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EBV, Hashimoto's, Adrenal Fatigue: Many Questions and WILL THIS END?
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Published: 6 years ago

EBV, Hashimoto's, Adrenal Fatigue: Many Questions and WILL THIS END?

So after a solid year of sickness and more than a dozen doctors or all varieties I've been diagnosed with what is probably Hashimoto's (though my all time high for TPOab is 18, and TGab is always negative), Adrenal Fatigue stage 3, and Epstein-Barr Virus.

I was originally tested for EBV by my regular GP and was told that while I was positive, there was no way to know if it's active or dormant. Last month I began seeing an Osteopath that ran a different set of labs and assures me I do in fact have active EBV. My labs are as follows:

EBV Early Antigen AB, IgG: 64.2 (positive is >10.9)
EBV AB VCA, IgG: 542 (positive is >21.9)
EBV Nuclear Antigen AB IgG: 125.0 (positive is >21.9)

The new Osteopath stated that the EBV Early Antigen AB, IgG is the one that confirms that it is currently active. True?

I'm taking 25mcg Synthroid and 5mcg Cytomel for the hypothyroidism. My TSH is still 2.7 and both free T3 and free T4 are mid range at this point. We're wanting to get my TSH lower and T3 up a tiny bit more.
I'm also taking ~30mg pregnenolone/day for the Adrenal fatigue.
My diet is super clean and paleo.
I just received my results from the ACT/ELISA food sensitivity test and none of them are staples for me.

It was recommended that I do weekly C flushes and stay at my max. This should eventually return the EBV to a dormant state.

Before all of this began on May 28, 2014 I was a happy, healthy, productive, active 29 year old woman. I now spend most of my time in bed. It was all I could do to take one class online, and I have been unable to work. My partner has been unspeakably understanding through this whole thing, but it's unrealistic to assume I can be taken care of forever.

My question is, will this end? I've read so many horror stories on here and other sources. Does this get better?
Will the mega doses of C help? How long does this generally last? Should I go back to my acupuncturist? Is there something else I should be doing? Is it possible it's not as complicated as it sounds and when I get my TSH to drop and FT3 to rise I'll be okay?

My current symptoms:

* Very low stamina (1 hr standing=rest of day in bed)
* Fatigue
* Petechiae on upper thighs (possible AI vasculitis? even though biopsy confirmed petechiae)
* Random hives that come and go and are seemingly unrelated to external stimuli. Generally just 1-3 at a time, mosquito bite sized.
* Sore throat that's proceeded by a dry/sore tongue. Cured by Antibiotic every time, but always recurs. Has gone on for 6+ months.
* Low (for me) blood pressure (100/60)
* Dizziness
* General malaise

Things that have helped:
Pregnenolone: brain fog disappeared day 2, fatigue somewhat improved, petechiae much less frequent when on it. Been on it for 4 months.
Cytomel: Fatigue improved 50% after adjustment period

Is there anyone out there who has made a 100% recovery who is willing to tell me how they did it? I've been tested for pretty much everything multiple times so if more info is needed to answer just let me know.

Some relevant labs:
ANA - twice negative
CRP - .66, .6, and most recently 1.71 with range being 0-3
Sed Rate: 2, 2, and most recently 3 with range being 0-32
Lyme AB Various IGMs - negative
H. Pylori IGG and IGA - negative
Tryptase - 2.6 (2.2-13)
Extensive Celiac Testing shows 4.2% chance but all tests negative. However, I am gluten free.
Homocysteine: 8.6, 6.1 with range being 0-15
Iron, ferritin, B12, K, Magnesium, D are all optimal with supplementation. B6 elevated from use of pyrodoxine.
Positive for a couple methylation mutations but it's not clear how it's effecting me. Amino Acid Profile looked great, actually.
All hormones other than thyroid and cortisol are optimal.
Cholesterol is great.
I'm blood type O+ if that matters.

I currently take daily D3 5000iu, Ubiquinol 500mg, Vitamin C 5-6 grams, Fish Oil 2000mg, Prescript Assist probiotic 3x day, Magnesium 500mg, Citramins II multi-mineral 2x day, Synthroid 25mcg, Cytomel 5mcg.


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