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Tissue regeneration basics

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 7 years ago
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Tissue regeneration basics

'Pixie dust' is intercellular matrix fluid from a sublayer of pig skin, has all the right nutrients for human blood cells to regrow parts

blood constantly has stem cells in circulation, and adult stem cells grow by reading off of neighbouring cells what sort of new tissue is needed

Needed for this process is matrix of pure nutrients and time and a sterile environment for the healing to take place in.

Toxic materials in circulation/body DO inhibit regrowth-
example, thickened scar tissue, malformed due to hormonal imbalances and insufficient nutrient supply... Happened in my case after open chest surgery after cancer.

Was treated without chemo, thank God!
Figure you may already know this stuff. x3

Way to stimulate growth of new teeth:
Chinese monks and boxers increase the density of their bone matrix via repetative micro-fractures and stresses - aka, repetative blows to a punching bag or wooden board. Microfractures within the bone stimulate osteoblasts to grow more bone and heal the microfractures.

Rarely 50-year-olds will regrow their teeth and recieve a new set. Is part of the biblical 49-year life cycle - generally said every 7 years metabolisim re-establishes itself, 7x7 == time there's supposed to be a jubillee year (setting free of slaves, forgiving of debts, etc, you can read about it). Regrowth of teeth is a genetically-triggered event and only likely with very clean diet and relatively toxin-free living.

channel where the nerve of the root once was, even in pulled teeth, remains intact, with locations where stem cells can start activity afresh.

Use of a directed ultrasonic device can create microfractures at location of tooth root channel, irritate the nerve-site, and induce the formation of a tooth 'seed'. If prime nutrition and clean living continues, the new teeth grow in between 6-8 months.

Was done in canada with a prototype machine.
Have written about this before.

All things are possible
There's no end to human ambition

God's power over the chemistry, biology, toxicology, etc of the human body is FAR superior though.
Have studied that too.
Healings are right and real, have experienced power of it myself in recovery from above mentioned surgery, and friends in church, husband included, experienced it multiple times.

Body is just a vessel, earth a perfectly-created home and hearth. Respect is due the maker, and reunion with the ultimate in family. <3

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