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Ulcer and h. pylori and Liver Flush
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Published: 8 years ago

Ulcer and h. pylori and Liver Flush

Ok...I'm in a bit of a pickle.

It seems I currently have an ulcer and h. pylori since I failed to do a proper parasite cleanse before starting liver flushes.

I am now paying the consequences. H. pylori has just recently started to wreak havoc on my body. I'm about 1.5 years into Liver Cleansing and going through massive detox. The problem is h. pylori is also releasing a massive amount of toxins in my body. My liver is having trouble keeping up and and more importantly still congested.

I keep trying to get remove the congestion so that I can process the excessive toxins quicker, but in order to release the congestion I need to either; take Liver Cleansing herbs, or do a liver cleanse.

Taking herbs seems to only aggravate my ulcer causing h. pylori to flourish once more. This will not suffice. I was taking herbs for a week or so but h. pylori began releasing tons of toxins, perhaps it was dying. The congestion however was still very present. The more I do to kill h. pylori the more toxic I get due to congestion. Thus I cannot fully eradicate h. pylori because my system is over burdened.

Now, I know a liver cleanse will clear most of my congestion up, but is very taxing on my body and makes h. pylori much worse leaving me feeling extremely toxic.

It seems olive oil, while it kills h. pylori, burns my stomach and ulcer, hindering the healing process. Also, epsoms salts seems to burn my stomach as well.

So I'm currently looking into to other ways to cleanse which are easy on the stomach and less taxing on the body.

I purchased some macadamia nut oil and tasted that. It was very smooth and would seem to have a nice affect on my ulcer. It was actually delicious! Not nearly as harsh as Olive oil and much more tolerable, so it seems. I think it will work in lessening the aggravation of my ulcer. Thoughts?

Now, it comes to relaxing the bile ducts. This is tricky as I don't want to consume epsoms salt. I really need to relax the bile ducts because I can feel a huge stone just waiting to come out. No joke it is just begging to leave. I feel a nice lump and some of my symptoms are exactly what I felt right before I got one of the biggest stones of my life out. So...I purchased some trans-dermal magnesium from Amazon. I was wondering if this might work if I put it over rib area? Will it penetrate deep enough? Will it relax enough? Do I put equivalent to 1 gram on the skin like drinking epsoms salt dosage? Does it work differently than internally??

Using castor oil externally seems to produce movements though sadly I don't think it fully relaxes the bile ducts enough. Once again, I have a huge stone sitting there thus I NEED to relax the bile ducts.

I'd like to do a coffee enema or perhaps de-caffinated green tea, but last time I did a coffee enema I almost ended up in the hospital and said I'm never going there again.

Its a catch-22 and I need some advice.

Anyways, your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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