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Re: What is going on with my body? Blood test results included!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: What is going on with my body? Blood test results included!

Hi there,

I would personally start with blood electrification (easy, non-invasive home method), ozonated water and using the pulse test to check for food intolerances .

I've had symptoms that seem to keep getting worse despite lots of effort in natural health: it started with fatigue, a chronic cough, belly fat and breathing problems many years ago after having had a stressful lifestyle for a long time. I also started putting on weight very easily. I also had had menstrual problems (very painful) ever since I began my menses.

Then I gradually developed a severe Sugar intolerance, anxiety, heart palpitations, flu-like symptoms (regularly), tension headaches, upper back/ neck pains, achy arms and legs, chest pains, red eyes, extreme dehydration, restless feet, nightsweats, difficulty falling asleep, racing thoughts etc.

I now got a low TSH reading, which is the only thing the doctors found was ever wrong with me. So I suspect hyperthyroidism. But as always, it is a problem of many linked things.

I suggest the above methods to you because they have finally helped me a lot in a very short time to feel stronger. For example, I thought I couldn't eat any carbs but now I find that some carbs are ok and some raise my pulse which indicates food intolerance. I can keep many of my symptoms at bay by not eating foods that cause high pulse and heart palpitations. The ones I found so far include: carrots, tuna, a certain rye bread, wholewheat pasta, brown rice cakes, certain beer, and certain white-flour products (but not all!).

Previously I tried to eat a super-clean diet - raw food, juice fasts, paleo diets, and various other diets - but I'm getting better results now when I have a wider variety of foods I can eat - it makes sticking to the diet and my budget a lot easier and saves time too because I don't have to make everything from scratch.

I now suspect that a systemic inflammation (a.k.a. stealth infection) by mold, other fungi, and possibly viruses and parasites is what causes my food intolerance and Sugar intolerance. The hyperthyroid symptoms (if that is what it is) get quickly less when I stay away from foods I am intolerant to and also sugary foods in general.

Blood electrification and drinking ozonated water both make me feel stronger very quickly. And believe I have tried so many other things. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for example helped but I can't afford to keep paying for them. These help quicker.

Everyone who has taken Antibiotics has candida overgrowth in their body according to some experts, and this can cause a huge amount of problems in the body. Blood electrification clears out candida in the blood enabling your immune system to fight it better in the tissues. Ozonated water helps too because it gives your cells more oxygen, which candida and other fungi and viruses and infection-causing agents hate.

I highly recommend trying these methods: pulse test for food intolerance, ozonated water, blood electrification. As well as vitamin C megadosing. These are some of the most powerful natural healing methods with quick energy benefits.

I write a website called Cheap Health Revolution where I talk about my health journey in detail and also about these methods and my success with them. But I don't want to put a link because the moderators might not allow it.

By the way even the anxiety symptoms get less with these treatments so it really is like the body is returning back to balance.

But ozonated water thins out the blood so be careful if you're on medications.

Good luck!

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