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Candida or not? Acne & Exfoliative Cheilitis connection?
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Published: 9 years ago

Candida or not? Acne & Exfoliative Cheilitis connection?

Alright, here goes. Long story inbound!

Basically, I had Exfoliative Cheilitis (E.C) for approximately 6 years now. It all started back when I was 15, out of a sudden my lips were really really dry and I kept peeling them non-stop. I had no idea what caused it then, but I believed it was caused by Accutane (I'm still unsure of the timeline, whether I had E.C. first or I took Accutane first). After a long struggle, I thought I found my cure when I chance upon Vaseline. It was a temporary relief for 1 year, where I would smear a lot of Vaseline every night before I sleep and peel the dead skin off in the shower the next morning.

However, I had to do this every night or else by the following night it would start to dry and crack. However there was a drawback for this, my lips looked really red and swollen which I believe was not normal (I can't really recall how my lips looked properly.) After 2 years, I finally decided that this can't go on, it's not normal for the lips to peel everyday. Therefore, I decided to go in search for a cure. Doctors after doctors, dermatologists after dermatologists, I was prescribed cortisone, steroid creams, aloe vera gel which were all useless. They just make my lips easier to peel in the shower. During this time, I was occasionally on Accutane (1 round, not sure the dosage but it was branded Nimegen) and Doxycycline for my acne. I'm not sure whether the Antibiotics worsened my E.C. but it was already bad to start off with.

During the more recent years, my Acne started to aggravate. Where it used to be just on my face in the past, the past 2 years (I didn't take any Accutane/Doxycycline since 2013) it started to grow INSIDE my nose, at the nostril areas. Big or small. Scalp Acne was also common, so is chest/neck/ears. I'm not exactly sure what caused it, but I believe it was due to the high sugar/junk food I was taking. Normally after a day of fast food (McDonalds, coca-cola, etc) I will have extremely oily face and really bad Acne everywhere, especially on my scalp and inside my nose. I noticed when I ate "cleaner" food such as veggies, no soft drinks, they would tone down slightly. However, acne is still a common thing in my life and has made me de-socialize with people.

Recently, I chanced upon the "leaky gut syndrome" which brought me into this Candida diet. I have been on a "paleo diet" but I have cheated many times due to my cravings for refined carbohydrates and sugar. I have taking the questionnaire test and I have fall under the severe category, although I'm not so sure whether it's the case or not. I also intend to do the Liver Cleanse but I'm still not ready yet.

What I have done so far is keep my diet clean, but sometimes when I cheat is where my angry acne comes back again.

I have been taking several supplements so far. They seem to be improving my lips slightly (slower build-up, lighter peels).

NOW Candida Support Supplement
NOW Capryllic Acid
Hyper-15 Probiotics (3x a day)
Vitamin C

and I have been on a colon cleansing regime but I have been lazy recently.

So I would like to ask you fellow members,

Can anyone comment and chip in with some suggestions?
Do I really have candida and is it the root cause of my acne/E.C.?
Will I be cured on a solid candida diet?
What food should I specifically avoid? (I'm Asian and my staple food is rice, although I switched to brown rice)

If there are any other information you would like to provided me with kindly do so. Thank you!

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