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Stones STUCK in liver/gallbladder - HELP
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Published: 8 years ago

Stones STUCK in liver/gallbladder - HELP

Hello fellow health-crusaders...

This is a LONG post because I wanted to give all the details in order to get the best advice... I appreciate not everyone will want to read all of it. Basically I am having a lot of trouble releasing stones with liver flushing. I'd be so thankful for any ideas or suggestions you might be able to share with me. Much love and wishes of happiness and health to all of you. Xxxxx

I am a 24 year old female and for someone so young, I have put ALOT of toxins into my small body... Since a young age I have had several courses of Antibiotics and in my teens spent several months on multiple courses of Antibiotics for complications following dental surgery. I've had every vaccination available from HPV to swine flu and had four Amalgam fillings (which were removed about a year ago). From a young age I have taken lots of different pharmaceuticals to try and control awful period pains. I was on the contraceptive pill constantly without any Sugar pills/periods from the age of 14 until afew years ago when I stopped taking it. I used to take too much paracetamol and overdosed using this a few times when I was in my teens. I also got drunk several times in my teens as young as 13. As a teen I also developed extreme thirst which continues to this day (need to drink about 4 - 5 litres a day to stay hydrated) and excessive sweating. I battled Depression when I was 19 and ended up taking about four large overdoses of prescription pills. The first time I very nearly died and was in a coma in ICU. Then I spent about two years on huge doses of Valium, zopiclone and antidepressants among other pills, until I eventually tapered myself off all of them about three or four years ago. It wasn't until I came off ALL pills that the problems began...

I had a few unexplained bouts of vomiting which I thought was food poisoning at the time. I suddenly developed discoid eczema which spread on my arms, legs, back and stomach. After much research I eventually made the connection between the eczema and the indigestion I had recently started having. I cut gluten out of my diet as I realised I probably had leaky gut, and the rash pretty much went away. Now it only comes back if I eat dairy or gluten but there are patches on my hands that never seem to go away. Gluten started causing me extreme pain quite suddenly after coming off all medications. Also developed intolerance to cooked eggwhites.

However, the indigestion and chronic belching continued. My stomach stopped emptying (backup from small intestines due to lack of bile) and I lost all appetite. I took several supplements to try and repair the lining of my gut (L-glutamine, digestive enzymes, probiotics, aloe vera, colostrum, mastic gum incase of H-pylori), but because I had such chronic indigestion, I ended up with stomach ulcers which kept coming back. I healed these with supplements and coconut oil, cabbage juice, goats milk etc. I was only eating one small meal a day (vegetarian, now vegan) but this would keep me full for 24 hours and I had awful belching, bloating and
awful pain throughout my small intestine and large intestine where the un digested food was causing inflammation. After eating, I would
feel extremely tired and weak and would have to go sleep. I felt like I was drunk most of the time and had a lot of brain fog and blurred
vision. I also vomited occasionally. I tried juice fasting and detoxing with chlorella and spirulina, as well as coffee enemas and water enemas. I tried lots of probiotics, digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid. This did not help the indigestion. I had lost ten kilos within a few months and weighed 45kg. I thought maybe I had a hiatal hernia (also have a lot of shoulder, upper back, jaw and neck tightness/stiffness) so saw a chiropractor who tried to massage it down but no success.

After an endoscopy which found nothing except that the sphincter between the stomach and oesophagus was lax, doctors could not offer me anything to help. Around this time, for the first time I started experiencing tightness under my right ribcage.

I was nearly ready to give up, and after hitting rock bottom and researching for hundreds of hours on end, I made the connection between my liver and my digestion. I realised the toxic overload from all the substances mixed with alcohol I had put in my body from such a young age had upset my liver. So I researched liver flushing, bought Andreas Moritz book and started flushing. I have probably done about 20 - 30 Liver Flushes in the past year with VERY little results. I tried following Andreas Moritz protocol exactly(only omitting the morning dose of Epsom Salts as I found two doses was ENOUGH for me!) 1 - 2 weeks apart, and had no stones, no bile, just tightness under the ribcage and a lot of nausea. I have tried variations on the flushes, such as doing two day apple juice fasting before, using magnesium citrate and niacin, coffee enemas before/simultaneously drinking GF/OO mixture, doubling the mixture, flushing at different times of the day, eating icecream two hours before the flush, doing a mini flush a few hours after the first, lying on different sides, using a vibrating massager, Epsom Salt bath before, using different oils/juices, you name it...

So I bought chanca piedra and went through two bottles of this and it got
rid of the tightness, and there were some tiny fragments of brown stones that came out when I did enemas. But no big stones. Then I
bought a bottle of Clarkia parasite cleanse and used this. I released some small rice like things as well as a few liver flukes but nothing dramatic. I did several 3 day juice fasts and one 9 day juice fast with mostly apple, carrot & lemon juice with LOTS of apple cider vinegar and had a lot of pain in my liver/gallbladder during this. At the end of the fast I did a one day coconut oil fast and expelled a small amount of candida. I did a Liver Flush a few days after finishing the fast with no stones.

I was feeling miserable and experiencing dreadful intense anger and frustration all day every day, feeling like I wanted to scream. Around this time, I researched raw food diets and decided to try this. I have been eating raw for almost a year and I truly feel it saved my life - no more brain fog, better energy and it gave me the will to carry on. I can at least function and carry on with life, but am still having lots of problems. I then tried a milk thistle tincture and this made my liver quite uncomfortable but I finished the whole bottle. Seems that this is better to be used on a clean/flushed liver. I have been drinking dandelion root tea as well and eating apples every day.

Then I tried raw egg yolk liver flushing. On my second flush I finally released about 15 - 20 green stones about 1cm. I was so excited. Then I went several flushes with no results. I came across Julia Chang's tinctures and ordered these online (Gold COin Grass, Coptis & Chinese bitters) and did two courses of all of them as recommended by Rebecca Wong from sensible Health. The flush after this yielded no results. I decided to take a harsh approach and started flush rampages where I would flush every second day for several days. Since then on about 5 or 6 flushes I have released small amounts of stones (maybe about 20 - 30 small stones/gravel). The tightness, fullness and pain in that area remained and my emotions were absolutely insane during this time. My digestion improved slightly with the release of these stones but I still can't even digest a meal of cooked veges and get indigestion from rice, gluten free bread, smoothies, raw soups, sometimes anything at all and sometimes all day every day. I eat slowly and chew well. I have researched food combining and try to be as mindful as possible of this.

Since this time I tried daily coffee enemas, other parasite cleanses, high doses of cayenne pepper (which resulted in a few liver flukes and a lot of detox symptoms), castor oil flush, then tried flushing again with no results. All this time I have been taking high doses of ACV. I read about Lugols Iodine and thought this might be helpful, plus since going raw I had gained quite a bit of fat around my mid-section despite eating healthy. I am still taking about two drops a day and have also done a few enemas with 12 drops which always yields some worms. Then I read about humaworm and decided to try this as I thought parasites could still be blocking the bile ducts. I took the whole course and even doubled the dosage and added cayenne pepper about half way through as I wasn't experiencing any obvious die off (except bad kidney pain in the first two days) and did have quite a lot of worms but NO liver flukes. I truly feel that my liver is infested with flukes. I get a lot of itching and strange sensations in behind my rib cage, and sharp feelings/pains in my gallbladder daily. I should also mention that as a child I handled LOTS of wild animals, especially birds. Now I must wait three months before my next humaworm course. Yesterday I was excited to try Liver Flushing again - but hugely disappointed to see NO STONES, just pain, nausea and today chronic indigestion.

Alas, I am at a loss.... Since yesterday I have however decided to try to cleanse my kidneys as they have been quite sore the past few months and perhaps they are in no shape to handle the toxins that would flood my body if the stones WERE to be released. If you can offer ANY guidance or suggestions I would be super SUPER thankful

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