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Re: Help please
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Help please


I empathize with you, I am and was in a similar situation. I have ascaris, and a slew of other worms, I have made some significant progress over the course of a month, and many if not most are all dead, still working on killing all of them. 1 month into the cleanse. I am doing an intense cleanse, I have actually felt sick with much pain for this entire month from the die off.

Yes, you are correct they can spread, however the most important part of your recovery is that you believe you can release these bugs into the light, meaning kill them asap!

I have played some of these frequencies for hours, they work and this is one of them specifically addressing the Ascaris parasite:

If you get immediate movement, itching, don't turn it off, it's disrupting their flow, and slowly killing them.

try relaxation techniques and deep breathing, releasing emotional upset, when you release the pangs of suppressed emotions, this creates a healthier gut.

Have you looked into 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide?
This is the ultimate treatment for parasites, equivalent to herbs and frequencies.

Here's what I have:

There are many uses, I drink 1 or two times a day, 18-25 drops diluted in a large glass of water. You'll get sick, its immediate die off.
Whatever you do, don't give up, it means it's working. You have to take it on an empty stomach, you'll get intensely nauseous if you take it sooner than 2-3 hours prior to eating.

h202 is cheap, and its one of the fastest not easiest ways to rid you of parasites. It's tough because you get nauseous from the die off, so worth it though! I've put 5-10 drops in an enema, and a ton of mucus came out each time. The stuff works, and it's poison if you take it incorrectly, like anything else.

If you have tons of bacteria, pathogens, fungus, the parasites need this environment in order to stay alive. Eradicate the toxic environment with hydrogen peroxide. Blast them with isochronic tones, schumann resonances, binaural beats, they can't stand this.
Lots of herbal teas can help your PH levels.

Eat a lot of these foods:
Pomegranate and cranberry juice diluted

Lg salads with apple cider vinegar and flax or olive oil

1 c or more Pumpkin seeds, soaked and washed in h2o2

try to wash all fruits and veggies with h202 and seeds and nuts to get rid of the mold

onion soup with coconut oil, onions raise your ph so that you can assimilate the vitamin c

garlic, tumeric, kelp, coconut oil, chia and flax seed, onion infusion, juicing, etc.

I was negative about this for a few weeks, I was disgusted, and I felt desperate, at one point I was literally dousing my head trying to kill them that way, they were literally having a party bouncing off of my scalp trying to get out, it was pure madness. I still only feel a couple slithering movements in my head, barely alive, that are slow now like they are half dead. I realized my toxic emotions, the panic of trying to instantly kill them were feeding them and keeping them alive.

A lot of energy balancing, and bringing in the energy of light can remove them, and kill them.

The herbs may have made them scattered, or they could have already been living in various parts of the body. I've seen what several bottles of the Black-Walnut tincture can do with the herbs. You have to take the high dose cancer treatment dose, with something like a systemic parasitic infections.

Herbs are vibration, they work on the entire body, they permeate the entire body similar to homeopathy, yes most of the work is being done in the gut because thats where they are being administered, but because the gut is where most of the damage its focusing on all of its energy to repair the gut, once the gut is cleared, it has easier access to move and work on other areas, however overall, herbs are not simply scattering the parasites, they work on multiple levels. If you take huldas Wormwood and cloves, take at least 10 caps of each a day, along with 1 or 2 teaspoons of the Black-Walnut 1-2 times a day, the green hull; I wasted lots of money and time buying the ones in the store, the tincture has to be green, more junglan. If you don't take enough they won't work. Taking the beginners dose is a joke for something as serious as a systemic parasitic infection.

Also most physical parasites are due to trauma, and physical, mental, emotional injury, repairing all facets of neglect or injury is how these blood, oxygen and life suckers are going to die.

Seriously, all of the many different techniques and remedies are curing me. Don't have doubt, it makes it worse.


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