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My fecal body odor cure
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Published: 6 years ago

My fecal body odor cure

Hey everybody, first time posting here after reading hundreds of your posts and comments all over the website regarding Body Odor problems and solutions. I think i've found mine, hope this will help.

I'd start by telling my story and how i lived with my fecal Body Odor during the past two years.

All started during a period exam in high school, i've never felt that amount of stress before, every day i was reminded that those exams would determine the rest of my life, at least that's what the adult would tell me all the time, and so i made a gigantic deal out of it. I started feeling uncomfortable, i'd get diarrhea very often, my stomach would hurt, i felt the need to go to the toilets every single hour otherwise i thought i would literally shit myself, in the end i never did, but that was traumatizing. During this period i wasn't aware of any change in my smell, i always got told i smelled nice before, never got told i smelled strange or bad once.

Fast forward to university, even more stress, surrounded by thousands of people, gigantic amphitheaters, small classrooms packed of tons of students, i felt pressured and claustrophobic, my gastric problems got worse. I started using wet wipes to freshen a bit and feel more clean. Still not aware of my smell, but really secluded on myself, i fell embarassed to have to go to the toilet during class and in between classes.

Then a few things happened. I was sitting in a corridor, a few girls decided to sit next to me, a few meters away, when one of them said " it smells like shit here" to which another girl responded " i think it's that guy over there". BAM, in complete chock i rush to the toilets, i try to smell my boxers, my pair of jean, anything that could help me decide whether or not it was coming from me, but nothing, no smell on my underwear, not in the air, i'm starting doubting it, but on the other hand i knew that something was off for a few months now.

I end up thinking it has to do with the fact that i'm seating from above my anus, somehow the sweat would get in or i'd sweat from inside and that'd cause the smell, i started treatment, medications, even botox injection to reduce the sweat, the sweat was practically gone, but i didn't noticed any change in people's behavior. I then started to stress even more, would i smell like this all my life, not being able to do anything about it ? I slowly stopped going to my classes, saw less friends, went out more, some of my friends still wanted me to go out with them, cinema, restaurants, concerts, in all, places i'd feel really uncomfortable and probably make other people feel bad.

That was strange, my doctors, friends and family didn't noticed any change in my smell but strangers did ? It had to do with stress ! Being home my stress level was close to zero, i felt good, but that wasn't a solution. i then met some people over the internet who lived close to me and decided to met them, that was great, we had a great time together and i didn't felt any problem that day, nor seen any expression on their faces that'd suggest it. But taking the public transportation back to my home, in the subway, two girls were in front of me, looking at my feet, giggling and covering their nose with their scarves then looked me in the eye and quickly move in the train. I've never felt more stressed and ashamed in my life, i came back to my house and there it was, i could smell myself, that horrible smell, finally, it wasn't made up, it was me all this time, that was it, i had to do something, something better. Sports ? Diet ? Allergy or disease ? I had to do more research, but not including sweat this time.

Went to my doctors, decided that blood tests were needed, IBS was diagnosed, got medicine, didn't helped, i was in chock. My doctors had no idea what my problem could be, the gastroenterologist even told me that my odor problem was probably in my head, i was now furious.

I was now certain that doctors couldn't be of any help, i had to use the internet once again, try to find people with the same problem, and some of them might have solutions, they did, i was relieved. At first all i saw were people crying because this problem was unknown, some post were written 10 years ago, and still today no definite cure was found, but i wasn't scared of that, i knew medicine took its time, and that remedies exist. I went through a lot of posts, A LOT of posts, from oils, to diets, to allergies, to IBS surgery, to gut flora implant, salt, anti-fungus powder or gel, kefir + flaxseed (which i did). A lot of people find their own cure, and i knew mine had to be there, somewhere.

Flaxseed grains + kefir helped my transit, i didn't felt bloated anymore, but the smell was still here. I then bought some flaxseed oil softgel. And there i am, three days later, i don't smell anymore, i think i don't, and by that i mean that i haven't smelled myself at all during those three days, maybe a few times, but i'm sure i'm being paranoid, it could be the smell of my food, my feet, if i fart, but i feel good, no smell in my room, not smell in the toilet, my feces look good, not bloated feeling, my rumble noise, but i still got that stress feeling when i need to go to the toilet, but i can easily live with that !

Next week i'll reunite with some friends, spend a day with them, ask them to be honest with me regarding my smell and we'll see, maybe i'm cured, maybe i'm not, but i feel better and more confident that's for sure !

I'll keep you all updated, if you have any question, feel free to ask, i'll do my best to answer !

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