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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Liver Cleanse: Desperate for Help!

Those feelings that you get; the vibrations of music being picked up clearly and being sensed throughout your body during the few days or a week after flushing is just a small taste of what it's going to be like every day when you're done flushing - but it will be magnified ten fold. By the time you're done, you'll be able to enjoy any artist and any song that has ever been played.

The nervous system is made up of electrical circuits and impulses that pick up vibrations from everything.

Many things happen that suppress the nervous system when congestion is present;

-The energy meridians running through the liver get blocked off, and get pent up in the liver. Certain emotions that are generated within the liver like anger as a result of congestion can't flow through the energy system and dissipate, so it just builds and builds and causes massive havoc on the organ.

-Brain chemistry is an exact reflection of the energy system. This was proven to me when I went to an 'energy psychologist'. We didn't even do any psychological work - he stimulated energy flow by removing blockages throughout the system by manipulating the meridian points. I felt so alive and happy that all of the hair on my body stood on end and serotonin production was so high that I felt as if I had banged off a seven gram crack rock with Charlie Sheen.

-Neurotransmitters are required for proper brain chemistry; when toxicity backs up, congests the lymphatic system and interstitial fluid between cells, the neurotransmitters sending messages between each are compromised or disrupted. Most neurotransmitters are made up of enzymes as well that then need to be sacrificed to help carry this waste out of the system instead of act maintain the nervous system and brain function.

-Lack of bile storage and stagnation dramatically effects brain chemistry; for some reason, when bile storage has been compromised from bile duct congestion, the brain reflects this in the form of Depression and just general suppression of the nervous system. This is why people who have their gallbladder removed have higher rates of depression. The brain will also lower dopamine production when bile has turned stagnant, due to blocked elimination channels and not being able to be renewed regularly.

-Bile back-washing in the bloodstream causes a "bilious" (bile-ous) / angry personality. The body tells us what's happening, especially to it's most cherished organ by becoming emotional when it's not able to do what it needs to. When bile back-washes into the bloodstream, the body becomes very angry, frustrated and depressed. It is impossible to enjoy music and feel the positive vibrations of it when the body is on a different frequency range, involving 4th dimensional emotions that involve survival responses, like anger. I have noticed that when the bile ducts are completely clear of congestion, it is almost impossible to get angry or frustrated. 95% of people's daily frustrations are caused by this, yet 95% of the population would probably call this quackery - too bad for them. The laws of nature, like the law of gravity remain in place whether if you abide by them or not.

Once all congestion is removed, and the nervous system is able to function at it's prime, you will fee like you are literally one with nature, and will be able to smell and feel everything in the most pure and positive way.

You will be absolutely amazed at how you feel once you've complete the process or get to the stage where I am at now. Every time you flush, you will notice that your perception of life has changed, and it's become similar to how you felt as a kid - you were excited about everything.

The funny thing is that when you do become completely re-awoken, things actually become much less boring. You realize that even just having a cup of tea with your grandma can be exciting and so many things are actually happening. No matter what job you have, or where you go, you will MAKE it interesting. You will end up having a blast anywhere you work, and with whoever you meet ... but the extra energy and sense of success you will have will naturally attract better things in all ways - you will become so in tuned with everybody's emotions that you'll be able to land any job you want just by the way you tune in and talk to the owner. You'll find yourself talking about things in such depth, and you didn't even really study it all that much. Your brain will work like a computer, and your body will be in-tuned with how everyone feels around you, which is the recipe for success.

If you have less knowledge in a certain field but have 100% accurate emotional intelligence, you will go way further than someone with all the knowledge in the world but can't tune into the people around him.

After you complete the flush process, you should try some hypnotherapy. It tunes you in even more, and in so little time. It's ten times more powerful than most people will ever imagine. By doing a 'hard drive cleaning' of 'cookies and cache and history', you completely wake up to what is actually a happening in this moment .. and it just blows your mind.

It gives you an entirely new perspective, trust and respect for nature. Everything was designed perfectly and you'll want to live to 150 if you can.

I started a program that will be done by next winter called 'The Happiness Refreshment Program', which includes the Liver Flush and hypnotherapy. By combining the two, a person becomes unstoppable.

As for gold Coin Grass, I think you may notice most of the results over-night. When I have some before bed, I always wake up feeling less congested and more clarity.

If you haven't seen it yet, pick up or rent yourself a copy of 'The Peaceful Warrior' - it has everything to do with what you brought up about coming out of a coma and waking up to realize how much is actually going on in any given situation. It's a great inspiration and motivational film for anyone going through the flush process!

Keep me updated on how the GCG works out,


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