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Why do I smell like a fart/poop when I didnt fart?
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Published: 9 years ago

Why do I smell like a fart/poop when I didnt fart?

Hi everyone if you take the time to read this thank you. Hopefully we can find a way to stop this horrible condition. I will just get right into it. I'm a 16 almost 17 male. I am 6'4 265lbs not super fat but a little. I play a lot of sports and I'm very active. Life's going great have everything someone could want but one problem. Throughout high school I have had a big issue. I smell like poop/farts when I don't fart or have to use the restroom. My freshman year is my first memory I have had of people making comments like "something smells like shit" or "who farted". I wasn't wiping my ass properly I later found out because I would go to the bathroom and wipe my ass and see shit on the paper so that was understandable of why I smelt. More recently in my sophomore and junior year, I have been keeping really clean. I take a shower every morning and night. I make sure there is no more shit when I wipe and I use baby powder(recently started using baby wipes) but still get the occasional comments not directly at me but always someone is like "who shit themselves" or "someone keeps ripping ass". Now I'm sure it's not always me because I go to a all boys school so kids will fart whenever but I do know I smell sometimes. I get random Whiffs of it like its not a really strong smell at all but it is very low key(can't think of a better word) smell of like eggs or a fart. It definitely seems to be worse in hotter temperatures when I get swamp ass but still sometimes happens even when it's cold. I would say there is a smell comment probably 4-10 times per week. Also if I get up and walk across the room a teacher will spray air freshener, but idk. It rarely happens outside of school except when my ass crack gets really sweaty. Like one time I smelt really good, my sister told me, and then like 15 mins later when my ass crack got really sweaty my mom was like who's farting. I'm almost positive it was me who smelt. Also, we have football workouts in the gym sometimes. So my ass obviously gets really sweaty, and then there was this one time where someone was like "who keeps ripping ass" and one of my friends was like its him pointing at me. I could smell the smell lingering around me but I never farted and I'm 100% positive my ass was clean because I made sure before the workouts. Also, sometimes when I walk outside right away there is an immediate fart smell like idk if that is me or what. also seems to be whenever I sit down for awhile and stand up there sometimes is a farting smell, especially if I was hot/sweaty. I smell my cloths after school sometimes and they smell really good. Like even my underwear, I don't get it. Like if my ass smelt bad wouldn't my cloths smell horrible as well? I also have recently started to become aware of some issues I have. My stomach kinda hurts I'm not sure how long it's been going on because I'm not the one to really think about that kind of stuff. Also, my shits aren't really solid, usually very mushy. Even when they are somewhat solid it takes a lot of wipes. Probably somewhere above 20 which seems like a lot comparatively to other kids and how long it takes them to take a shit. There is some blood when I wipe. Also there is like a little ball I want to say probably a little smaller than a marble on my a**hole when I take a shit and wipe, but seems to disappear whenever I'm not. I think it's a hemorrhoid.

So to conclude, I have a egg/fart/shit smell sometimes and it is very subtle. Seems to be worse when I have to sit for a long period of time and when my ass gets sweaty. Also my stomach hurts, blood when I wipe, little small ball on my a**hole when I shit but seems to go away.

And advice or help would be great. Thanks

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