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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!

You are a life savior and a mentor. I cannot thank you enough for the boost of confidence. You have been spot on in every way and your Liver Flushing wisdom is infinite ;-)

I have done just what you said right after I read your post.

I've purchased some Gold Coin Grass and plan on using some when it gets in. What is your supplier? I had trouble finding choices of Gold Coin Grass...also how much do you sip on per day? How many drops per glass of water etc, etc...I've been having all sorts of reactions to any supplements lately. I recently had a weird reaction to chocolate a few weeks ago. I am not allergic to anything, but showed signs of a severe reaction leading me to believe I am extremely congested (as I feel).

I took a tablespoon of Epsom Salt and that day was incredible just like you said. I felt a lot of movement and a relief of pressure. I also noticed that night a very bright white circle ball sunken in my feces. I put on some gloves and went digging (I know gross, but I was curious). Anyways, what I found was a pebble sized perfect circle that was semi-hard. I wish I took a picture, but I'm pretty sure it was a calcium stone. It was almost perfectly white but not rock hard. It resembled nothing I had ever eaten in a long time. It actually looked like Kix cereal ( After analyzing it for a few minute I then began to squeeze it in my two fingers. It crushed and in the inside were small little circle nodules and somewhat porous. It was very interesting. Perhaps I had more stones like this, but maybe they sunk too quickly for me to see.

I also spent the entire weekend eating very clean and a lot of salads and grains (mainly quinoa and oats). This flushed out my system rather quickly and I began to feel much better. I am limiting the amount of fat I eat right now to give my gallbladder a rest. I think I will do this for about a week then see how it feels. The pain in my hip as moved to my buttocks/quad and is very sore. I cannot remember any injury to these sites, but I have had my fair share of bruises playing competitive soccer, surfing, and skateboarding. Hopefully it is a retracing symptom.

My skin currently looks very radiant. It is on the contrary to how I feel, but externally I look healthier than ever. My hair is thick and shinny, my skin is beautiful and loosing wrinkles everyday, my muscle tone is well defined, my body fat is non-existent. Change is happening, but not gracefully. I keep having weird flashbacks and almost like hallucinations. I start seeing objects that aren't really there, but only for a short moment. My memory, while very poor at the moment (used to be photographic), is resurrecting all sorts of garbage from my past. Not like I had a troubled childhood, but just uncomfortable moments and feelings I haven't felt in a long long time (age 10-12). All very very weird stuff. It has made me anxious and scared to hell. I feel like I'm staring death straight in the eye sometimes. Like quick flashbacks of my life then quick clarity of what I did wrong and right then a sense of I may not be here tomorrow, then I weep a bit, then I regain somewhat normalcy, but super freaked out. Even just this morning I had about 3 nightmares (something I have not had since a child), all of which I can hardly recall, but left me emotionally unstable. I am usually a very stable person and was at one point in my life 5 years ago (before I came down with Chronic EBV) a very very healthy person who could easily run 5 minute miles.

I feel as if I am on a continual trip. I've never taken any hard drugs, but I tell you I can imagine it is something to this effect and for me it has lasted the last 4 weeks. A living nightmare...

Sometimes I really do feel as if I will not make it through this, while others I feel very confident.

It is a gigantic rollercoaster ride of detox, I think/hope?!?

All in all, I feel very scared, very alone (except for you Heavensky), and very niave about what is going on. It seems no one around me has the slightest clue, I can only hope that this is a normal deep deep detox. It seems Western Medicine does not believe in detox so they are of no help and I have yet to find any Naturopaths in my area. I do not know when I will cleanse next due to the fact that I am scared as hell, though it seems this is the only way out of my current situation.

So I stay here and hang on dearly to words of advice. It seems to be working out. All I can ask now is how long will this last? It was tolerable before, but now is just down right frightening.



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