, but it's also a topical treatment to supplement the concept of healing your body from the inside out with nutrition and lifestyle changes. I will say I did try Colloidal Silver for a bit, but I found that it stung (the anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect). When I found out it was an anti-viral I wasn't convinced that this topical treatment would help an abnormal tissue growth and/or liver-type issue.

As a final note, I've been reading about extended Water Fasting to heal the body. As a disclaimer, I'm not advocating this without careful research and supervision nor have I tried it myself yet. But I became curious about it after reading this post:

(scroll down to the comments where the poster talks about his pinguecula reducing after a water fast)

Interesting, right? I also found interesting information about the healing properties of Water Fasting on this site:

If you think about it, when an animal is sick they don't eat. This goes against our knowledge of "nourishing the body" when sick. I've read about Water Fasting shrinking tumors and growths... so why not pinguecula and pterygium? Not to mention, water fasting is very much in line with many faithsómine being Christianity. Why not combine the spiritual and physical benefits? Again, be informed and look into having a doctor supervise you.

Sorry that was long, but wanted to share my research and experience despite the fact that I'm not a professional. I'm sure there will be differing opinions galore, but this is where I'm at in my journey. Hope it helps.

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