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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!

Hi Kyle,

I buy gold coin grass from The owner of the company is a chemist who suffered from severe complications due to bile duct congestion for ten years until discovering the flush process. She then used her chemistry background and combined it with her knowledge of Chinese medicine to create the most powerful stone breaker she could. Gold Coin Grass is a Chinese medicine which she combined with alcohol so it would be delivered straight to the liver. I am going on a bus trip across Canada next week to see my Grandma for a while before she passes on, which is right down the road from Sensible Health - I am going to stop in there for a few hours to meet with the owner and pick up a shipment.

Although the directions recommend using fairly small quantities using a dropper, I just pour it straight into my warm water and lemon juice without measuring to add approximately a tablespoon or two, and I have some at least four or five times per day. I have never experienced any negative side effects from it, aside from the slight buzz it can give you before bed. I can literally feel the congestion breaking up and more bile flowing through. Since starting on it, most of my congestion has been coming out in crushed form.

As for the pain in your hip, have you had an ultrasound? Don't be afraid to use conventional medicine for it's scanning equipment. I live in Canada, so that's all free - I use conventional medicine to serve my own healing protocols in natural medicine. I highly recommend having that pain checked out, because although it is very uncommon, congestion can lead to infections or growths within the bile ducts of either the liver or gallbladder.

As for the mental and emotional nightmares you have been experiencing: there are three things happening.

The first is all of the emotions in their chemical and hormone form dispensed from the endocrine system get caught up and accumulate behind this congestion, so when you carry out a flush, they are released and some recirculate, causing you to re-experience feelings, thoughts and behaviors you once did at the time they were initially dispensed.

The second thing that is happening is because the liver is so highly connected to the nervous system and responsible for so many psychological processes, the surgery-like activity happening there during this process causes it to be very emotional and moody. The liver is by far, the most emotional organ in the body. Almost every flusher reports feelings of emotional sensitivity and often bursts out crying for no apparent reason.

The third thing that is happening is the emotional retention within your subconscious mind is being triggered by the first two circumstances. The subconscious mind is just like the liver in the sense that it needs to be maintained and cleaned out every so often. The human system is identical to that of a computer; it has a hard drive that saves software programs (survival responses), and unless they are deleted, they just keep accumulating.

When we were kids, we dramatized everything, so all of those dramatic beliefs and emotions we generated are still on the hard drive, and get re-triggered to the surface during times that either remind us of the experiences that initially generated them or when chemicals and hormones recirculate that were involved in those initial experiences.

Unless we flush all of those out under hypnosis, they will continue to be re-triggered and brought to the surface during adulthood. We actually go into a hypnotic trance every day trying to clean this stuff off our hard drive, but never succeed because we don't understand how to use this natural tool given to us to do so called hypnotherapy.

The reason I got into natural health in the first place and started studying to become an ND was because I was diagnosed with extreme anxiety and Depression at the age of 18. I struggled to survive for about six years, until I discovered that hypnotherapy, which was right under my nose the entire time was not only a solution, but the only answer to my disorder. Almost every case of Depression and anxiety is simply a result of hard drive overload and simply vanishes after cleaning off all of these old emotions that have accumulated and turned stagnant. Brain chemistry is an exact reflection of the subconscious mind, so as the subconscious is cleaned off, dopamine production steadily increases. As you continue to go into trance (doesn't have to be deep), bring up these old emotions and resolve them during hypnosis, you begin to see clearer and clearer, until you reach the point that you are so excited about life that it becomes impossible to be bothered or effected by circumstance. Everything becomes a reason to laugh and motivate you, rather than break you down.

I have cleaned off almost everything from my subconscious with two hypnotherapists I met, and the results are just incredible. I have never felt so clear, happy and free in my life. One of the hypnotherapists I use is Gail Raborn who offers sessions over the phone, which is equally as powerful and gives you the benefit of the privacy of your own home. ( By cleaning off your hard drive, the chemical, hormonal and physical fluctuations you experience during flushing become absolutely minimal.

People often underestimate the body-mind relationship as well. Emotional retention actually causes organs and muscles to remain tense and ready for fight or flight. This also keeps the endocrine system pumping out extremely toxic amounts of acidic survival responses. This keeps the body in a revved up, panicked state, making it a lot harder for the body to keep the energy it needs for healing purposes.

How many flushes in total have you completed?

Also, have you ever done a coffee enema?

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