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108 questions posed to mh in 2010.. #28-36
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Published: 6 years ago

108 questions posed to mh in 2010.. #28-36

I almost missed this one, didn't see it posted for some reason:
Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #4 of 12. Questions 28-36

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

28. Jock itch. What causes it and is there anything that can be applied externally to assist in its removal while one is detoxing?...

“Itch is caused by various germs or bacteria trying to clean the body through the pores of the skin (instead of through the kidneys and the bowels) resulting in formation of pustules or rashes accompanied by intense itching. I would suggest bathing 1 hour each night along with using Spray I or II as needed day and night. If it were a bad case, then I would take the Liver Itch tonic 1 tablespoon morning and night for up to a total of 4 bottles if need be.”

29. I realize that products claiming they KILL TAPEWORMS, in fact products claiming they KILL anything are TOXIC DRUG LIKE products or they are simply BS-ing to make a sale. What then do these dead herbs assist with, so that the body can start to get back on track properly?...

“Dead herbs supply plant chemicals and minerals that the liver /blood makes use of for bodily functions….almost always in a cleansing fashion; because the human body will expel all the plant material once it has used it. While man made toxic chemicals may be accumulated and stored as a method to stop the chemicals from poisoning the body…often being stored in the liver and the lymph glands and basically all fat storage. Some herbs may come in contact with worms / bacteria and be absorbed by them and cause their death…but the real action is when the liver / blood breaks down these herbal minerals and the blood makes direct use and then the enhanced blood is more capable of protecting the human body. ALL parasites that can hide form our blood; are the bad ones! These can hind in tumors, lymph glands, outside the skin and the ones that can hind in the pancreas and brain seem to be really bad; but the king of badness are the worms & bacteria that live inside dead teeth, dead bone and between all dental materials and as well inside scar tissue. The unreachable parasites have freedom to breed and fill the human body with billions of their eggs and the day the Immune System can’t defend the body these eggs will enter and hatch in hours and start consuming the flesh. This is why all dental work must be done properly and all humans need to take a daily anti-parasite herbal aid”.

30. We humans are judged with every thought and action and receive our punishment instantly every day. In the same manner, we are rewarded with every step forward to accepting God. Why is this step so hard for so many?...

“Possession is 95% the law. The thieves all know once they have broken and entered and made off, there is a 95% chance they will never be caught. The same goes with humans, with every anti-God act they do in life, they have invited evil spirits to enter and take control of the Body…..the bible type monks tried to explain you can have 666+ such demons or just floating human spirits that wonder this earth seeking to enter a warm body. The old medical authors suggested these demons flow in the wind like hungry Lions just waiting their turn to enter and possess you! Once in, they don’t want to leave and they will torment you all your days…they are the voices that prompt humans to do evil acts against Nature. They are forever seeking total control. They gain control when people consume any poisonous substance…..authors suggest they fill your bedrooms waiting for you to sleep, etc……just like parasites, they are there, always waiting… all humans have such problems….
William Branham, Paul and just about every faith healer in history seen all disease, all inflictions as demon passions……and they had the faith to remove these demons at will and the people would receive new eyes, new bones, new flesh, could be brought back to life once dead, etc., etc….Branham would heal entire cities when he was feeling the best or was known to heal the worse 200 cases in each town, etc….Paul was treated like a God when he traveled city to city healing the masses….some of the best authors believe the Pope stole some of Paul’s history to create his jesus stories. If you compare the 2 you can tell they both were the same man and if you come across the history of Paul that was saved from the pope’s burning of world history, then you will read a very amazing story. Note also; William Branham was visited by 2 being through out his adult life…so much, his children seen them often….these 2 were PAUL and GOD… ask your self, if Branham and his kids were telling the truth; why would Paul be visiting Branham and not Jesus? Why would God visit Branham and not send his son Jesus? The free masons tell us why, because the first Pope created the new testament jesus in an attempt to rob Paul of his history and create the pope forgiveness slave system that set off the last 2,000 year cycle of this earth…the times of NOAH when evil rules the day and all the good people have left earth to be destroyed by the rocks from hell. Today the catholic system goes by over 2,000 sister Christian names and for 2,000 years these catholic people have slaughtered all non Catholics in the name of jesus. Look at all the crap the pope added to the Bible that makes no sense what so ever; some biblical authors have found over 3,000 mistakes in the common Bibles and man kind is always making new bibles and having them patenened……which is so stupid….the bible history is a accumulation of MONK type religion and health explanations. God needs no book, God is in all living things, with out God all matter would simply decompose and return to space…all matter is nothing more than compressed SUN RADIATION with the spirit of God within it so it can “LIVE”… Thus God has it all under 100% his total control and that is why William Branham believed 100% in predestination.

31. Why do you say that any use of a needle on the human body is wrong?...

“A needle penetrates the skin. The skin is the only protection for all invaders. By passing the skin allows direct poison to enter the blood stream and shock the human body. An IV for example is a HUGE amount of direct poison that forces the blood stream to defend its self”. Most of my life I had zero problems with a needle; once I started living better; all needles made be sick instantly. This was usually always from giving a blood sample, because I quit getting shots over 30 years ago. When the needle entered by blood vessels I would turn white and feel like passing out. I assume this was a defense against the invading needle taking out my blood. My blood was trying to repair the hole made by the toxic metal needle.”

32. Can a human ever say they are unjustly ill?...

“ NO, not if they understand how the relatives created their less than normal body. Not if they realize how their kind has polluted this earth. Not if they understand the life cycles of the earth. Nature is just. Every action requires a reaction. We are the results of the past 35,000 years or some may say, we are at the end of school and when school is out, this earth surface will be cleansed of all human life in preparedness for the next class to enter a new pollution free earth. We must accept what we are dealt. If a human trust God, then they know all is well and find peace in this adventure”.

33. You used to indicate that the pancreas of most people is loaded with stones and flukes that are almost impossible to eradicate. With you new sprays MH is there a better chance to get the stones and the flukes out of the pancreas?...

“The only herbal possibility Christopher alluded to was the accidental use of Cedar Tree berries. He believed they cleansed the pancreas and this would mean the stones dissolved and the body was able to kill the fist full of liver flukes that hide there. Otherwise the Russian made sputnik zapper will remove them all on the third consecutive pass if all goes well. These devices have been made for probably as long as I have been alive, but not available in the USA and to try to buy them direct from Russia seems to be one huge hassle….for some really strange reason trying to buy anything from Russia is taking a 80% chance your going to be ripped off and receive nothing in return for your money. And even more weird, if the Russian company believes you really want their products, they may double the price or see how much more they can get you to pay….I just don’t understand this and I assume this is why it is so hard to get Russian made products. Because of this, I only use herbs now. The syrup/tincture formula or just tincture formula. I did make the formula as a spray but I don’t remember if anyone has ever said much about it. It is in the adult parasite kit and maybe a dozen people have tried that kit”.

34. What does a Russian zapper do on its journey through the human body, and what is the proper method of use?...

“Shocks every 3 seconds, that is all it does. Provides electric from a hearing aid type battery through 1 resistor that makes it pulse every 3 seconds. Scares the crap out of most adult humans. The late Dr. Hulda Clark was scared to death to swallow them even though she was given them for free. They can make you wish you never seen them, but in the end, most people would do them every year for life if they could afford them.
Fasting is best. Get all the food out of the colon. Swallow with a large glass of water. I often would use one in my mouth for 20+ hours before swallowing. Once in the stomach you don’t feel anything until it enters the intestines and comes in contact with a few nerves. You do not feel the organs purging their toxins/stones, they are pain free. It does not bother the heart. What it does do is pound your right groin, right hip socket and may pound you any place you have metal, scars or past damage. For some men they might believe their right testical is going to explode! The best way to stop this is to drink water and try to push it off the nerve. If need be, start eating to push it along the way. When it is ready to come out it comes in contact with the left leg nerve and will make your left leg jump, then you know the next bowel movement will have it. Then take a new one or wash the old one and swallow again. They often will last 500 hours and I have had them still be good after 3 years.
I believe they should be swallowed until the colon functions at the rate of all food removed by 10 am of each day. If your colon can’t do that, then the zapper will help exercise it and make it strong enough that it can in my opinion. The zapper is the only electronic device I recommend and all whips do not even think about it, because the little pill size device can literally beat you up! Put you down on the ground and be so funny even your great grandma would laugh for an hour at you.
The probably cost less than $1 to make. The Russians now ask $35 American and the only website I have ever seen the sputnik sold sells them for about $70. the real problem with that guy is that he has sold “used” zappers as new and that is a sick person and I would never ever buy anything from him ever again. We did have a direct contact with an employee from the factory that use to send them direct to us, but we quit selling them some years back and have long lost that contact, so I have not taken one now for about 3 years. I suggest we all take one every 6 months if we had access to them.”

35. You have stated that "if your stomach is alive, you are alive." Can you please explain?...

“The stomach saves our life, it is our blood cleansing organ. Once corrupted, it makes acids that kills us. Heal thy stomach” The retards that have their stomachs stapled or otherwise operated on is suicidal”.

36. You once mentioned a test a woman could to do find out if there was any lead in her lipstick. Can you please tell me again what that test is?
“I do not know where so many people come up with I said this or I said that and this is another example. Just because someone makes a post on the forum doesn’t mean I said it or if it says it n one of the books on our website does not mean I said it and I have zero memory of ever knowing how a human can test their lipstick, because I would be one to say never use lipstick. Women (men) that use makeup get what they get. Same goes for all jewelry.”

Thanks again MH. Oh yes, would you be so kind as to mention the hours that Jody is in the office please.
“Jody works when Jody wants to work, she has zero set hours. She would like to work 7 am till 3 pm, but that is rare and often doesn’t work Fridays and maybe on Mondays….so e-mailing her is best and if you call, leave a message and she will call you back when she has time.” Jody has a boy, takes on line college, etc. and wanted to help Brenda a few years back..she has never had a set hours with doing this. She likes her freedom.”

Create a nice day,

prayervoice (Mr 108)
Many Blessings
The “Barefoot” Herbalist M.H. 108

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