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Connection between hair loss and fatigue
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Published: 6 years ago

Connection between hair loss and fatigue

Hi, I am 27 and what some would consider reasonably healthy. For the most part, I have generally felt the same most of my life - someone who is fairly passive and shy for the most part, and also someone who has found myself annoyed and irritated at minor things.
I have always been lanky framed and appear very skinny, but have a bit of body fat on me, particularly the stomach.

i am suspectible to stress, and when I was just 20 I fell victim to pericarditis due to this. Since that point I have lost quite a bit of hair, all in a diffuse pattern, it has been very continual, getting thinner and thinner for the last 6-7 years, but perhaps not overly noticeable til 3-4 years ago.

In addition to this constant feeling of redness and itching on my scalp, plus a constant feeling of never being able to fully relax (even when doing yoga), I feel very fatigued. When I go to work I wake up around 630 after 7 hours sleep (very rarely deep sleep), eat a healthy breakfast with some herbal supplements but still feel tired. I never can recover from this while at work, and still feel fatigued (note I have a sit down desk office job)

I drink 2-2.5 litres of water per day, walk maybe 6-7kms per day at a brisk pace. I used to do intense exercise once a week (weights/interval training) up until a year ago in addition to this. Still, I felt largely the same way. When exercising, including running, I am of half decent fitness, aerobically when compared to other people I train with, so the pericarditis hasn't really affected me long term.

Also, as if the hair loss wasn't bad enough, in the last 1-2 years I've been getting a lot of grey hairs, yes, in my mid 20s. I often feel very depressed and listless and feel like giving up, not just due to these cosmetic factors though, due to my whole feeling of fatigue.

I also have issues with digestion I feel, randomly I may feel heartburn even after eating healthy, pure stuff or even drinking WATER ffs. This is attested to by the fact that my stomach is pretty bloated, especially on my lean frame.

Prior to any of these adult problems, I had Acne as a teenager, which didn't really get under control until about 21-22. Still, I have what looks to be drier skin nowadays, which makes me look older. Oh, I also have a blue vein under my eye which has gotten more noticeable in the last couple of years.

So in a nutshell, am wondering what the problems with me are able to be solved by are? Did I just have an unfortunate run with genetics? Why are others who appear to be in the same situation as me job wise, manage to look and act more vital and never fatigued, and never have hair loss/premature greys etc? Do I need to do more pro active stuff to relieve stress? Why can't I just feel content (which is what I want to do)?

I have tried megadoses of probiotics such as VSL3 which don't seem to have worked in the past, though I only tried for a month. Are probiotics the solution if I keep at it for a few months or just indefinitely?

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