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108 questions posed to mh in 2010.. #37-45
prayervoice Views: 417
Published: 6 years ago

108 questions posed to mh in 2010.. #37-45

Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #5 of 12. Questions 37-45

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

Special Note to MH re your question about the 5th set of questions...

I can send the questions as fast as you can answer them, just did not want to overstay my welcome on this graduate degree program forum of yours. I am a seeker of knowledge. I just can not ever get enough to sate my thirst. I can send #5 and #6, which is half the 108 questions and then give folks a break for a week or so, or of course I can just keep them coming for the next couple of days and finish off all 108. Your choice, according to your very busy schedule.
“When I answer a set, then post the next set. I will save them each time I see them and answer them in my spare time. Your entitled to 108 questions per year! HA!”

37. What causes ridges on people's fingernails? They appear to be a combination of straight lines (lllll) that run up and down the nails, and straight lines that look like elongated rain drops (()()()) which also run straight up and down....

“ I know there are books on this subject, but I have never read one. In general there should be no white spots, the tops should be rounded and not u shaped. Lines in Nature often mean “Strength”, with finger nails I do not know….I do know that when I started using natural tree Iodine Minerals, my finger nails have continued to become stronger with each coming year. I figure this is a sign that my bones should be stronger as well”.

38. What is the proper procedure to follow to work on eliminating toe-nail fungus?...

“From what I have seen, this often is coming from inside the body and with some people, the fungus will appear under the arm pits, finger nails and elsewhere on the body as well. I know one man that had the worse case I have seen and he cured it by drinking 35% peroxide….his hands were cracked and loaded with fungus and he would pour the pure peroxide on his hands and it would burn and foam up and I asked him if that really hurt and he said; “yes, but it felt so good to not have the itch”….I gave him a book on using peroxide properly and in about a month his body was free of fungus. I didn’t recommend he do it, but he wanted to. I believe oregano, olive leaf, cayenne, etc…would be better and by far, much safer. I would never consume peroxide internally. I would also spray the fungus with Spray III many times per day as needed. I would choose the Liver Itch Formula an take 1 tablespoon morning and night for as long as it took until symptom free; that would be the formula of my choice”.

39. When using ear candles you indicate that one should use what ever number of candles they are going to put to use (1-2-3-4 ect) on one ear, and then go ahead and use the same number of candles on the other ear. That is easy enough to understand. But you also indicate that one should only burn the candles down 50%. What is the reason behind this please?...

“The candles will clog….so always burn them 50%; cut the top off as a method to put out the fire. Turn the candle upside down and flick it with your finger nail until all the powder / wax has came out. The powder is form the candle, while the yellow is ear wax”. Re-light the candle and burn down to about 2 inches long. Do not wait between candles. Clean the ear with a cotton swab and then insert the next candle…adults should due 5 per ear and can be repeated every 6 months.”

40. When doing a cold bath first thing in the morning, you indicate that there should be about 2 inches of cold water in the tub. That perhaps one should start with the head and face if they are new to this sort of cold start in the morning. Why should one start with the head please?...

“ I don’t remember reading that the face comes first. I assume it would be to bring the blood up to the face and naturally the face is going to be the hardest to do, so if you do the face first, the rest of the body would be easy”.

41. If a person does not have access to your sprays, is there still a way to get any form of the herbs into the blood stream without their having to go through the stomach and intestines, where up to 80%+ are either neutralized or destroyed?...

“Father Neip was famous for the hay bath. Take common hay and make a tea and fill the bathtub. He also was a cold water expert. So bathing in herbal tea would work to nourish the skin with plant minerals”. Otherwise the herbal sprays are extracts and concentrates”.

42. If one's stool looks like a coiled snake in the toilet-bowl, what can you tell about a person from this?...

“In Nature you see this with many mammals, it would seem to be the most “natural”.

43. Why did the old MD's, during the civil war, put purified sea water into the blood stream of a soldier who had lost a lot of blood? Any idea how they did it or how much they used?...

“ I know they did this on navy hospital ships because of the lack of blood. I know they experimented with this in the late 1800’s with dogs and then humans and one M.D. cured hundreds of babies, adults and elderly using injected ocean water. He collected his ocean water from about 40 feet beneath the surface. His early experiment he took a stray dog and hung it and emptied all its blood and filled the dog with ocean water, which put it into a deadly shock…soon he was using a needle and on all ages of humans for every sickness. He took photo graphs of before and after pictures and most healings took place within 30 days…..the most amazing pictures in all of medical history and he took photos up to 40 years of the same people he saved as babies….a real documentary…
Dr. Christopher on the other hand was anti-salt in the diet. I personally use no salt, I tried a pinch of salt while orange juice fasting and within seconds I could feel the salt racing through my body, up in my head and felt like I could almost have a stroke…..I can only imagine that when ocean water is injected into the blood stream, the blood does all it possible can to normalize the salt/mineral content so it does not go into shock and this doctor giving daily injections for a month forced the body to heal its self”. Salt is basically a poison…consume it and the body wants rid of it or surrounds it with protective water that we commonly call “FAT”.

44. If I put pineapple juice in a glass and let it sit, a silt forms on the bottom of the glass. Give it a stir and it reconstitutes. However; If one wishes to use the pineapple juice for fasting purposes should they pour off the un-constituted liquid and just use that? How much of a difference is there between the 2 methods?...

“My favorite of all medical doctors never mentions straining the juice and he was personal buddies with the orange juice doctor that wrote what I call BOOK I. filtering the juice is a method for the clinic, under medical care; seeking the fastest route back to stomach health. I prefer the whole juice, I never filter it, while my wife always filters it….so it is personal reference….I can’t imagine it makes much difference other than time.”

45. The condition of the human temple of the soul is unique to each individual in accordance with the degree to which they follow the laws of nature, which are in fact a decree from God. If someone is just starting their journey back to health, please tell me the first few things that you would suggest a person start to do, so as not to become overwhelmed?...

“ I believe if a person is obeying nature to some degree, they should receive “gifts” such as mentioned in the Bible….In that God rewards anyone that stops obeying the world and starts seeking God….trusting God is like being showered with gifts from a happy dad. We humans find it very hard to trust God….if we only had as much faith as an ant, we probably could command mountains to move…we are the children of God, God is within everyone, everything……all humans should go to bed pondering where they came from and what God has in store for them with the coming day…Ponder…that is my suggestion…allow your mind to day dream about GOD! Seek answers from God and just go with the FLOW of things….accept that all is your own personal lesson from God”.

Many thanks MH.(and Brenda and Jody)

Create a nice day,


Many Blessings,
The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M.H. 108

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