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Serious Longterm parasite issue
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Published: 8 years ago

Serious Longterm parasite issue

I really hope noone bashes me and calls me a troll or something because I can assure you I am not.
I havent been to the hospital or a doctor in a while.I have been to 2 ER's,a regular physician,and an infectious disease specialist.
I had an infection on my butt for a long time. It is very itchy and I have managed to give myself multiple eye infections.After that I started having more and more symptoms and yet all these idiot doctors say nothing is wrong with me and I swear to god I think it is doing some damage I wont be able to walk away from soon.
First I felt stuff moving around in my head and keep pulling stuff out of my nose that looks like dead worms.
Then I finally got a cat scan of my head. My PCP said it was fine even though I the worst headache you can imagaine for a week straight and my blood pressure was up to 180 and only registering that high on one arm, very likely from a cyst from a cns parasite.The doctor said my cat scan was completely normal and my d*mba** believed him and found out 3 months later when he refused to see me anymore and i got my medical records that the area of my brain that stores spinal fluid was enlarged and needed to be examined by an mri and he totally lied to me about it,
The stupid doctors at the hospital wanted to prescribe me blood pressue medicince and wouldnt do any of the tests I requested.
After a week or so the headaches went away then I could feel a large rush of parasites moving down my neck and into my spine.My spine has been feeling more and more uncomfortable over time and now I am positive the parasites have also moved into my balls(sorry if thats too much information)
I dont know if its related but now my left leg hurt so bad I can barely walk like I tore my ACL or something.
I havent been able to work for about 9 months because I feel so horrible all the time.
I ordered Albendazole and its been sitting in my bathroom for months.
This infestation of parsites is so bad that the last time I was in the ER they said my T cell count was so low they thought I have aids( i got tested I dont its the parasites beating the crap out of my immune system.
Because my T cell count was so low I am afraid if i start taking a regiment of albendazole. I might catch a cold and just die.
Its been along time since i have been to the ER(maybe like 4 months) so I am guessing my count would have to be marginally better.
I can definately tell its eventually going to do damage to my spine i wont be able to walk away from.
I am scared and very frustrated at how many idiot doctors are out there and i just dont know what to do.
I been out of work I dont have insurance I kinda wanna find a new doctor but it kinda seems like they dont care if I die and Im telling yall its killing me
Should I just take the pills and stuff to boost my immuine system and hope for the best or what?
If anyone has had a serious issue like this I would really appreciate some advice.
My own girlfriend thinks IDK wth im talking about either even though I keep getting more and more symptoms she cant seem to grasp anything is wrong with me.
I have been feeling pressure off and on and feeling offbalance from time to time as well.
I feel very alone and very afraid and would love the opportunity to recieve some advice and have some communication with someone whose been through anything similar.

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