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Thanks you so much for the help.. May I ask some more questi

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 7 years ago
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Thanks you so much for the help.. May I ask some more questi

Dear Oceanlife,
Thank you SO MUCH for answering, literally youíre my life savor:). Embarrassingly I cut my wrist twice last night.. ridiculous attempt to suicide. I just wanted to end my life but no courage to do it by myself. Iíve been a burden on my family, being bullied all the time in school, even get harrassment from teachers, canít live a normal life because of this. But the most thing that makes me going crazy is that nobody understands what I am going through. Where I live is Korea, not as much developed as US, UK or other European countries. Although there are quite a great deal of people suffering this kind of problem, little information and treatment are valid. My dad is in a medical field, majoring in family medicine and heís actually teaching in university here in Korea BUT HE HAS NO IDEA OF WHAT IíM GOING THROUGH. He thinks iím insane, doesnít even seriously care about my Organic Urine Test result, and even tried to send me to a mental hospital.
Iím really regaining hope and wills to fight this battle as reading your reply. Iíve tried some herbs(Pau DíArco, Black Walnut, Oregano leaf, Beberine, Moringa) but since the die-off symptoms were too strong, couldnít take them continuously. Iím having a fairly strict diet; green vegetables, kale juice, broccoli, avocado, fermented veges, Olive oil, spices and herbs, garlic, sunflower seeds, little nuts, beef/pork/fish/chicken/eggs. Thatís all. Maybe some bone broth or seaweed soup for once a week. I havenít tried any other foods since I started this diet. Iím planning to do a parasite cleanse and try Aloe vera and Hydrogen Peroxide which you suggested.
If itís not bothering you, may I ask you some questions?
1. Although I take antifungals every other day and having die-off symptoms, I donít see any worms or parasites in my stool. Just several white cells(not sure if theyíre eggs or not) on it and always loose green stool. Is this mean none of them are completely dead??
2. As iím severly underweight(83.8IB/5.4ft), Iím worried that my overall health condition might get worse if I keep continuing this diet for a long period of time. Iíd like to hear some advice from you on my diet plan too.
3. Have you done any colonics/enema or liver flush? My dad doesnít allow me to try self-enema and keeps saying that liver flush is a ludicrous myth. I know it sounds like iím overly dependent on my parents, but in case of health-related things, iím being watched for everything I try by my dad. I donít believe one single word he says anyway, just would like to know your opinion about this because I read some others saying that they got worse after taking self-enema.
4. How is your die-off symptoms now? My burning,tingling,odor problem is still not subsided and Ďm really worried. It seems getting worse after I ate probiotics or herbs like moringa,olive leaf extracts etc. When I ate 5 spoons of coconut oil 2 times a day, i felt like my upper intestine was exploding and excessive diarrhea was followed, along with sever burning sensation, and nasty odor coming from my whole body. So I quit taking coconut oil since, and instead eating garlic with every meal and some herbs. When do you assume these die-offs(herxheimers reaction) will be gone and how??? I've recently bought Bentonite clay&Psyllium Husk powder and only took it once but not sure if it's safe so i don't prefer to use it as long as my symptoms are not severe. What do you think?
Again, thanks so much for the help. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart really.

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