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Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!
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Published: 8 years ago

Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!

I need help desperately...I'm going on my 2nd year of Andres Mortiz Liver/Gallbladder cleanses. The first 6 months were nothing short of amazing. I felt absolutely great! Then I started to drag. Each flush pushed a ton of stones out, but to no avail. I always got stuck stones and felt really crappy afterwards. This went on for a year. Each flush I feel great relief for about 1 or 2 days then I get hit hard as a new stone gets stuck. It immediately halts my detox and makes matters so miserable for me.

Now this has happened for the last year and my last cleanse I got out only a few stones, but just after I became very sick. I got a huge headache that an enema did not cure and felt extremely toxic. I really felt like I might have given myself brain damage my head hurt so much. Anyways, it has been a month since my last cleanse and I'm in desperate need. I still feel toxic even though every bit of energy I have has gone into detoxing. My eyesight which was becoming super human is now very very poor. My concentration is non-existance. My energy is gone. I feel like I'm on death's door while emotionally I'm already dead. I have weird out of body feelings almost like I don't even belong. I cannot keep track of my thoughts nor do I really care to. I have so much, but I really just do not care anymore. I just want to feel better, but my body won't let me. I am dead inside and nothing I do is helping. No sauna. No exercise. No healthy eating. No heavy metal chelators. Nothing! Is this a detox or have I really screwed something up? Can I have liver damage? If so, what do I do? I'm not jaundice or anything and my urine samples are very normal. I've completely lost my sex drive and just all interest in anything sex related. I'm only 27. I've lost interest in everything except healing myself. I feel like I'm at the crossroad of either; get better or else I will have a very short life.

Anyways, I can handle the fatigue and general ill feeling, its the uncureable brain-fog that is killing me. I literally feel brain dead, no joke. I used to be a very very smart individual, now I cannot think clearly for more than 2 minutes. It sucks and I'm wondering if I can reverse it.

Right now, I feel pain in my liver/gallbladder. From the past the pain is similar to a stuck stone because I do feel it move during certain times especially when I eat and sometimes it goes away until I feel another stone from deep in my liver move into the old ones place. I know that doing a cleanse would help relieve the pain or even taking epsoms salt, but I'm scared that this might do more damage to my liver if I haven't already. Or maybe I have some sort of imbalance due to excessive epsoms salt, though I drink fresh carrot and apple juice daily.

Any help or insight would be great! I think I really need to cleanse, but just don't want to end up in the hospital especially if I'm only going through a huge detox. On a side note, about 2 cleanses ago I got thee biggest stone to date out. This thing was huge and long. Almost like a baby carrot or cucumber, but def. a stone. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with how I feel because that was 2 cleanse ago almost a month and a half now.

I've tried about everything in the book to get better so I'm out of ideas. Also, I want to ask if there is any hope for me getting my IQ back. It was once in the 130's now I honestly feel like it is in the 90's, not even kidding. I have no memory whatsoever and it scares the shit out of me.


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