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Time for a Progress Report
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Published: 6 years ago

Time for a Progress Report

Funny Monkey Picture is at bottom if you do not want to read this mess.

For a while now I have been waking up this time of the morning with a roaring rushing of water sensation in my head and a sense of sheer panic and I have to get up and walk around for it to go away. A couple of months ago I started taking a thyroid supplement recommended by a natural health consultant who took my temperature and said my thyroid was screwed up. No shit sherlock. I have been working on getting rid of the cold hands and feet for ten years with Iodine and I am down to cold fingers and toes. So I bought the supplement and took it.

Shortly there after the water rushing sensation got much worse and I started having symptoms that were consistent with Grave's disease. I had to get off the thyroid substance because my thyroid gland went over active. Then I started looking for something to calm the thyroid. I found out about lithium and started taking a thyroid calming herbal blend with Bugleweed in it by Herb Pharm.

I began to feel much better during the day. But I would still wake up with the sensation of water in my head and severe anxiety and panic if I forgot to take bugleweed before going to bed. I started reading about bugleweed and discovered it can be helpful in certain types of thyroid cancers that cause a chronic cough and pain in the breast. I have both. And they have both gotten better since I started taking bugleweed. So then I started reading all about thyroid cancers and one of them interferes with the assimilation of calcium in the body. I have a severe calcium assimilation problem. Boron causes me to have salivary stones. I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia. I have lumpy gums. I have been trying to figure out why my body doesn't use calcium properly. I crave milk.

I am trying to remember and take the bugleweed before bedtime, but it is hard to remember. That has been my experience every time I try to do a deep cleanse with herbs. My memory gets really messed up. I cannot remember if I have taken a dose and horrible paralyzing fear of over dosing and all kinds of weird stuff happens to prevent me from being regular with the dose and the amount.

I used to think I needed to be in a hospital with people to monitor my meds to do this. But now I just do the best I can because I had a boyfriend for a while who wanted to help. But I didn't trust him. I stop trusting anyone and start thinking they are trying to kill me and they want me dead. I probably wouldn't even take a dose if somebody else gave it to me.

For the past few nights I have been able to remember. And I started putting a few drops of clarkia and bloodroot in with it. I began waking up with a sore throat thinking I was catching something. This morning I had the sore throat and it felt like one of those little wormy things was on my tongue that always die off with bloodroot. Only this one was c shaped and about half an inch long instead of straight, wiggly and 3/4 inch long. I pulled it off and another one surfaced. I began to feel elated and hopeful. The queen of England flashed in my mind and she had an astonished look on her face. WTF was she doing in my consciousness?!?!?!

I do not feel that sense of water in my head and hear a rushing noise this morning. I do not feel any anxiety!!!! But my ears are ringing very loudly, so this must be putting stress on my kidneys. Please please please say a prayer for me. Sometimes I have been "close" before and I start peeing foam and have weird horrifying dreams. I once dreamed I was being put in a sterile prison where people had no faces and tiny little pitch forks the size of acupuncture needles are pricking me and the pain was terrible.

I woke up about an hour ago very thirsty. Got up and drank a pretty stout dose of clarkia, bloodroot, and thyroid calming herbs. Holy moly. I just started itching. My face has been itching for days, but now my arms and my scalp are itching too. I think I am about to achieve a new level of wellness. Something is coming out of me that never should have been in me in the first place. I feel elated. I hope you enjoy the funny monkey picture and it makes you laugh. Laugher is good. Disease hates laughter. I know so because laughter makes me cough. My body starts eradicating the disease in my lung by making me cough when I laugh.

Here is the funny monkey picture:

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