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108 questions posed to mh in 2010..#55-63
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Published: 6 years ago

108 questions posed to mh in 2010..#55-63

108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #7of 12. Questions 55-63

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

55. What are the main kidney and pancreas herbs and why are they so important in opening the elimination channels?...

“ I have read that the kidneys must be almost 85% non functional before we experience a disease or symptoms of kidney failure; such as spurs, gout, stones, etc… The Master Herbalist Schooling suggested that the kidney herbs are the best / strongest herbs. They work very well to aid the kidneys in dissolving of stones. It seems kidney stones can be created in many different combinations of acidic crystals that we mostly get from ground water, non natural drinks and even vegetables. If you look in the 108 pages I give a sample of kidney stone pictures. Many times when first taking kidney herbs, a person ma feel like their urine is burning; this burning effect is a result of gravel dissolving and irritating while eliminating.
In my neck of the woods we have wild Gravel Rt. Having such a name, you can figure this plant has been used traditionally for kidney gravel. We have wild Marshmallow, Wild Cherry Bark, Golden Rod, Cedar berries, Juniper berries, we can grow Parsley and Cilantro. Apple Cider Vinegar can be made and Lobelia seeds can be obtained. These are some of the common herbs known to aid the kidneys and no doubt many of the cleansing herbs all help to some degree. I would suggest all citrus and berries would also help. In all situations, all forms of water should be first distilled. Those that drink coffee, black teas and commercial acidic preserved drinks will all have problems eventually.
We have nurse that works in a large hospital with kidney patients on dialysis and she states that the treatments are designed for non functional kidneys and there are no concerns what so ever to revive the over worked / clogged kidneys.
In theory, if your kidneys are functioning well, it would be very hard if not almost impossible to die from a disease. The kidneys should be cared for with extreme care. Those that drop dead of a heart attack often have exploded one of the adrenal glands….connected to each kidney and highly neglected and abused with stimulants. This is why you don’t see me encouraging people that seek “energy” formulas…..for the most part, those types have already clogged their kidneys and exhausted the adrenal glands with caffeine products. My theory is we need the kidney herbs every day of our lives if we are not consuming an all raw fruit diet; this is just one of the reasons behind the All “N” One kit theory.”

56. If a person looks at your list of sprays and wants to specifically go after the critters in the brain and stones in the pancreas, then which ones might they be best off using?...

“All of the sprays use a common “base formula”. This formula helps dissolve the uric acid crystals in the flesh and aid the kidneys and elimination. All of the sprays are anti-parasite. The Topknot, Adult Parasite and Spray III applied direct to the scalp as well as the Silver Cord Kit would be powerful brain worms. I did make a Kidney / Pancreas Spray; but I don’t think we ever poured the first bottle. I have many such Spray Formulas made, but never took the time to pour the first bottle.”

57. What kinds of places in the body do critters find to hide that make them difficult to eliminate and what are some of the things that people can do to eradicate them? Along with proper human foods of course?...

“Dead teeth, dead bone/joints, tumors/lumps, between dental materials and tooth material, inside the pancreas where stones accumulate, inside stones of all kinds. Where ever the blood does not flow, worms will live freely.
Herbal wise the parasite formulas and parasite spray would be our choices. All good herbs will have some anti-parasite value. Removing all dental materials if possible is wise. Always remove all dead teeth. See your chiropractor once a month.”

58. Each person's spiritual development and potential in life can only be realized through consistent effort to follow God's teachings. Why do you think it is MH, that we so often fail in this regard?...

“We are born into the “world”. World being a name for the civilized over educated humans that have no nature common sense. The old bible monks tried to tell us that when we deny the world and seek God, we will be blessed spiritually. Those that take this to the extreme find enlightenment and awesome powers…. Paul had several teachings; give away your wealth, never marry / have sex. Seek God in all you do and most of all, trust God for all. After all, God is in you, how could have fear? Yet fear is the greatest killer of all, we humans are fearful creatures. We are probably fearful; because we all know that we sin and do not follow Nature’s laws. Nature’s Laws is God’s perfect science. All humans sin, none is pure and obeying Nature, not one. Dr. John R. Christopher called us lazy geese. Geese will take the path of least resistance, even if that path leads to the hunter. We humans like luxury! Today many of us live better than the richest kings of just 100 years ago. We are living in wonderful times, but modern science has polluted our earth/air/water and our environment makes it hard for us to survive well.”

59. Some things are subject to the free will of man, such as justice, equity, tyranny and injustice, in other words, good and evil actions. To me it is evident and clear that these actions are, for the most part, left to the will of each of us. But then there are certain things to which we are forced and compelled, such as sleep, death, injuries and misfortunes. These are not subject to the will of man, and I do not think that we are responsible for them, because we are compelled to endure them. But in the choice of good and bad actions I believe we are free, and we commit them according to our own will. For example, if we wish, we can pass our time in praising God, or we can be occupied with other unsavory thoughts. We can be an en-kindled light through the fire of the love of God, and a philanthropist loving the world, or we can be a hater of mankind, and engrossed with material things. We can be just or cruel. These actions and these deeds are subject to the control of the will of every person; consequently, we are thus responsible for them. By YOUR example MH, many of us on this forum have been able to draw closer to God's Will little by little, by learning about the laws of nature and how they effect the human temple of the soul. So here's the question.... how come there are so very few people who want to do better in looking after their body, especially with the wonderful plain truth's that are being laid bare before them through your investigation of the old medical books?...

“Long before I was born, some medical authors suggested people were seeking to commit suicide that was socially acceptable and medicine fit the bill and that is why medicine is popular around this earth. Subconsciously maybe humans see their stay on earth as a “living hell” and they seek to die or be set free of their body.
Our path
More often than not, we get what we didn’t want. We get the job we didn’t want in life, we get the mate we dreaded, etc… other words; the things we think about as teens and want in our lives, we end up getting the opposite. It is almost like demons are playing with the human race, tormenting us….etc…… and naturally there are the chosen ones, born with a silver spoon in their mouths that can do no wrong and all they do is perfect and works out great for them………We literally can waste much of our life living the opposite of what we wanted so desperately to live. It seems like we beat our heads against the wall as our life falls apart around us all our days….. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????
We are students. Is life on earth the true living hell? Many would believe so. They believe they are prisoners on earth. There is one thing we know, we are born alone with God and we die alone with God. Some authors have suggested all on earth is for us, for our education and every human, every event, every thing is for our education alone and only we exist as far as our education goes. All others, all things, this earth, etc….all belong to God….our teacher and he has it all in his 100% control at all times…
We can be compelled, we can watch people become possessed, we can set back and watch this daily life unfold like a drama on the stage…the stage of life……
Can we actually think of something that God does not already know? I seriously doubt it.
Can we ever surprise God? I seriously doubt it.
Can we make other humans or things do something that God is not in control of? I seriously doubt it.
Can we change another human? NO WE CAN NOT…
Are we being tested? YES WE ARE.
Can our path change? YES IT CAN.
I think it all depends on the human MIND. It is the MIND that shares this body with GOD. The MIND works separate of our WILL. The mind creates our body from 2 parent cells. The mind keeps the body working, even while we sleep, etc….yet our will goes to sleep. Our will can change like the wind…but what power does our will have? We can want fame, riches, beautiful mates, etc…but it is as worthless as the next wind….our will is dam near worthless…that is, for as long as our will is against GOD!
This is why so many pray that God have his will with us. Because our will sucks, we are greedy bastards in general. We are evil in general….so maybe we are being punished by being on earth; because we are stubborn brats….who knows? I do not. There is evil & good….but both must be in 100% control of GOD! If God is not in control, then there is zero hope of anything.
One thing we do know;
To really appreciate life, often we need to have spent years in hell first. Example being the drunk…a person may have been a drunk for 30 years and they turn around and start to live….a more classic example; those that made the best health healers, often became deathly sick them selves first. The author of BOOK I was deathly ill and when he sought Nature, he was rewarded with health. So all our bad decisions lead to a life that we must have lived so we could appreciate our new lease on life. If a person is honest, they will look at their life and admit they would not have changed a thing…..even if they watched their family die in their arms, and lived through every kind of hell on earth. They won’t want to change a thing, because there life changed their soul for the better. Their problems lead them to seeking God for help.
The one lesson to be learned on earth; seek God in all you do. Trust God with your every breath. It seems life on earth is as simple as loving God as a bride and thus the greatest secret within the common bibles….being a bride to God. Loving God as a bride loves….that is the secret of life; learn that truly and you’re ready to leave earth in peace and joy.
Believe as you may, we all have choice till our dieing breath, but for me; I believe as William Branham did, in 100% predestination. God knowing all, all in God’s control. I would not change anything in my life…no one has such powers other than God. Please God and your ship will come in….life will become a joy when you please your father, as it should.”

60. Can you explain a bit about why your sprays seem to have such a fast effect upon the lymph system in exiting toxins from the body?...

“The speed seems amazing, so amazing that it seems impossible. I asked 2 brain doctors and they told me that the base spray is entering our lungs in the most minute amount and freely entering the brain. Circulating in the brain and relaxing the part of the brain that controls pain and this accounts for some people becoming pain free after 30+ years of pain, etc….. For the lymph glands? The spray is applied to the skin, this forces blood to come and remove it, once in the blood, the herbs / minerals are also a food and blood enhancing circulation. The key is a formula that does not seem as an enemy to the defenses of the skin / lungs-blood. I will spend the rest of my life perfecting the herbal sprays”.

61. The water in my town is very strange. When filling the tub for a sitz bath the water looks like there is a cloud of something moving through it, which then dissipates and leaves the water with a bit of a dark color to it. There is zero smell of chlorine in it. Any ideas on this?...

“Nasty city water. Often made acidic from all the chemicals added and these chemicals eat away at the city water pipes. The chemicals have chemical reactions with the metals in the rusty pipes. This makes the water do weird things and can be any color. All cities have old metal pipes…”

62. Is there anything I can put in this water that might be helpful?...

“NO, adding more is not a solution. Distilling it is the only good solution. Filtering an option. Bad water is one of the great plagues in human life. When your ship sail in, move far away, to a land that you can control your own water supply. Water is the largest trap humans fall victim to, second to dental work.”

63. Aside from finding a way to rig up a steam bath, is it better to go ahead and continue doing the sitz bath, knowing that the water is sour, or is one doing more harm than good? (and the sitz bath has done wonders for me as you know) But then again am I robbing Peter to pay paul?...

“ NEVER use bad water for a steam bath, you will breathe in all the nasty chemicals from the sour water. First distill the water and use distilled water in the steam bath. Sitz bath can use bad water, but don’t breathe it end thinking the steam is clean, it is not. Taking a shower in city water is a true living hell. City people have no clue how toxic their cubical world really is…if you can’t get control of your water, you are stuck at step 1. Your body has more water than anything else. I have 3 wells on this property seeking better water and no way would we drink any of this water before it was distilled. We have 5 water distillers with a capacity of storing 60 gallons at all times. If people can’t take their water supply seriously, then they are just spinning their wheels.
We stopped trying to sell water distillers at least 8 years ago, because few to none would buy them and if they would buy one, they would buy it from the cheapest possible source on earth and never respect the source that educated them. A local old man has a saying for such unfaithful customers; he told me years ago those type of folks are “mud suc***s”. While I know they have worked hard for their money and thanks to the internet they can search the world over for the best deals, I would do the same and do not blame anyone for doing so.”

As always MH I extend much gratitude for you efforts.

Create a nice day,

prayervoice (Mr 108)

PS... some interesting food for thought in your suggestion about the chi machines in the last set of my questions. But I had 35 years of being in front of the camera and the microphone and have no desire to be "the man" with the camera on him.... but plenty of desire to help people. I will put some thought into this one. Thanks for the idea.
Especially since it is something good that will not have the AMA hounding you for practicing medicine without a license.
“It only takes $$$$$$$$$$$$. There are good models out there that jus need better controls or maybe a stronger commercial motor, etc….most all are made in Asia. Contact one of the true manufacturers and explain you want a professional lifetime commercial quality model. It may cost $5 more than their junk piece of crap that they make purposely to break so they can sell more. You make it, I would be your first distributor. “IF” I could find one that would not break, I would sell it.”

Many Blessings,
The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M. H. 108

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