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Hulda Clark cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

Hulda Clark cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenr...

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Published: 8 years ago


Hi everyone,

This is a follow up with new developments since my last post regarding my lack of success with liver flushing. If you want to read all the details then click here to see my last post: //

Deep breath... Well, I have been really moved by all the support and advice that has been offered to me on curezone and so have decided to take the time to share what I have been researching the past week.

As you will see from my last post, I seem to be alone in the fact that I am having a lot of trouble releasing stones during flushes. I am yet to find anyone else on curezone who has had as much trouble as I have had just releasing stones from a very congested liver/gall bladder. I have done 20 - 30 flushes with perhaps a handful of pebbles and gravel to show for it. I am 24 years old and when I was 18 I overdosed on a nasty tricyclic antidepressant called amitriptylene. As you'll read in my previous post, I have had a lot of pharmaceuticals and Antibiotics from a young age. After the overdose I spent a year or so on HIGH doses of Valium and other drugs, with a few more smaller overdoses as well. The Amitriptylene overdose was nearly fatal and it made my blood very acidic, so much so that I was having convulsions and hallucinations and stopped breathing. I was injected with baking soda and put in an induced coma overnight but there was no gastric pumping/ charcoal administration or any such method of reducing the toxicity so my body processed the full force of it.

Fast forward three years and I had very slowly come off all medications when the problems began.

Anyway, I have been in contact with Telman who has since retired from curezone. He has offered some invaluable insight into why I cannot seem to release stones or bile, and why I might be having so much trouble with the flushing.

As it turns out, amitriptylene is a particular drug which is known to cause inflammation and problems for the liver and gall bladder. It has been known to cause cholestasis which is stagnant bile/lack of bile flow, even when taken at the prescribed dosage. This can be due to inflammation of the bile ducts. It has also been known to cause ductopenia or vanishing bile duct syndrome where the bile ducts atrophy/basically dissolve and are lost. It has been known to alter the mechanisms of liver cells and has also been known to cause biliary dyskinesia which is where the gallbladder is unable to contract and empty the bile into the small intestines.

Any of these possibilities could explain my problems. The situation definitely seems to be that there is SOMETHING preventing my liver/gallbladder from being able to empty, whether the cause is inflammation, scar tissue, vanishing bile duct syndrome or a weak gallbladder as a result of my pharmaceutical abuse. When I try to Liver Flush I only feel pressure and tightness and pain in my liver/gall bladder and only on about 5 or 6 occasions have I had a couple of stones. I have never had green bile show up after a flush, even when trying castor oil. The day after the Liver Flush I often experience the most awful mood crash, anxiety, anger, frustration, Depression and lots of tears. When I take coffee enemas I never hear my gallbladder squirt despite using strong coffee. When I take herbal tinctures
or teas targeted at the liver/gallbladder I experience HUGE emotional/mood reactions and I feel pressure and pain. I truly FEEL the blockage within my liver.

Having discovered this information about amitriptylene I am feeling very scared and upset... I had really hoped that there was simply a parasite/fluke infestation which was preventing stone release, or that there was a blockage of stones. When I took humaworm and large doses of cayenne pepper I only saw a couple of flukes but I think there's likely to be many more. I definitely feel strange itching sensations within my liver each day (within my rib cage, sometimes at the front, side or back) especially when taking herbs, and have sharp pains daily.

But it is looking more and more like inflammation, or scar tissue, or structural damage is to blame here... This might also explain why I have only ever had one gallbladder attack - perhaps it is just too difficult for the stones to travel down the bile ducts to cause an attack in the first place.

I am going to have my liver enzymes tested next week even though I know they could show nothing. I think if I had them tested a year ago there would definitely have been something noticeable but because my diet has changed so dramatically I think I may have reduced a lot of inflammation. I used to be able to feel that my liver was swollen. It feels less so now. I still have ascites and want to buy a trampoline to help my lymphatic system but I don't want to get a cheap one because My reflexologist reckons the cheap mini tramps are ineffective. Any suggestions? I have already spent so much money on trying to get well...

At the moment I am doing all I can to be gentle on my system and reduce inflammation. I am taking raw milk kefir, brewing kombucha, raw egg yolks daily, turmeric milk, coconut oil, vitamin b12, chanca piedra tincture and gold coin grass tea, dandelion tea, magnesium and pinches of epsom salt, Apple cider vinegar, lots of Sea Salt , raw protein powder for amino
acids and continuing with my mostly raw vegan diet.

The gcg tea that I had for the first time today caused a very depressed and angry emotional wave for me... I could feel the tightness and congestion in my liver. I want to start taking milk thistle again but last time I took it I had awful liver pain. I think things are so congested it was hard for my liver to make use of... I might try tiny tiny doses with bee pollen as well (which is meant to be nearly just as good at repairing liver damage).

I have also been researching chelation and contemplating getting my hair analysed for heavy metals but This is expensive... However, I also read that it is important that the liver is in a position to deal with the toxins which can be stirred up in your body during heavy metal detox. I have no doubt my system is packed with toxins, despite using gentle methods of detox such as chlorella and juice fasting. Just from taking one or two drops of Lugols Iodine a day, I have bad kidney pain. It's s chicken egg situation because the toxins are imbedded in my liver but I can't start the ball rolling until I start to unpack the stones and bile and gunk from in there!

My goodness... This has been a long two years experiencing all of this. I can only have faith that I am closer than ever to finding healing. Your feedback, ideas and advice is ALWAYS welcome and I really appreciate your support. Thanks and much love xxxxx

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