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Re: Science!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Science!

Don't drink or nom your b12- it's much better to absorb it across a mucosal membrane before biofilm (candida++) colonies in your gut get a chance to nom on it first. Pretty much all supplements get nibbled or eaten entirely by gut biofilms unless you're able to pull off a complete colon cleanse- and that's not easy in the condition you describe!

I consider small doses to be 500-1000 mcg, and it takes time to absorb that from under the upper lip. Basically if you get a headache, you've had too much. ;) It tends to make my heartbeat speed up.
I mention pairing it with folate-rich foods because folate and B12 are complimentary (they work together) nutrients.

There are gentle ways around candiasis. These are the ones I've found to be gentlest personally. Iodine has been hardest for me to tackle.

Research adding very dilute borax (mule team brand) to your daily drinking water with some fresh-pressed organic lemon juice.

Pair it with butyric acid (can be bought in a high-purity solution from a fishing bait shop) in a 3-6 drop dilution in 1-2 liters plain warm water for a colonic (5-7 minute retention) to combat candidiasis in the large intestine, and you also encourage healthy gut flora to grow.

Yeast-based supplements are also very biofilm feeding. I do NOT reccommend them. :o

Unless you're cutting through small intestine biofilm with ox bile and digestive enzymes -religiously-, you're going to be feeding them rather well! That's what cuts down on vitamin and mineral absorbtion, beside a lack of stomach acid and proper bile flow (the acids are vital to absorbtion rates!)

I had all my Amalgams removed under professional care between 2013 and 2014 with 3-5 months timing between the quadrant-work, and it wasn't painful- it just took time, and some good music in my headphones. ;) I used a holistic denist with two sources of suction, an external supply of air, and charcoal tablets before and after for extra protection. I think the most pain comes from the organ that resides in your purse or pocket- the wallet!

Nevertheless I feel it was entirely worth it. My brainfog is clearing, slow but sure.

An alternative route to Amalgam removal and juicing and cleansing is the Compendium/BCD, but it's a 70% vegetable/fruit/nuts diet, and 30% meats and soft cheeses. The compendium provides a comprehensive analysis of relevant supplements and guides to using them, and scientific data related to this and that..
But it is a complicated web, and you're expected to buy a lot of things on your own responsibility, and learn on your own time! Things aren't written in an explanatory manner. ( scroll down to the 'compendium'. )

Enzymes are the fastest way to break up candidiasis, but they can REALLY give dieoff symptoms. The compendium's page about starting enzymes is the best I've found yet as a guide.
They're the second step in being able to absorb your nutrients (after the stomach acid/bile) as well, and the combination of having been an earlier heavy drinker and Amalgam issues points that you're likely having trouble producing enough bile and enzymes (mercury interferes in enzymatic processes).

Blue lips? Wow! Are you absorbing enough amino acids to maintain your production of red blood cells and other essential building blocks of the body? Meat products, cheeses and eggs are all primary sources of amino acids. A higher intake of protein is recommended to folk struggling with Amalgam issues because of the way the metals interfere with the protien-building processes the body normally undergoes.
Vegetarian diets are known for being hard on the body because it has to give extra effort to the manufacturing processes for building it's own protiens, and is a task, IMO, best given to a fully healthy body.

What's your story around going vegan?
Congratulations on coming out of the time of drinking. I haven't read your full story, but I pray you are in warmer company now. <3

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