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Re: Has anyone with Pinworms ever experienced this, Questions
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Has anyone with Pinworms ever experienced this, Questions

2 months may appear a long time, however I think 2-4 months is a very valid and required time to recover from a severe parasitic infection, which is what i most certainly have.

I am going on my 2nd month of cleansing. The first month is probably a prep month for getting them messed up and ready to die.

These things, lay eggs you have to plug up your anus or they can lay more eggs everyday. I use a garlic close, sometimes I puncture the garlic, clove, and almost always find dead worms, when they come in contact with the garlic.

You may have more than one species of the worms, and parasites, to consider. Keepings a balanced diet, that raises your PH, is crucial part to the success of your recovery.

It is a very debilitating cleanse, however with persistence it's going to make the difference.

Flushing with salt water, and Liver Flush with Epsom Salts is good.

I start my morning with H202, not a pleasant start to the day, but your stomach has to be completely empty to take the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, oxy-tech is a good brand. This stuff, taken in very minute and diluted, makes me sick everytime I take it, that how I can detect why they are not all dead yet.

My body is still fighting severe infections, mold, bacteria, fungus, and an acidic climate, even with the attempts of a seriously healthy diet.

It's the emotions and stress I particularly believe is what's causing my body to still be in a state of disease, etc.

I'm reading Hanna Kroegers book, the enemy within, and I can't wait to begin my nightly enema of boiled garlic milk. This is supposed zap these things dead.

I've also started listening to a plethora of bach flower binaural sounds and isochronic frequencies, that kills them. Everytime I play the music, everything gets quiet inside. Only until I suddenly awoke at 4 am and felt them rummaging all over! Thats when I put the music on again.

There's also an acupressure point the middle of the pelvis, that when activated releases a specific enzyme that kills the worms.

Natural is the way to go, and persist with many remedies, do not trust focusing on only one, you need to kill these suckers at every angle. Because disease originates from many causes, to kill you need to use the wholistic way of killing them.

Take tons of enzymes too, selenium to build your immune system.

I've also significant results with clarks, green black walknut tincture with the corresponding Wormwood and clove, these kill a stages of the parasites. The problem is you have to take a serious amount, at least a teaspoon a day, and 10 caps a day of each, this is the high dose parasite program. Don't fuss with take a few drops, because you won't see results.

It concerns me though, that the other commenter still has them for about a year. Raise the PH, is your ph is under, they are content and cannot die. This is what I work on everyday. Take higher doses of the herbs, and push your diet severely, focus on pomegranate juice, cranberry juice unsweetened, lots of juicing and lemons, lg salads with oil apple vinegar dressing, and constantly try to drink herbal teas, all kinds of herbal teas, buy them loose leaf, and you can even make infusions.

Try soaking an onion in water, in a jar, then sip the next day, potent killer.

Onion soup with coconut oil is healing and when body is under 6.4 we cannot retain the vit. c, so immune system suffers and there goes the vicious cycle once again. chopped onion with a few tablespoons of coconut oil. Boil, and eat. Diet is the contributing factor here. And when they are spread throughout the body thats where taking a wholistic method is crucial.

You'll get them all, and they are going to die, it's a matter of time and constant research and praying. Stay positive and light, and when you can't release those emotions! those suckers feed off of emotions, they are like death seriously, and they can survive and feed off literally a persons emotions, and they taint us with panic and anxiety to begin with, so be the observer of them trying to attack you, and back fire with deep breathing, for at least 5-10 minutes.

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