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B12 supp needs Folate and Potassium or things could get bad
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Published: 6 years ago
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B12 supp needs Folate and Potassium or things could get bad

Hey agaian!

Joe, I can't urge you enough to look into this Freddd and his protocol.  I have learned an immense amount about why I have yo-yo'd over the last year and a half, when doing everything "right".  Low and behold a lot of it is turning out to be my own misunderstanding about how powerful b12 is and NOT titrating it with other nutrients like folate and potassium. 

I would take these huge amounts of b12s right out of the bottle and crash for days and weeks and I never made the connection because b12 is supposed to be "good" especially for vegans or vegetarians like me.  Well now I know and I am amazed.

Even my husband who seems invincible at times took a large dose, 5000mg, last Wednesday, and then again Friday.  Freddd says if you feel some kind of reaction, then you desparately need b12.  Well my husband said he felt no reaction after Wed's dose and that he would try again Fri.

Truthfully, most people feel a reaction but they don't make the connection that it is the b12 for some reason.  Freddd calls these "start up" reactions.

Well, Fri my husband had a few beers after a volunteer event he did that day, no big deal.  He never gets hung over, or even phased by alcohol. That afternoon when he came home, I hardly recognized him.  He was pale, and zombie like, hardly said a word and went to bed at 8.  I was worried, I had never seen him like that.  Saturday, it continued.  I asked him over and over what happened, he was brain dead, couldn't do anything, talk, etc.  Just wanted to be left alone, This is very strange behaviour for him.

Finally Sunday morning, he started to come out of it a little bit and we talked again trying to figure out what had happened.  Then he told me he had taken the b12 Friday, and it was a like a light went off in my head.  He was potassium deficient after that and then drinking a few beers! 

Freddd cautions over and over regarding the potassium and folate and says that both things get burned up very very fast when initiating b12.  I immediately got him to take a potassium tablet, then another in 15 mintues.  He started to feel and look and talk normally.  He conitnued with some folate and more potassium an hour or so later.  By afternoon, I had my husband back, he was talkative, and actually more intelligent and interested in life than normal with is color back, he looked better than ever. It was remarkable.

I will never forget this lesson and started taking more potassium myself for the protocol, because even though I eat tons of bananas throughout the day, believe it or not, the potassium pills cleared up my own brain fog that has been coming and going on the b12 protocol.

I hope this gives you some food for thought:)  B12 is helping so many on the CFS forum pheonix rising, and that's where you can find Freddd's info.  I'll link you to a document that breaks the protocol down, but isn't written by Freddd.  He knows his stuff about b12, thank God I found it!

Have a great one!



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