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Fecal body odour or strong armpit odour.. suicidal.. please read to the end.
David4114 Views: 524
Published: 6 years ago

Fecal body odour or strong armpit odour.. suicidal.. please read to the end.

I think I'm going crazy.. parents say they can't smell anything, I can't smell anything, but other people do. Symptoms of TMAU type 2 are similar not able to smell. Cant tell if its a bacteria overgrowth causing TMAU, fissure causing perhaps weak pelvic floor, or as my parents say just bad armpit Odour thats common in the family.

It all started in university when I went to the washroom for a bowel movement. I was constipated and strained hard (in hindsight was not a good idea). On the way back to the class there was a lot of complaints about a smell. This to me would seem like an issue with the sphincter itself, but why can't I smell it if its the case.. shit is pretty strong.

Even till today I can't smell anything.. but I receive a lot of comments that people pass not directly to me but that it smells like shit.. never once can I smell it but its been said so often it can't be a coincidence.

Other occurrences is of an acquaintance that our group knew.. they were sitting behind us and he said that someone needs to take a shit..

There are also other times where people just say it smells like shit, never what is that smell. A lot of people breathing strangely (this could be in my head, which messes with me because I can't tell if I smell at all or if its constant, or at random times).

I have a grandma that suffers from incontinence (occasionally I will smell shit), and my aunt says to another friend nearby talking about me that it doesnt smell after I go to washroom and that I have the same problem as my grandma..

Went to the doctor for a check up ( blood in stool) and they said I have an anal fissure, this was during the same time I got this problem. During that same week at my friends place .. I sat on the coach and when I came back the couch smelled like shit, that was around the time where there was blood in my stools most likely from the anal fissure that was causing issues. Never had that specific issue again.

What do I do, doctors give me strange looks and no answers. The only other option is surgery if they find anything besides. There isn't too much awareness to FBO because one its completely random, its extremely rare and it sounds like we are all crazy..

It sounds 100 percent physical but I can't even tell if kegels and squats are helping the pelvic floor. No way to gauge progress.
Or like others on this board its internal (TMAU type 2 bacteria overgrowth) , which I have seen things like parasites and mucus come out (TMI).


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